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Company Research

Company Research






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  • Credit Ratings Click on the Compustat North America link, then Ratings under Quarterly Updates . The data is from November 1978 onwards. It provides S&P Domestic Long Term Issuer Credit Rating, S&P Subordinated Debt Rating, and S&P Domestic Short Term Issuer Credit Rating.
  • Helps you to ensure that you are looking at the correct company. If company changes name, the number will also change. Correct and full name: to ensure not looking at a brand Correct address: to ensure you have not mixed up hq and subsidiary and division
  • type in ABI/Inform: business and Career Select Full text and scholarly
  • Example: MSK Corporation Factiva: Company = MSK corporation Get Suntech Power Holdings Ltd which bought MSK Corporation Can input MSK corporation in the free text box Get articles about suntech and msk MSK corporation listed in the Japan Company Handbook available in Nus Library
  • Select Full text and scholarly journals Document type:   Case study
  • Get financial data for insurance companies: Click on Expert Search. Click on the + next to Geographic Location , then World Region/Country.   Select Singapore , then OK. Click on the + next to Industry , then on Banks/Insurances/Industrial cos .  Select Insurance companies and then OK. Click on List for the companies that are listed in Singapore .  Choose the company you require and click on Company Report for Financials and Ratios , etc. and annual reports for insurance products.

Company Research Company Research Presentation Transcript

    • 29 September 2009
  • What is the company information you are looking for?
    • For a private or public company, local or international company
    • List of companies by region, exchanges, industry, etc.
    • Financial data
    • Articles for literature review
    • Union agreements
    • Corporate governance structure in the company
    • Chair, CEO, CFO, Executives
    • Analyst reports
    • Marketing strategy
    • Mergers and Acquisitions information
    • Credit ratings
    • Case study on a company
    • Stock data
    • Shareholders
    • Its peers, etc.
  • Two Main Types of Information 1. Text
      • For literature review for your FYP
      • News and case studies for your assignments and seminars
  • Two Main Types of Information 2. Numbers
    • Key financial data: Assets, Liabilities, Market capitalization, etc.
    • Key ratios: Liquidity, ROI, Profit per employee, etc.
    • Stock data
    • Earnings estimates
  • Identification Numbers or Changes in Names
    • Ticker
    • ISIN
    • SEDOL
    • Registration number
    • Japan Airlines Corporation
      • Ticker: 9205 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
      • ISIN: JP3705400004
      • SEDOL: 6544933
      • Known as Japan Airlines System Corporation before
  • Where are the databases?
    • In the Library’s website
  • Exercise
    • Find the databases, eJournals, etc. on the Library site and access them.
  • Text: Literature Review for your FYP
    • Always select Scholarly or Peer Reviewed Articles if available
    • ABI/Inform Database
    • Business Source Premier
      • Input names of companies
      • Use keywords to narrow the search
      • Get scholarly articles
    • > > > Works for many text databases
  • Exercise: on ABI/Inform or Business Source Premier
    • Enter name of company, keywords, select scholarly types, case study, etc. and look at the articles you get
  • Text: News for your Assignments and Seminars
    • Latest
    • Not in depth
    • Cover newsworthy companies
    • News databases
      • Factiva
      • LexisNexis Academic
    • Company databases also carry news about the companies
  • Text: News for your Assignments and Seminars
    • Input name of company, brand, other text
    • Don’t confuse brand and company
      • Company: Microsoft
      • Brands:
        • Windows,
        • Vista,
        • Internet Explorer,
        • Outlook
        • Courier tablet pc, etc.
  • Text: Case Studies for your Assignments and Seminars
    • Business Source Premier in EbscoHost
      • Select Case Study in Document Type
      • If do not have type or case study, input case study into the search box
      • > > > Works for many text databases
  • Exercise: on Business Source Premier
    • Enter names of companies, keywords, select scholarly types, case study, etc. and look at the articles you get
  • Numbers: Financial Information
    • Precise
    • Know what you are looking for
    • Understand what you see and how to use them
    • Annual filings
    • Current
    • Historical
    • Listed companies
    • Ratios
    • Methodologies used 
  • Numbers: Key Financial Data
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Market capitalization
    • Capital expenditure
      • Company databases
      • For listed and some private companies
      • Osiris
      • OneSource
      • Thomson One Banker
  • Exercise: Find Airline Companies in Asia
    • Use Business Monitor Online, Osiris, OneSource or Thomson One Banker
  • Numbers: Key Ratios
    • Liquidity
    • ROI
    • Profit per employee,
    • Etc.
    • Company databases
      • OSIRIS
      • OneSource
      • Wharton Research Data Services
  • Numbers: Key Financial Data and Ratios in Bloomberg
    • For Latest Company Data
  • Numbers: Key Financial Data and Ratios in Bloomberg
    • Stock Data
  • Exercise: Get the Liquidity Ratios for Japan Airlines Corporation
    • Use Osiris or Thomson One Banker
  • Numbers: Analyst Reports and Estimates
    • SGX website : Investor Centre – Research Reports
      • - Register for free to get reports for Singapore companies
    • Thomson 1 Analytics IBES Current Data
    • OSIRIS
  • Numbers: Private Companies
    • Harder to get
    • Less of it
    • Few reliable resources
    • Newspaper and journal reports
      • In News Databases such as Factiva, LexisNexis, etc.
    • Databases
      • In Company Databases such as Osiris, Thomson One Banker, etc.
    • Government regulators
      • Example: SGX, SEC in the US, etc.
    • Internet
      • Blogs, Google News, etc.
  • Exercise: Numbers: Private Companies
    • Use OneSource database to see what information is available for a private retail company
  • Citing Company Numbers
    • For you to find the statistics again
    • For readers to find the data you used
    • General format
      • <Source of information, statistics, data, etc. > (<Published year of information, etc.>). <Title of information, etc.>. Accessed <date> from <database, Internet site, etc.>.
  • Citing Company Numbers
    • For you to find the statistics again
    • Readers can find the data you used
      • Database example:
        • Osiris (2009). Assets information for insurance companies in Singapore. Accessed September 29, 2009, from the Osiris database.
      • Internet example:
        • Singapore Exchange Ltd. (2009). Miscellaneous: Zhonghui results. Accessed September 29, 2009, from www.sgx.com.
  • Company Marketing Information
    • Products
    • Services
    • Brands
    • Business Monitor Online
    • Market Line
    • Business Source Premier
  • Other Resources
    • Business Librarian
    • Research Assistance Desk
    • Ask A Librarian Email Service
    • Refer to Subject guides
    • Bloomberg Registration: email akbar@ntu.edu.sg