Blogging 101 How To Start A Blog For Your Business New Template (2)


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A basic guide to starting a blog for your business

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Blogging 101 How To Start A Blog For Your Business New Template (2)

  1. 1. How to Start Blog for Your Business presented by Bryan W. Alaspa, K Squared Communications, Inc.
  2. 2. Want to get the most out of THETRADESHOW experience? Now you can with THETRADESHOW e- Learning Center!to the Upgrade your registration onsite Best Value Package and receive access to THETRADESHOW e-Learning Center K Squared Communications
  3. 3. What is A Blog?!? WEB LOG WEBLOG BLOG K Squared Communications
  4. 4. What is a Blog?!? A Diary A Place for Photos A Video Log or VLOG K Squared Communications
  5. 5. As Far as Business is Concerned… It’s a Way to Connect With Your Customers, Vendors and Others In Your Industry K Squared Communications
  6. 6. Why Should You Start a Blog? Explain Company Products Conversationally Provide Company Information Easily and Cheaply Give Customers a Better Understanding of Your Company “No-Pressure” Way to Interact with Customers Can Give You Insight Into Customer Needs Can Help You Determine Areas of Focus for Your Company But Wait, there’s More… K Squared Communications
  7. 7. More Reasons… Help You Develop New Products and Services Can Make Your Company “Come Alive” Make Your Company Seem More Approachable Help You Build “BUZZ” About Your Company and New Products and Services. Gives Your Company a Voice IT’S CHEAP! Most Blog Sites are Free Can Be Added to Your Existing Site K Squared Communications
  8. 8. Isn’t it Complicated? It Doesn’t Have to Be… Success Story #1 K Squared Communications
  9. 9. How Do You Get Started? Start Thinking…. What Do You Want to Write About? K Squared Communications
  10. 10. Success Story #2 What To Write About… K Squared Communications
  11. 11. K Squared Communications
  12. 12. With that In Mind… Think About What You Want to Write About… Pick a Niche Instead of “Travel” Maybe “Caribbean Cruises” What Do YOU Want to Write About? Can You Write Consistently? Do You Have An Opinion on that Topic? Will Anyone Be Interested? K Squared Communications
  13. 13. What Will YOU Consider Success? Don’t Do it for the Money Don’t Do it to Get Famous! Do it to Connect and Communicate K Squared Communications
  14. 14. What Will YOU Consider Success? The Best Use of A Blog: A Method of Bringing Attention to Yourself and Your Business and to Communicate with Customers NOT as Some “Get-Rich-Quick” Scenario K Squared Communications
  15. 15. Picking the Right Format Decision Time! Do You Want Your Blog as Part of Your Existing Site? Or Do You Want it On a Third Party Server? K Squared Communications
  16. 16. What’s the Difference? Adding a Blog Page to your Existing Site: Brings People Right to Your Site Can Jump to Another Page Easily Can Easily Go from Blog Page to Buying Products and Services It’s an Easy Way to Update Your Company Site K Squared Communications
  17. 17. Remember the Name… K Squared Communications
  18. 18. Using a Third Party K Squared Communications
  19. 19. A Personal Example… The Main Page of My Own Website The Blog Part of My Site It's Hosted by a Third-Party Site K Squared Communications
  20. 20. Why use a blog hosting site? There’s Almost No Effort to Set Up Just Go Out and Sign Up You Don’t Need a Programmer The Sites are Very Intuitive The Hosting Site Provides Tools You Can Use to Write, Promote and Design Your Blog You Don’t Need to Know Any Programming Languages. K Squared Communications
  21. 21. What to Do Next: Write But Before You Write a Word…THINK K Squared Communications
  22. 22. Flashback! Some Things To Ponder What Is My Blog About? What Niche Did I Pick? What Did I Want to Write About? Can I Write About it Consistently? What’s My Opinion On that Topic? Will Anyone Be Interested? K Squared Communications
  23. 23. How Do You Get an Audience? The MOST Important Thing to Remember! WRITE WRITE WRITE K Squared Communications
  24. 24. How Do You Get an Audience? Take Some Time To Consider the Design K Squared Communications
  25. 25. Some Other Things… Set Up an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed. Lets People to “Subscribe” to Your Blog FEEDBURNER.COM The Icon Looks Like this What it Looks Like On Your Blog K Squared Communications
  26. 26. Know the Term: Social Bookmarking Post Links to Your Blog Articles K Squared Communications
  27. 27. Add “Chicklets” Pieces of Code You Can Add to Each Blog Entry – Allows Fans to Post Your Blog Article to Social Bookmarking Sites K Squared Communications
  28. 28. Some Success Stories K Squared Communications
  29. 29. Another Success Story… K Squared Communications
  30. 30. Outside of Travel Successes K Squared Communications
  31. 31. Some Potential Pitfalls Expecting Too Much, Too Fast K Squared Communications
  32. 32. Some More Pitfalls Attacking Negative Comments Or Ordering a Cease and Desist K Squared Communications
  33. 33. Just a Few More Pitfalls Talking About Unrelated Things Stay On Topic – It’s Why the Readers Are There Getting Too Personal Your Readers Don’t Need to Know About It – Keep It Professional K Squared Communications
  34. 34. Next steps Go Out and… THINK! K Squared Communications
  35. 35. Knowledge is just a touch away… Knowledge is just a touch away With THETRADESHOW e-Learning Center! THETRADESHOW e-Learning Center Access 60 hours of recorded sessions online at your convenience. K Squared Communications
  36. 36. Questions? Bryan W. Alaspa 773 774 7847 K Squared Communications