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  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS BARRY-WEHMILLER COMPANIES, INC. Barry-Wehmiller Company ................................................................................ 3 Company Organization........................................................................................ 4 Divisions and Products......................................................................................... 7 Our Clients .......................................................................................................... 11 BARRY-WEHMILLER DESIGN GROUP, INC. General Overview ............................................................................................... 12 Service Capabilities ............................................................................................ 14 Representative Projects ..................................................................................... 15 STAHLMAN GROUP, INC. General Overview ............................................................................................... 58 2
  • 3. BARRY-WEHMILLER COMPANY HISTORY Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. is a diversified worldwide manufacturing and service company with nearly 5,000 employees worldwide and revenues over $1 billion. Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. has leveraged strategic acquisitions and organic growth initiatives to emerge dominant in four areas of expertise —  Packaging Automation Equipment  Corrugating & Sheeting Equipment  Paper Converting Equipment  IT & Engineering Consulting While improving our clients’ business through the latest technology and systems is an important goal, it is not the most important. Every Barry-Wehmiller associate recognizes that our clients are the core of our business. That is why we hire the most knowledgeable and dedicated team members and then empower them to do their best to make each client communication valuable and productive. By measuring our success by “the way we touch the lives of people,” we promise to exceed our customers’ expectations and earn their trust. 3
  • 4. BARRY-WEHMILLER COMPANIES, INC. Company Organization 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. Revenues: $805 Million Accraply, Inc. PCMC MarquipWardUnited Pneumatic Scale Corp. Hayssen, Inc. Thiele Technologies FleetwoodGoldcoWyardAmbec Design Group, Inc. P R O D U C T S Automatic Corrugated lines Air Cleaners, Vertical Cartoners, Rotary Accumulation Tables, Engineering Change Parts, Labeling, comprising Roll Cap Feeders, Form/Fill/Seal & Reciprocating Container Palletizers, Services, Decontamination Label Stands, Splicers, Cappers, Closers, Systems, Placers, Container Depalletizers, Equipment Systems, Feed Applicating, Singlefacers, Seamers, Pluggers, Horizontal Flow Wraparound Case Elevators, Fillers, Procurement, Screw Servo Label Glue Machines, Kottoners, Wrappers, Packers, Pallet Installation Services, Feasibility Studies, Technology, Lane Dispensing, Doublebackers, Pasteurizers, Horizontal Pouch Fillers, Net Weigh Lowerators, Posigrip Installation Diverters, Shrink and Shears, Washers, Machines, Drum Fillers, Rinsers, Air Conveyors, Services, Line Bundling Self-Adhesive Slitter/Scorers, Dry & Liquid Net Computerized Volumetric Fillers, Mechanical Conveyors, Layouts, Line Systems, Casers, Material Knives , Weigh Fillers, Level Combination Bag Inserters/Bag- Table-Top Conveyors Monitoring Horizontal Applicating Downstackers Fillers, Pressure Weighers in-Box Systems, End Line Systems Systems, Wrappers, Tray Systems and Finishers. Fillers, Rotary Piston Bulk Filling Change Parts, Filled Project/Site Formers, Fillers, Machines, Large Carton Conveyors Management, Uncasers, Case Vacuum Powder Bag Vertical Vacuum Conveyors Systems Packers Fillers, Volumetric Form/Fill/Seal, Net Magnetic Conveying Integration, Fillers & Gross Weigh Can end Palletizers Training Scales, Open- Can end Depalletizers Programs, Turn- Mouth Multi-Wall Can end Baggers & Key Systems Paper & Poly Debaggers Architectural Eng. Badgers, Can end Feeders Civil Engineering Palletizers & Pallet Carton Feeders Structural Eng. Wrappers, Valve Rotopak Systems Master Planning Bag Shell Denesting Systems Mechanical/HVAC Placers/Packers/ Sealers P A C K A G I N G I N D U S T R I E S S E R V E D Pharmaceuticals Corrugated Food/Cereal Candy & Nut Food Container Mfg. Beer/Soft Drink Beer/Soft Drink Cosmetics Paper Board Personal Care Bakery Pharmaceutical Beer/Soft Drink Food Wine & Spirits Cleaning & Folding Carton Pharmaceutical Products Personal Care Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Juice Household Finishing Household Snack Food Beer/Soft Drink Food Personal Care Food Products Products Frozen Food Entertainment Personal Care Household Pharmaceutical Beer/Soft Fresh Produce Pet Food, Fertilizer Household Products Personal Care Drinks Beans & Rice Construction Products Wine & Spirits Household Wine & Spirits Cheese Material Wine & Spirits Bottled Water Products Juice Juice Dairy Aerospace 6
  • 7. BARRY-WEHMILLER COMPANIES, INC. Divisions and Products Thank you for your interest in the capabilities of Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Inc. We are committed to providing our clients with effective packaging solutions. Combined with the resources of our parent corporation, Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., we are able to offer single-source solutions while providing an expanded range of equipment and services for all of your packaging needs. Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. is a diversified global supplier of engineering consulting and manufacturing automation solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. With more than 5,000 team members in over 50 locations worldwide and revenues now topping $1 billion, Barry- Wehmiller has leveraged a strategic combination of acquisition and organic growth to emerge as a recognized industry leader. The diversity of products and services offered by our 10 interactive divisions ensures that we can provide our customers with comprehensive, integrated industrial and business solutions. Unified by a shared vision articulated in our Guiding Principles of Leadership and Customer Relationship Covenant, our divisions strive to exceed customer expectations with superior communication and world-class service. Accraply is based in Minneapolis, Minn., with additional facilities in Los Angeles, Calif., and Toronto, Canada. Accraply is a leader in the design and manufacture of automatic pressure sensitive label application systems, label applicators, and custom-designed labeling equipment as well as the Trine roll fed labeling systems. The Accraply line of labeling systems serves the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, personal care, publication, and household products industries. Accraply labelers are designed for cost-effective, trouble-free performance at high speeds and feature simplified controls and “no-tool” changeover systems. Barry-Wehmiller has placed a renewed focus on its historic business of pasteurizing and bottle washing equipment, establishing Barry- Wehmiller Company to target the most demanding pasteurization market—the world's brewers. Barry-Wehmiller Company offers flash pasteurization, new model pasteurizers, enhanced washers and strong aftermarket operations for in-service machinery worldwide. The company features innovative technology in P.U. control, changeover, bottle cleanliness and label removal with a performance record built on a reputation for quality, long-lasting, robust machinery. Barry-Wehmiller Company has engineering, sales and support offices in St. Louis, Mo., with manufacturing operations in Phillips, Wis. 7
  • 8. Barry-Wehmiller International Resources (BWIR) is a global technology provider specializing in the creation, development and integration of the industry’s most advanced information technology and engineering solutions. With headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., and additional operations in Chennai, India; Mumbai, India; and Detroit, Mich., BWIR offers a winning combination of world-class, cost-effective services. BWIR has strong functional and technical expertise to take an enterprise-wide application integration project to its successful conclusion. The company’s expertise in web technologies, mainframe and mid-range computing solutions makes BWIR an ideal partner for clients’ technology needs. With more than a decade of experience, BWIR offers a wide range of engineering services—from complex machine design to the migration of a customer to the latest CAD technology. Barry-Wehmiller Design Group is a premier supplier of engineering consulting and manufacturing automation solutions to the world’s leading consumer products, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The Stahlman Group, a subsidiary of the Design Group, provides a full range of facility design and utility engineering services. Together, as an independent engineering consulting division of Barry-Wehmiller, they offer extensive experience in manufacturing automation and facility design solutions, from master plan development to full turnkey line projects. With more than 350 engineering and technical professionals and 14 regional offices in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, the combination of the Design Group and Stahlman Group provides clients with the opportunity to utilize a single-source firm for all their packaging automation, process engineering, information management and facility design needs. FleetwoodGoldcoWyard is a global packaging equipment supplier serving the food, beer and beverage, pharmaceutical, household products, personal care, and bakery industries. Fleetwood-GoldcoWyard is a leading provider of single-source solutions for automated feeding and line conveying; mass flow and air conveying; vacuum and mechanical conveying; magnetic conveying; can and can end handling; palletizing; depalletizing; denesters; warmers; coolers; pasteurizers; rotary case packers and uncasers; unwrappers; destrappers; bakery systems; and material handling equipment. The combined experiences of the Fleetwood, Goldco, Wyard and Ambec teams—with operations in Chicago, Ill.; Denver, Colo.; Baltimore, Md.; Lynchburg, Va.; Minneapolis, Minn.; and St. Albans, England—in partnership with CBI, a FleetwoodGoldcoWyard subsidiary in Doncaster, England, establish a dynamic group committed to meeting market needs. 8
  • 9. HayssenSandiacre, based in Greenville, S.C., with offices in Thetford, England; Nottingham, England; and Mexico City, Mexico, provides a broad range of advanced flexible packaging technologies and services worldwide. HayssenSandiacre is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vertical form/fill/seal packaging machinery, horizontal flow wrapping machinery, computer combination weighing technology, pre-owned and remanufactured machines, and a wide range of upgrade options. The company also provides parts, services and training support for both HayssenSandiacre and other OEM equipment. Its packaging technology center and packaging laboratory place HayssenSandiacre at the leading edge of technology in its field. HayssenSandiacre serves a variety of industries and is a dominant player in the candy, nut, bakery, snack food, frozen food, fresh produce and cheese industries. As one of the largest global suppliers of corrugating, sheeting and finishing machinery, MarquipWardUnited has achieved international success through a combination of technical innovation and superb reliability. Headquartered in Phillips, Wis., MarquipWardUnited has additional manufacturing facilities in Baltimore, Md., and Budapest, Hungary; an engineering facility in Madison, Wis.; as well as sales offices and parts warehouses located strategically around the globe. With more than a century of experience, MarquipWardUnited has become a leading international manufacturer of highspeed equipment—including splicers, rotary die cutters, flexo folder gluers, direct-drive knives and stacking systems—for the corrugated and folded carton industries. Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) specializes in the design and manufacture of converting machinery for the tissue and nonwovens industries, which produce a variety of consumer products, including “wet wipe” disposable cloths. Its tissue converting product line includes equipment to perforate, emboss, print and laminate layers of paper like bathroom tissue and household towels. In addition, the company has a major position in the manufacture of multi-substrate presses for printing a variety of packaging materials, such as flexible packaging and cartons. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wis., PCMC also has manufacturing operations in England, Italy and Brazil and employs more than 1,000 people worldwide. 9
  • 10. PneumaticScaleAngelus maintains a dominant market position in the supply of dry and liquid fillers, cappers, can seamers, labelers, centrifuges, and change parts for the pharmaceutical, personal care, food and beverage, canning, and household products industries from its facilities in Akron, Ohio, and Los Angeles, Calif. The company’s presence is wellestablished in the marketplace with custom product lines that include Carr Powerfuge, Carr ViaFuge, and Centritech centrifuges; Pneumaflow, Pfaudler, mass flow, and net weigh fillers; Monoblocks and Tri-blocks; Mateer Burt semiautomatic, automatic, and rotary fillers; Closetech and Angelus seamers; and Consolidated cappers. In addition, PneumaticScaleAngelus manufactures the Zepf product line of change parts, feed screws and servo technology for the packaging industry at its facility in Clearwater, Fla. Thiele Technologies, with manufacturing locations in Minneapolis, Fridley, and Fergus Falls, Minn., as well as Reedley, Calif., is a leader in the design and application of packaging machinery for a variety of industries, including fresh and frozen food, pet food, beverage, dairy, bakery, pharmaceutical, chemical, horticultural, cosmetics, medical devices, paper goods, consumer mailing and collating, and paint filling. Thiele offers innovative, high-speed packaging systems, including pick and place machinery; friction feeders; cartoning machinery; bundlers and shrink film systems; case packaging machinery; automated bag handling, weighing, filling, closing, sealing, and palletizing equipment for multi- wall paper open-mouth and valve bags as well as poly open-mouth bags; form/fill/seal machinery for large bags; polyethylene liner insertion equipment for bag-in-box systems; dairy case packers; complete dairy conveyor systems; and dairy case stackers and unstackers. “If you can make it, we can convert, fill, close, label, convey, carton, case pack, & shrink-wrap it!” The coordination of the divisions utilizing Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Inc. as a nucleus creates a balanced and diverse organization that can offer the market place an extensive line of quality equipment and services. This allows us to establish and maintain a differentiated, balanced, and profitable position in the market enabling our clients to benefit from the synergistic opportunities enhanced by all of the resources available at Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. 10
  • 11. BARRY-WEHMILLER COMPANIES, INC. Our Clients Barry-Wehmiller Company provides equipment and system integration services to many leading companies in the packaging industry. 11
  • 12. BARRY-WEHMILLER DESIGN GROUP, INC. General Overview Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Inc. provides engineering solutions to the world’s leading companies. Our expertise is in high-speed, complex, automated manufacturing systems. We have regional offices located in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, San Juan, PR, San Francisco, CA, Concord, NH, Sacramento, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Indianapolis, IN and Raleigh, NC St. Louis, MO Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA Greenville, SC San Juan, PR San Francisco, CA Concord, NH Sacramento, CA Los Angeles, CA Philadelphia, PA Dallas, TX Denver, CO Indianapolis, IN Project Services  Manufacturing Automation Solutions  RFID Technology  System Integration & Project Management  SCADA/OEE Performance Analysis  Feasibility Studies/Master Plans  Electrical Controls & PLC Programming  Plant Consolidation/Line Relocation  Process Controls & Instrumentation  Architectural, Civil, Structural, & Utilities Engineering  Electrical Control Panel Manufacturing  Regulatory Compliance Services 12
  • 13. BARRY-WEHMILLER DESIGN GROUP, INC. Contact Information St. Louis, MO Office San Francisco, CA Office Ms. Robyn Pikey, Managing Partner Mr. Ray Hensel, Managing Partner Mr. Bruce Kuebler, Partner Pharmaceutical/Medical/Biotech 8020 Forsyth Boulevard 6111 Bollinger Canyon Road, Suite 450 St. Louis, MO 63105 San Ramon, CA 94583 (314) 862-8000 (925) 242-1070 Chicago, IL Office Sacramento, CA Office Mr. Matthew Viehmann, Managing Partner Mr. Alan Cheney, Managing Partner 1305 Lakeview Drive Mr. Darren DeAnda, Partner Romeoville, IL 60446 2901 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 195 (630) 759-6800 Roseville, CA 95661 (916) 781-7071 Greenville, SC Office Mr. Chris Manley, Partner Stahlman Group, Inc., Concord, NH Office 225 Spartangreen Boulevard Mr. Rob Redman, Partner Duncan, SC 29334 5 Chenell Drive (864) 486-4300 Concord, NH 03301 (603) 225-0010 Philadelphia, PA Office Mr. Mike Bauer, Managing Partner San Juan, Puerto Rico Office Mr. Peter Lapins, Partner Mr. Mislael Concepcion, Director 555 Croton Road, Suite 320 Ext. Calle la Paz Num. 742 King of Prussia, PA 19406 Pda. 13, Segundo Piso, Miramar (610) 491-8870 San Juan, PR 00903 (787) 977-8200 Los Angeles, CA Office Mr. Alan Cheney, Managing Partner Dallas, TX Office 12750 Center Court Drive, Suite 470 Mr. Jim Castellani, Project Manager Cerritos, CA 90703 16200 Addison Road, Suite 190 (562) 860-8248 Addison, TX 75001 (972) 733-4420 Atlanta, GA Office Mr. Drew Stahlman, Director Indianapolis, IN Office 4045 Orchard Road, Suite 100 Mr. Brian Joesten, Partner Smyrna, GA 30080 11405 North Pennsylvania Street (770) 435-1717 Carmel, IN 46032 (317) 581-0560 Denver, CO Office Mr. Alan Cheney, Managing Partner 5605 Goldco Drive Loveland, CO 80538 (970) 663-4770 13
  • 14. BARRY-WEHMILLER DESIGN GROUP, INC. Service Capabilities 14
  • 15. BARRY-WEHMILLER DESIGN GROUP, INC. Representative Projects 15
  • 16. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Brewery St. Louis, MO  Caustic Control System Experience  Bottle Line Electrical Engineering and IMS Software Implementation (Multiple Lines)  APL Engineering Services  Software Development for Brewing Schedules  Software Engineering Services for Production Scheduling  IMS/Flex IMS Implementation  RS View SE Rollout for 5 high speed bottlelines  PLC Programming & HMI Development  Bottle Line Modernization & Modifications Van Nuys, CA  Bottle Washer Upgrade  Site Project Management Cartersville, GA  Site Electrical Project Support Newark, NJ  IMS Software Implementation  BL35 Modernization  FlexIMS Implementation Merrimack, NH  Site Project Management  Site Electrical Engineering Services  Keg Line Controls Upgrade Jacksonville, FL  Site Electrical Engineering Services Fort Collins, CO  Alcohol Distillation System Upgrade  Chip Reclaim Heat Exchanger Replacement  WAD Train CIP and Process Modifications, CEMS System Modifications  UPA Programming/BPA Programming  K –Filter DE Optimization, K-Filter 1 and 3 Ingredient injection Line Pack Automation, K-Filter 4 Program Modifications  Post Injection Skid Program Modifications 16
  • 17. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Brewery Baldwinsville, NY  Brewery Modernization: Finishing Chips to Experience Schoene Programming  CIP Scheduler Updates  Site Electrical Project Support Fairfield, CA  Electrical Engineering for Plant Modernization (Palletizer, Bottle Lines, Can Lines)  DO’s, PLC Programming, HMI Development, IMS Implementation, Beer Release Programming  Checkout/Start-up Support  BL1 Delivery Belt System Upgrade  Bottle Washer Upgrade Houston, TX  Spent Yeast Recovery Project  Brweing Scheduler Modifications Merrimack, NH  Site Project Management  Site Electrical Engineering Services  Keg Line Controls Upgrade  Pasteurizer Heat Recovery Piping Modifications Jacksonville, FL  Site Electrical Engineering Services Williamsburg, VA  FlexIMS Implementation Miller Brewing Company Trenton, OH  Bottle Washer Overhaul  202 Lid Conversion Eden, NC  Case Conveyor Retrofit  202 Lid Conversion Fulton, NY  Pasteurizer Overhaul Irwindale, CA 17  202 Lid Conversion
  • 18. Miller Brewing Company Brewery Fort Worth, TX  Pasteurizer Replacement Experience  Lid Conversion  Plastic Bottle Line Conversion  202 Lid Conversion  BioGas Filter Upgrade Albany, CA  202 Lid Conversion Irwindale, CA  202 Lid Conversion  Refrigeration Study Milwaukee, WI  Pasteurizer and Conveyor Replacement  Keg Line Controls Upgrade Diageo Lehigh Valley, PA  Empty Bottle System Upgrades  Pasteurizer Installation  Multiple Bottle Line Upgrade Projects Plainfield, IL  New Turnkey Bottle Line, New Bottle Conversion  Technical Operations Lab Study  SAP Pallet Tagging Initiative Montreal, Ontario  Line Upgrades Stroh Brewery Company Winston-Salem, NC  Pasteurizer Replacement La Crosse, WI  Pasteurizer Replacement Coors Brewing Company Golden, CO  Feasibility Study Molson Brewery Barrie, Canada 18  Turnkey HVLR Installation
  • 19. Cerveceria Modelo Brewery Tuxtepec, Mexico  Rotary Packer, Uncaser & Conveyor Experience  Installation Guadalajara, Mexico  Rotary Packer, Uncaser & Conveyor  Installation Obregon, Mexico  Rotary Packer, Uncaser & Conveyor  Installation Zacatecas, Mexico  Rotary Packer, Uncaser & Conveyor  Installation Toluca, Mexico  Bottle Line Upgrade  New Quart Line Cerveceria Polar Caracas, Venezuela  New NR Bottle Line Controls Oriente, Venezuela  New NR Bottle Line  New Returnable Bottle Line Maracaibo, Venezuela  New NR Bottle Line  New Returnable Bottle Line  New Bottle Line Controls Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc – Moctezuma Tecate, Mexico  New Quart Line Navajoa, Mexico  New Can Line  New Quart Line Monterrey, Mexico  New Bottle Line  Washer & Conveyor Installation  New Quart Line  Master Planning Study 19
  • 20. Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc – Moctezuma Brewery Orizaba, Mexico  New Bottle Line Experience  Bottle Line Upgrade  New Quart Line Guadalajara, Mexico  Bottle Line Upgrade  New Quart Line South African Brewery South Africa  Bottle Washer Overhaul Caribbean Development Trinidad, West Indies  New Brewery Line  Bottle Line Upgrade Compania de Cervezas Nacionales Guayaquil, Ecuador  New Turnkey Installation Bottle Line Compania de Cerveceria Unidas Santo, Chile  Pasteurizer and Conveyor System Santa Fe, Argentina  New 1L Brewery Line  New Turnkey Can Line Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  New Bottle Production Line Cerveceria Nacional Barquisimeto, Venezuela  Table-Top Conveyor System Installation Qu Fu Brewery Qu Fu, China  Table-Top Conveyor System Installation  New Brewery Line Tsingtao Brewery Quingdao, China  New Can Line 20
  • 21. Pepsi Bottling Group Soft Drink Multiple Plant Locations  20 oz. Bottle Conversions (55 Lines) Experience  2L Bottle Line Conversions (16 Lines)  1L Bottle Line Conversions (56 Lines)  24 oz. Bottle Line Conversions (5 Lines)  500 ml Bottle Line Conversions (5 Lines)  50 ml/20 oz. Aquafina Bottle Line Conversions (24 Lines)  2x6 Can Line Carton Conversions (35 Lines)  21 oz. Bottle Conversion (4 Lines)  40x48 Club Store Pallet Conversion (10 Lines)  1881 CAP Conversion -National Rollout  Self Manufacturing PH 1 -5 East Coast Plants  Self Manufacturing PH 2 -3 West Coast Plants  Pallet Tagging Traceability-National Rollout  2x4 Can Line Carton Conversions (7 lines)  3x6 Carton Conversions (14 lines)  500 ml Prius Converion (27 lines)  28 Pack Club Store Conversion (15 lines) Columbia, SC  2 Line Feasibility Study  CQV/Training Program for New Bottle Line  Full Bottle System Upgrades  Empty Bottle System Upgrades Mesquite, TX  Water Purification Upgrade  New Dedicated Aquafina 1/2L Waterline  Empty Bottle Control Upgrades Phoenix, AZ  2L One Piece Conversion Newport News, VA  Palletizer Relocation San Juan, PR  Empty Bottle System Controls Baltimore, MD  Bottle Line Installation  2L One Piece Conversion 21
  • 22. Pepsi Bottling Group Soft Drink Cheverly, MD  PET Line Retrofit Experience  Empty Bottle Line Upgrades Roanoke, VA  Can Line Relocation  Bottle Line Relocation Piscataway, NJ  Feasibility Study Omaha, NE  Feasibility Study Atlanta, GA  New Palletizer Installation Torrance, CA  Bottle Line Upgrade San Diego, CA  24 Ounce Bottle Conversion San Antonio, TX  Can Line Relocation Orlando, FL  High Speed PET Line Feasibility Study  New Gallon Jug Packaging Line Riverside, CA  Can Line and Support System Installation  Bottle Line Installation  High Speed PET Line Feasibility Study Buena Park, CA  Rotofeed Upgrade Hayward, CA  Line 1 Upgrade  Line 2 Upgrade Detroit, MI  Three Line Engineering 22
  • 23. Pepsi Bottling Group Soft Drink Wilmington, DE  Bottle Line Installation Experience Denver, CO  New Bottle Line Engineering Study  Can Line Relocation Study Latham, NY  New PET Bottle Roll-Out Support Las Vegas, NV  Feasibility Study Mississauga, Ontario, Canada  PET Bottle Line Conversion Study  Site Installation Services Calgary, Alberta, Canada  PET Bottle Line Conversion Study Pepsi Americas St. Louis, MO  Empty Bottle System Installation  Preliminary Engineering for Greenfield Site Chicago, IL  Can Line Feasibility Study Twinsburg, OH  Four Line Installation Indianapolis, IN  Four Line Relocation Pepsi-Cola International Podolsk, Russia  Engineering Services Pepsi-Cola Company Multiple Plant Locations  Non-carbonated Container Light Weighting Project (31 Lines)  2L field Ready Testing  1881 Audit Development & Capital Development  Self Manufacturing Feasibility Study  Various Field Ready Package Development 23 
  • 24. Coca-Cola Enterprises Soft Drink Milwaukee, WI  Bottle and Can Line Installation Experience  Bottle Line Labeling Upgrade Houston, TX  Bottle Line Feasibility Study Coca-Cola Company Barbados, West Indies  Bottle Line Upgrade Coca-Cola Company (Procor) Monterrey, Mexico  Five Bottle Line Upgrades Coca-Cola Company (FEMSA)  Empty Bottle System 7 UP Buena Park, CA  Can Line Upgrade  Hotfill Line Upgrade w/ Turnkey Packing 24
  • 25. E & J Gallo Winery Wine & Distilled Modesto, CA  Bottle Line Engineering Study Spirits Experience  Brandy Line Feasibility Study & Engineering  Tabletop Conveyor Upgrade  Line Upgrade  Bag In Box Upgrade  New Multi Format Line (Line 18) Gallo Glass Plant Modesto, CA  Furnace Cold End Replacement Robert Mondavi Winery Oakville, CA  Feasibility Study  Wine Packaging Line Woodbridge Winery Woodbridge, CA  Turnkey Wine Line  Line Upgrade  Line 1 Replacement  Line 2 Updates  Line 4 Install The Wine Group Ripon, CA  Servo Electronic Lineshaft Upgrades  Electrical Engineering  Line Controls Covisan Argentina  Turnkey Wine Line Canandaigua Wine Company – Mission Bell Madera, CA  Feasibility Study  Bag In Box Line Upgrade  Winery Upgrade Study  Winery Upgrade Project Canandaigua Wine Company – East Coast Canandaigua, NY  Winery Feasibility Study 25
  • 26. Columbia Crest Winery Wine & Distilled Paterson, WA  New Wine Line Spirits Experience  Multiple Line Additions & Upgrades Kendall Jackson Winery Santa Rosa, CA  Line Accumulation  Capsule Machine Addition  Control Upgrade Rodney Strong Vineyards Healdsburg, CA  Wine Line Upgrade Diageo Menlo Park, CA  Spirits Line Upgrades  Multiple Line Upgrades  Smirnoff Bottle Redesign  Multiple Control Upgrades  J & R Line Capper Replacements  Capital & Production Feasibility Studies  Plant Engineering Support  D Line Upgrade Plainfield, IL  Glass/PET Line Conversion  Line Upgrade Feasibility Study  Master Planning Studies  New Line Engineering Study Montreal, Canada  Distilled Spirits Line Engineering  Bottle Line Modifications  Bottle Line Audit N. V. SAB Paramaribo, Suriname  Liquor Packaging Line Pernod Ricard (Hiram-Walker) Walkerville, ON  Control System Training  Programming Upgrades  New Line Engineering Study  Line 8 Capsul application upgrade 26
  • 27. Nestlé Waters North America (Perrier) Other Beverage Zephyrhills, FL  Multiple Water Lines Experience Hawkins, TX  New Bottled Water Facility  Production Lines, Water Process, Utility Support and Pipeline Support Systems Cabazon, CA  Multiple Bottled Water Lines, Water Process and Utility Support Systems  Resin System Upgrade Calistoga, CA  Packaging Line Upgrades  Building Modifications  Water Process Upgrades Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX  Multiple Bottled Water Line Upgrades Madison, FL  New Bottled Water Facility  Production Lines, Water Process, Utility Support and Pipeline Support Systems Red Boiling Springs, TN  Multiple Bottled Water Lines  Water Process (RO) Controls Ontario, Canada  New Well and Pipeline to Plant  Water Process Upgrades  Resin System Upgrades Allentown, PA  New Bottled Water Facility  Production Lines, Water Process, Utility Support Hollis/Poland Spring, ME  Multiple Bottled Water Lines Dallas/Mountain Creek, TX  New Bottled Water Facility 27
  • 28. Nestlé Waters North America (Perrier) Other Beverage Denver, CO  New Bottled Water Line Experience Kingfield, ME  New Bottled Water Facility  Multiple Bottled Water Lines  Water Process and Utility Support Systems Los Angeles, CA  Home office and delivery line  Modifications JuiceBowl/PepsiCo Lakeland, FL  SoBe Line Upgrades PepsiCo Arlington, TX  Concentrate (Salts) Line Upgrade PepsiCo (Tropicana) Bradenton, FL  Juice Line Upgrade City of Industry, CA  Juice Line Upgrade  Multiple New ESL Juice Lines PepsiCo (Gatorade) Mountain Top, PA  Bulk Container Pallet Receiving System for Multiple Lines  Line Overhaul Coordination – 3 Lines  Hi-Cone/Case Packer Control Package Modifications  Rinser Replacement  Performance Evaluation & Enhancement Implementation  Packaging Line Control Upgrades/Modifications  Labeler infeed program midifications 28
  • 29. PepsiCo (Gatorade) Other Beverage Indianapolis, IN  New Bottle Introduction/Line Retrofit Experience  Line Control Upgrades  Packaging Line Performance Evaluation  Programming modifications/Performance enhancements – Multiple Lines Dallas, TX  Variety Pack Line Management Services  On-Site Project Engineering and coordination services  Controls engineering and modification services  Statistical data collection and reporting services Oakland, CA  Bulk Bottle conversion engineering services  Packaging Line Upgrade engineering Services  Project Management Services  Line Capacity Evaluation Tolleson, AZ  Various Packaging Line Equipment Integrations  New package format introductions  Ethernet upgrade for packaging side  Platform and facilities modifications Atlanta, GA  Various Packaging Line Equipment Integrations  Packaging Line Controls Integration and upgrade/modifications  Overhead work Platform installation  Line 3 case conveyor modifications Orange Company of Florida Bartow, FL  Feasibility Study 29
  • 30. Kroger Other Beverage Bluefield, WV; Irving, TX; Springdale, OH  Feasibility Study for New Secondary Experience Package Irving, TX  Engineering, site management & training for blow molder addition.  Misc. Controls Projects  Misc. Site Modifications & Management Kraft Foods Winchester, VA  Juice Drink Line (Hot Fill) Granite City, IL  Capri Sun Juice Packaging Line  Variety Pack Project  Pallet Module Automation System  Electrical Engineering & Programming  Koolaid Burster Line Modernization  Pallet Module Automation Upgrades Fullerton, CA  Engineering Upgrades to Packaging Lines San Leandro, CA  Coffee Line Upgrades  Electrical Control SOPs Starbucks Mechanicsburg, PA  Extract Process Expansion Robert Wiseman Dairies Bellshill, Scotland  HDPE Milk Filling Line Combibloc – HR Nicholson Baltimore, MD  Juice Filling Line Serm Suk Bangkok, Thailand  Juice/Tea Pasteurizer and Conveyor System 30
  • 31. La Tondena Distillers Other Beverage Philippines  Six Bottled Water Lines Experience Crystal Geyser Bakersfield, CA  Conveyor and Pasteurizer Installation Makkah Water Company Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  4L Bottled Water Line  1L Bottled Water Line Upgrade Welch’s North East, PA  Engineering Services for Can Line Upgrade Procter & Gamble Anaheim, CA  High Speed Juice Line  Gallon Juice Line Atlanta, GA  High Speed Juice Line Installation Plymouth, IN  Juice Line Retrofit Sherman, TX  Juice Line Retrofit Dayton, NJ  Juice Line Upgrade  Juice Line Retrofit Eight O’Clock Coffee Landover, MD  Feasibility Study Ocean Spray Henderson, NV  Bottle Line Study Sulphur Springs, TX  Electrical Controls & Programming For Fill Line Upgrade 31
  • 32. Other Beverage Whitlock Packaging Wharton, NJ Experience Multiple Empty System Bottle Lines Bon Appetite El Salvador, Central America  New Can Line Conveyor & Controls Sunny Delight Beverage Company Multiple Plant Locations  Hot Fill Production Line Evaluation Coca-Cola North America (Minute-Maid) Auburndale, FL  Bottle Line Study Paw Paw, MI  Engineering Services for Juice Line Upgrade Waco, TX  Conveyor & Control Modifications Coca-Cola North America (Dasani) Multiple Plant Locations  500mL Bottle Light-Weighting Evaluation Nestle USA-Beverage Division Waverly, IA  Pouch Filling Line  Line 15 Powdered Drink Line  Line 12 Powdered Drink Line  Line 19 Powdered Drink Line  Case Conveyor/Palletizer Upgrade  Line 12A Powdered Drink Line  Coffee Line Relocation/Upgrade  Glass to Plastic Line Conversion  Powdered Drink Line Modifications  Plant Master Plan Development  New Stick Pak Line (600 sticks per minute)  X-Ray Equipment Retrofit  Multiple Line Modifications Freehold, NJ  Coffee Line Relocation/Upgrade 32
  • 33. Dairy Farmers of America Other Beverage Springfield, MO  Coffee Beverage Can Line Experience  Coffee Beverage Bottle Line  Labeler Upgrade Project  Bottle Line Upgrades – New Container  Can Line Upgrade – New Container Cabool, MO  Feasibility Study/Engineering Services Dairy Farmers of America Ventura, CA  Labeler/Packaging Line Upgrade Projects Mechanicsburg, PA  Labeler Upgrade Project  Bottle Line Upgrade – New Container Tropicana City of Industry, CA  (4)Extended Shelf Life PET Naked Juice Lines  Completed Site Engineering 33
  • 34. Frito-Lay Food Dallas, TX  Engineering Services Experience  Feasibility Studies  Snack Food Production Lines  Developmental Equipment Studies  Supply Chain Cost Reduction Feasibility Study/Concept Development Rancho Cucamonga, CA  Snack Food Production Line Jonesboro, AR  Multiple Snack Food Production Lines  Line Capacity Feasibility Study  Line Relocation Project Ameriqual Foods Evansville, IN  Snack Food Line ConAgra St. Louis, MO  Production Lines for Dairy Products Indianapolis, IN  Preliminary Engineering & Controls for New Dairy Line California  Project Management and Controls for Line Improvement for a Glass Jar Line Troy, OH  Feasibility Study for Frozen Foods Campbell Soup Company Paris, TX  Salsa Line Changeover Study  W Line Project Renaissance PET Line Installation  Y Line Efficiency Analysis  X Line Dog Bone Relocation & Upgrade  Onion System Upgrade  V Line Labeler Relocation 34
  • 35. Sacramento, CA Food  Juice/Sauce Line Upgrade  Can Line 5 Engineering Upgrade Experience  Label Room Inspection Designs  Line Engineering Study  Line Labeler Upgrade  Line #4 Replacement Project Maxton, North Carolina  R Line Container Performance Study  R Line Soft Handling Controls Upgrade  R Line Garvey Table Removal  D Line Upgrade Napoleon, OH  PET Juice Lines Reliability Analysis  Airveyor Analysis Kraft Foods Coburg, Canada  Mark II Syncroscrew Montreal, Canada  New Confections Packaging Study Chicago, IL  Multipack Upgrade Feasibility Study  Fruit Rollup Feasibility Study  Fruit Rollup New Project Engineering Kroger Bowling Green, KY  Feasibility Study for a Frozen Food Line Indianapolis, IN  Project Management of New Bun Line Columbus, OH  Master plan for snack food line T.J. Lipton Palasades Park, NJ  Salad Dressing Line Upgrade Independence, MO  Servo Electronic Lineshaft Upgrade  Process For Salad Dressing 35
  • 36. Colonial Sugars Food Gramercy, LA  Sugar Filling Line Experience Arisco Goiânia, Brazil  Powdered Drink Line Safeway, Inc. Durand, WI  Powdered Drink Packaging Line Study Taber, Alberta, Canada  Powdered Jell-O Packaging  Line Study Dairy Farmers of America Schulenburg, TX  Salsa & Queso Packaging Line  Packaging Line Efficiency Analysis Southpaw Bakers Mississauga, Ontario, Canada  Breakfast Tart Line Upgrade Gerber Products Fremont, MI  Packaging Line Upgrades, Stages 1, 2 & 3  Big Juice Line Upgrade  Feasibility Study for Aseptic Line Improvements Fort Smith, AR  Dry Cereal Packaging Line  Packaging Line Upgrades - Stage 1, 2, 3 Products  Packaging Line Upgrades - Stage 1, 2, 3 Products  Line Modifications Quaker Oats Danville, IL  Cereal Line Study  Granola Bar Line Study  Variety Pack Study Cedar Rapids, IA  Oatmeal Line Feasibility Study 36
  • 37. Food HEB Grocery San Antonio, TX Experience  Yogurt Expansion Master Planning Smucker’s Orrville, OH  Line Controls & SCADA Systems For Multiple Jelly Production Lines LePrino Foods Lemoore, CA  Cheese Line Programming  Cheese Line Case Formation & Conveyance  Bulk Cheese Handling Lines  Diced Cheese Handling Lines Roswell, NM  Bulk Cheese Line Automation  Bulk Cheese Case Packing System Allendale, MI  Bulk Cheese Line Automation Clorox (Hidden Valley Ranch) Wheeling, IL  Line Upgrade & Reconfiguration of Five Packaging Lines Nestle Foods Anderson, IN  New 1,000,000 sq. ft. Facility  5 Packaging Lines  Aseptic Filling  Overcappers (7)  Sleeve Labelers (10)  Wraparound/ Shrink Film Packers (5)  Palletizing System with Spare Palletizer  Line Controls  SCADA System  Layout concepts & design simulation 37
  • 38. Container Reynolds International/Latasa Recife, Brazil Manufacturing  New 2-Piece Aluminum Can Manufacturing Line Experience Pouso Alegre, Brazil  Feasibility Study for Can Line Capacity Upgrade Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  202 Can Conversion Buenos Aires, Argentina  202 Can Conversion Lotte Aluminum Korea  New 2-Piece Steel Can Manufacturing Line Great China Metal Shanghai, China  New 2-Piece Aluminum Can Manufacturing Line Southeastern Container Effingham, IL  PET Bottle Manufacturing Line Anchor Hocking Monaca, PA  Feasibility Study  Glass Packaging Line Tetra Pak Moulded Packaging Systems, Ltd. Ashby, England  HDPE Container Manufacturing Lines  HPPE Container Manufacturing Lines Bellshill, Scotland  HDPE Container Manufacturing Lines Trafford Park, England  HDPE Container Manufacturing Lines Hatfield-Peverel, England  HDPE Container Manufacturing Lines Tetra Pak Plastics, USA Joplin, MO  HDPE/PET Container Manufacturing Lines  Line Monitoring System 38
  • 39. Container Plastipak Jackson Center, OH Manufacturing  Line Efficiency Improvement Projects Experience Graham Packaging Selah, WA  PET Bottle Manufacturing Line Rancho Cucamonga, CA  PET Bottle Manufacturing Line Alltrista Muncie, IN  Multiple Glass & 2-piece Lid Assembly Lines Envases Grupo Modelo Zacatecas, Mexico  Electrical Controls for a Complete Empty Can Line Can Pack Poland  Electrical Controls for a Complete Empty Can Line Amcor Beverage Cans Daendedong, Australia  Electrical Controls for Can Air Conveyor System CCU Sante Fe, Argentina  Electrical Controls for a Complete Can Line Anheuser-Busch Cartersville, GA & Williamsburg, VA  Electrical Controls for a Automated End Bag Depalletizing, Debagging and Feeding System Pepsi Bottling Group Tulsa, OK  Electrical Controls for a Semi Automated End Bag Depalletizing Debagging and Feeding System 39
  • 40. Container Sonoco-Phoenix Recende, Brazil Manufacturing  Project Management Services for 2 New End Lines including End Conveyance and Experience Electrical Controls  Project Management Services to Relocate 2 Existing End Lines  Preventative Maintenance Program Development Monterrey, Mexico  End Conveyance and Electrical Controls Silgan Rochelle, IL  End Conveyance and Electrical Controls for 2 New End Lines Ft. Dodge, IA  End Conveyance and Electrical Controls  End Conveyance SCADA System Modesto, CA  New Carton Loading System Waupun, WI  New Carton Loading System Phoenix Packaging Canton, OH  End Conveyance and Electrical Controls Roeslein & Associates Rostar, Russia  End Conveyance and Electrical Controls for a Complete New End Line Supreme Metal China  End Conveyance & Electrical Controls Stolle China  End Conveyance & Electrical Controls 40
  • 41. Container Dong Won South Korea Manufacturing  End Conveyance & Electrical Controls Experience Zapata Envases Mexico  End Conveyance & Electrical Controls Rexam Beverage Can Americas Valparaiso, IN  Project Management, Electrical Controls, Installation and Startup of 6 Automatic Baggers & 2 Palletizers Birmingham, AL  End Conveyance & Electrical Controls  Project Management, Electrical Controls, Installation and Startup of 4 Automatic Baggers & 2 Palletizers Ball Corporation Findlay, OH  Electrical Controls For 2 New End Modules Golden, CO  Electrical Controls For 1 New End Module Marubu Batavia, IL  Electrical Controls For 2 New Aerosol Can Lines 41
  • 42. Personal Care & Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, OH Household Products  Global Dry Laundry Detergent Project Experience Maybelline Little Rock, AR  Liquid Cosmetic Line Reckitt Benkiser St. Louis, MO  Servo Electronic Lineshaft Upgrade Warren Distribution Council Bluffs, IA  Motor Oil Packaging Line Unilever Jefferson City, MO  Hair Care Filling Line Relocation  Warehouse Reconfiguration  Palletizer Modification  Engineering Support for Haircare Modifications  New Lotion Lines  New Hair Care and Body Wash Lines  Process Upgrades Baltimore, MD  Engineering Services  Liquid Detergent Line Upgrade  Line Audit Cartersville, GA  Dry Laundry Detergent Project Raeford, NC  Antiperspirant/Deodorant Filling Line Relocation  Aerosol Hairspray Lines  Master Plan/Engineering Study for 10 Year Planning Clinton, CT  Non-Aerosol Hairspray Line Hammond, IN  Bar Soap Line Relocation  Stretchwrapper Relocation  Line PLC Upgrades  Product Unloading System Upgrade 42
  • 43. Personal Care &   Shrink Bundler Reconfiguration Equipment Upgrades Household Products City of Industry, CA Experience  Building Expansion Upgrade for Line Modifications  New Hair Care and Body Wash Lines  Process Control Upgrades  Plant Utility Upgrades Clairol Stamford, CT  Bulk Bottle Handling System Clorox Spring Hill, KS  2 New Cat Litter Lines Church & Dwight Harrisonville, MO  New Package Engineering Study Matrix Essentials Solon, OH  Feasibility Study Loctite Corporation Cleveland, OH  Hand Cleaner Filling Line Dial Corporation St. Louis, MO  Electrical Engineering Services  Liquid Filling Line  Powdered Detergent Filling Lines Avon Sao Paulo, Brazil  Hair Care Filling Line  Spray Deodorant Filling Lines Scotts Fort Madison, IA  Line Evaluation Study Aldrich Chemical Milwaukee, WI  Engineering Study 43
  • 44. Pharmaceutical Wyeth Richmond, VA Experience  Chapstick Line  Labeling Line  Multiple Liquid Lines  OEE Study Pearl River, NY  2003 CSV Deliverables  Syringe Filling & Packaging Line Guyama, Puerto Rico  Pharmaceutical Tablet Line  Validation Services  Packaging Hall Master Plan Engineering Study  Packaging Line Layout Engineering Bausch & Lomb Greenville, SC  Filling Line Upgrades  Training Services  Engineering/Planning, New Sterile Fill Room  Sterile Filling Suite (2)  Cartoning and Case Packing Eli Lilly Puerto Rico  Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Line Indianapolis, IN  Antibiotic Filling and Packaging Line Upgrades  R&D Process Controls Panels  Solid Dosage Tablet Line Design  Vision Inspection Engineering Pfizer Barceloneta, Puerto Rico  Pharmaceutical Tablet Filling Line Lititz, PA  New Oral Care Filling & Packaging Line  Liquid Packaging Line  Central Palletizing Line  Ointment Packaging Lines  Multiple PocketPak Lines  End of Line Palletizing System 44
  • 45. Pharmaceutical Pfizer Parsippany, PA Experience  Multiple PocketPak Lines  Ethical Liquids Line Terre Haute, IN  Insulin Blister Line  Secondary Packaging Line  Quality Engineering Projects Brooklyn, NY  Engineering & Planning for Solid Dose Packaging Line  Validation Services for Ne-Weigh Filling System Conshohocken, PA  LIMS Validation Services  Labeler Computer System Validation  SCADA Modifications & Qualifications Bristol-Meyers Squibb Mt. Vernon, IN  Packaging Master Plan  Project Engineering Support  End of line Equipment Installation Ben Venue Laboratories (Boehringer Ingelheim) Bedford, OH  Serialization Engineering  Vision Inspection Engineering & Integration Abbot Laboratories Abbott Park, IL  Serialization Engineering & Integration Smith + Nephew Memphis, TN  Orthopedic Implant Packaging Project Pharmacia Kalamazoo, MI  Small Bottling Line  Liquid Packaging Line  Blister Upgrade Packaging Line  Ointment Packaging Line  Syringe Packaging Line  Farm/Vet Packaging Line 45
  • 46. Pharmaceutical Ludlow Technology Products Experience Chicopee, MA  Engineering for Robotic Packaging Automation/Medical Device Schering-Plough Kenilworth, NJ  Validation Services  Engineering Services for Packaging Upgrade Project  Multiple Blister Lines  Liquid Packaging Line  Tablet Bottling Lines  Computer Systems Validation Purdue Pharmaceuticals Wilson, NC  Validation Services Alpharma Baltimore, MD  Liquid Bottle Packaging Line  Validation Services Bayer Berkeley, CA  Fermentation Suite Process Automation and Validation Aventis Pharmaceuticals Kansas City, MO  Plantwide Material Handling & Packaging Upgrade  Engineering Study  Master Plan for Implementation of Warehouse, Material Transfer, Filling & Packaging Automation Upgrade  Tablet Line  Central Palletizing System Inverness Medical, LTD. Inverness, Scotland  Vial Packaging Line IPR San Juan, PR  Multiple Tablet Filling Packaging Lines 46
  • 47. Pharmaceutical Merck Barceloneta, Puerto Rico Experience  Engineering Design Study  Tablet Line Roxane Labs (Boehringer Ingelheim) Columbus, OH  End of Line Project  Validation Services  Vision system Integration  Solid Dosage Tablet Line Design  Vision Inspection Engineering and Integration BD Biosciences San Jose, CA  Validation Services Lifescan-Division of Johnson & Johnson Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico  SCADA System San Francisco, CA  Computer Validation Services San Lorenzo, PR  Computer Validation Services Fuji Greenwood, SC  Validation Services  Lab Method Validation Martec Kansas City, MO  Validation Services Alza Vacaville, CA  Validation Services  Process Control/Process Automation  Equipment and Process Validation Services  Process Control System for TFF Skid  Process Control System Upgrades for Utility Systems 47
  • 48. Pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline Collegeville, PA Experience  Vision System Engineering Study for Clinical Trial Labeling King of Prussia, PA  LIMS Validation Services  Labeler Computer System Validation St. Louis, MO  Design & Supply of 4 Control Panels Conshohocken, PA  LIMS Validation Services  Labeler Computer System Validation  SCADA Modifications & Qualification Cidra, Puerto Rico  2 New Tablet Lines  ECQ Validation Bristol, TN  Line 7 Vision System Zebulon, NC  New Tablet Line Genentech South San Francisco, CA  Enterprise Systems Validation Services Kerry Bioscience, Inc. Norwich, NY  Cleaning Validation Services Mallinckrodt Maryland Heights, MO  CSV Program Definition Aventis-Behring Kankakee, IL  Water System PQ  PV Buffer Protocol Development Ext 1  Equipment Qualification  PV Protocol Development 48
  • 49. Pharmaceutical Chiron Emeryville, CA Experience  Engineering Design Study  Aseptic Fill-Finish Engineering  Engineering Design Study for New Product Information JSR Micro Sunnyvale, CA  Process Control and Instrumentation for Batching System Talelris Biotherapeutics Clayton, NC  Engineering Study Regeneration Technologies Alachua, FL  Validation Services Tyco Raleigh, NC  RFID Project Sharp Corporation Allentown, PA  Packaging Equipment Validation  Utilities Qualification Hoffman La Roche Nutley, NJ  Validation Service – Packaging Equipment cGMPP Classification & Assessment Centocor Horsham, PA  Project Planner St. Louis, MO  Engineering Services to Upgrade Water for Injection System (WFI) Novartis Suffern, NY  Validation and Engineering Services – Two (2) Tablet Packaging Lines 49
  • 50. Pharmaceutical Watson Laboratories Danbury, CT Experience  Validation Services – Staff Augmentation for Validation of New & Existing Equipment Wright Industries Nashville, TN  Validation Services – Automated Equipment for Medical Device Assembly Frost Iberica Madrid, Spain  Purified Water System Control  Syringe Filling and Packaging Line Teva Sellersville, PA  Tri-Mix Processing Tank Control System  Tri-Mix Processing Tank Process Validation Cambrex Walkersville, MD  Seal Force Study  IQ/OQ for Gruen Oven  IQ/OQ for Lyophilizer McNeil Ft. Washington, PA  Engineering Support, Equipment Specification, and Layout  Documentation, PLC/SCADA Integration and Validation Support Cardinal Woodstock, IL  Thermoformer Evaluation Playtex Dover, DE  User Requirements Documents for End-of- Line Packaging Equipment 50
  • 51. Pharmaceutical Sandoz Broomfield, CO Experience  Preliminary Engineering for a Turn-Key Tablet Fill Finish Line  Engineering Services for Design, Build, Integration and Installation of a Turn-Key Tablet Line  Validation Services to Qualify Tablet Line Stryker Mahwah, NJ  Engineering Services for a Vision System Capability Study Wyeth Medica Newbridge, Ireland  Packaging Hall Master Plan Assessment  Automation Plan Alcon Dallas, TX  DCS Replacement  New Panels, Install & Start-Up  Misc. Control Panels and Programming 51
  • 52. Manufacturing Life Sciences Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Intelligence Richmond, VA  SCADA Systems (10) Experience  Performance Analysis Systems (2)  Data Historians (2)  MES Integration  RFID Labeling System Pearl River, NY  SCADA System  Performance Analysis System IPR San Juan, PR  SCADA System  Data Historian  Performance Analysis System Nutricia USA, Inc. Greenville, SC  Performance Analysis System Consumer Products Anheuser-Busch Newark, NJ  MES Integration St. Louis, MO  SCADA System  MES Integration Nestle Waverly, IA  SCADA System  Data Historian  Performance Analysis System Nestle Waters North America Multiple Plant Locations  SCADA System  Data Historian Gerber Fort Smith, AR  Performance Analysis System 52
  • 53. Manufacturing Silgan Ft. Dodge, IA Intelligence  SCADA System  Data Historian Experience  Performance Analysis System Tetra-Pak Joplin, MO  Data Historian E & J Gallo Winery Modesto, CA  SCADA System Gallo Glass Plant Modesto, CA  Furnace Cold End SCADA System Woodbridge Winery Woodbridge, CA  SCADA System Canandaigua Wine Company – Mission Bell Madera, CA  SCADA System Manufacturing Pacific Gas & Electric Locations in CA, OR, AZ  SCADA Systems (7) Cooper-Standard Automotive Spartanburg, SC  Performance Analysis System Toledo Blade Toledo, OH  SCADA System  Performance Analysis Guide Dogs for the Blind San Francisco, CA  Kennel Temperature Control North Bay Water Fairfield, CA  Water Treatment Plant Control Upgrade 53
  • 54. Manufacturing Bank of America San Francisco, CA Intelligence  Building Control Upgrades Experience U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis, MO  Data Acquisition  Condition Monitoring & Analysis Diageo Plainfield, IL  SCADA System  Data Historian  Performance Analysis System 54
  • 55. Process Controls NEC Electronics Roseville, CA Experience  Toxic Gas Distribution and Life Safety System ChevronPhillips Chemical Reno, NV  Performance Pipe Line Extrusion Automation Support Pacific Gas & Electric Company San Francisco, CA  Natural Gas Ground Storage and Retrieval Upgrade  GE Fanuc PLC  Delta-V  Moore PID Controllers  Gas Platform Glycol Reboiler and Oxidizer Controls Integration Nestle Waters North America Cabazon, CA  Upgrade to Water Treatment System North Bay Regional Water Treatment Fairfield, CA  Fresh Water Treatment Plant for Cities of Fairfield and Vacaville Earth Tech, Inc. Colton, CA  Process Analysis and Plant Modifications for a Federal Superfund Site Bank of America Data Center San Francisco, CA  Building Automation Engineering Guide Dog School for the Blind San Rafael, CA  Building Automation Engineering Unilever Jeff City, MO  Compounding Process Control Upgrades City of Industry, CA  Process and Hygeine Upgrades 55
  • 56. Servo Motion Boeing St. Louis, MO Controls Experience  Motion Control Project (16 axis)  HMI Development 56
  • 57. Process Design Woodbridge Winery  Product & Utility Piping for new Wine Filler Experience Nestle Waters North America  New Juice Product Study  Mineral Water Treatment Capacity Study  New Mineral Water Well Integration Kroger  New Tea Product Study  As-Built P&ID’s for Chilled Water & Ice Water for Dairy Plant  New Tea Product Processing System Campbell Soup  Process Modification for Low Sodium Soups  Hot Fill versus Aseptic Beverage Study  New Beverage Line  New Vegetable Juice Processing & Drum Filling System POM Wonderful  Clean Room Concept Design for Nutriceutical Product  Pomegranate Juice Pressing System Modifications  Pomegranate Juice Extract Processing Modifications Sunny Delight  New Hot Fill Beverage Study Unilever Food Solutions  Dressing Blending System Capacity Study Stauffer Biscuit  Cooling Upgrades for New Cookie Product Paramount Farms  New Almond Processing Line E & J Gallo Winery  New 350,000 Gallon Brandy Storage Tank CG Roxane  Utility System Design for Bottling Plant Expansion – HPCA, LPCA, CHW & CTW 57
  • 58. Process Design Department of Toxic Substance Control State of California Experience  Process Modifications for Superfund Site Ground Water Treatment System Dairy Farmers of America  New Dairy Based Beverage Study 58
  • 59. “Providing Value Through Unique Manufacturing Automation Solutions” 59