Asha 2013 Open Quiz Prelims


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Quiz conducted by Govind Krishnamurthi and Balaji Srinivasan in 2013.

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  • Asha 2013 Open Quiz Prelims

    1. 1. Asha Open Quiz 2013 Qualifier Answers
    2. 2. Rules • 45 questions and 1 hour • 10 seconds for each question after the QM completes the question • If we have time we’ll come back • 10 points for the right answer. Part points at the discretion of the QM • *ed questions will be used in case of tied scores • Top 8 teams qualify for the Final • Put away your smart devices! • All the questions are straightforward • i.e. this is NOT Mindsweep or QFI Grandmaster  • QM’s decision is FINAL! • Good luck
    3. 3. 1. On May 16, 1929, 250 people got together for a dinner party in the Blossom Room of the Roosevelt Hotel. Tickets to this party cost $5 each. Emil Jennings, the first person to be honored, was not a part of the ceremony though. He had decided to go back to Germany and was honored before his trip. The ceremony itself lasted only 15 minutes. What was the significance of the event?
    4. 4. First ever Academy Awards.
    5. 5. 2. English eighteenth-century antiquarians Alban Butler and Francis Douce, noting the obscurity of this particular Saint, created this day, essentially, usurping the pagan holiday of Lupercalia. What do we know this day as?
    6. 6. Valentine’s day.
    7. 7. 3. This animal has great religious significance in Christianity as the Greek word for the animal is an acronym for (translated) “Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior”. For full points, ID the animal and the Greek word.
    8. 8. Fish Ichthys
    9. 9. 4. In 1942, he found himself nursing his young son Christopher through measles. He decided to create bedside stories to comfort him. He however, we are told, ended up hating the evolution of his characters by others, with nods towards multiculturalism in the form of characters from Japan and Cuba. He, particularly, was upset that his lovingly crafted characters have been replaced recently with “computer-generated glitz”. In 1952, he also created what is shown below. Who are we talking about and what did he create in 1942?
    10. 10. Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry and Thomas the tank engine
    11. 11. 5. Her name literally means “one without the reprehension of ugliness” or “she who is without ugliness”. Shown in this painting by Raja Ravi Varma, how do we know her better as?
    12. 12. Ahalya
    13. 13. 6. This common kitchen food additive was put in the league of “brainwash” and “Falun Gong” when it was banned in Chinese social media searches as the government was hoping to squash rumors that the substance could prevent radiation poisoning following the nuclear disaster in Japan. What?
    14. 14. Iodized Salt.
    15. 15. 7. Canadian Oxford lists it as a 20th century word of unknown origin. Some reference books, including Random House's American Slang, claim it comes from the German word for “to slip” and the Yiddish word “to slide or skid”. Either way it is a relatively new term. So new, in fact, that on July 23, 1965, Time Magazine felt it necessary to define it in an article: “_________—a spaceman's word for irritating disturbances.“ It has also been claimed to be an acronym involving Gremlins. What word?
    16. 16. Glitch. The acronym being GLITCH - Gremlins Living In The Computer Hardware
    17. 17. 8. He made his first trip around the world in 1922, delineating a travel journal in installments. This ushered in a new topic for his cartoons, for which he became very famous. He is known for this very profound statement : “I have traveled in 201 countries and the strangest thing I saw was man”. Identify this cartoonist, entrepreneur and amateur anthropologist.
    18. 18. Robert Ripley of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not fame.
    19. 19. 9. Dionysus was the poor people’s god. As he was the god of wine, his worship entailed a good deal of heavy drinking, dancing and chasing about the hills in goat skins. Elaborate choral performances of hymns in his honor, called dithyrambs, were also done to the accompaniment of a flute by a chorus of fifty. One day a poet added himself to the case and spoke a prologue and exchanged speeches with the leader of the chorus thus becoming the originator of dialog dramas. What was the name of this poet? *ed question
    20. 20. Thespis, and hence the actors are referred to as Thespians.
    21. 21. 10. This company was founded on June 16, 1994 by Robert Stephens. Later it was acquired by another company. However, their unique titles for their employees still hold good. Their employee titles included: Double Agent, Special Agent, Deputy Field Marshal, Counter Intelligence Agent and Deputy of Counter Intelligence. ID the company.
    22. 22. 11. He was a famous logician and philosopher who is known for his fundamental contributions to mathematics in the field of set theory and probability among others. Among his works are The Logic of Chance and The Principles of Empirical Logic. Who?
    23. 23. John Venn
    24. 24. 12. This representative illustration of “X”, by Thomas Nast, first appeared in the January 3, 1863 edition of Harper's Weekly, and shows him visiting a Civil War Camp. Nast’s use of him was to bring happiness as Nast was melancholic for the faltering Union war effort in which Nast so fervently believed, and sad for the separation of soldiers and their families. ID “X”?
    25. 25. Santa Claus
    26. 26. 13. This word in Norwegian and German means “Rock”. It is used as a part of names of people belonging to a particular religion. However, as a word by itself, it is not associated with that religion. What word?
    27. 27. Stein. In Norwegian and German means “Rock”, just like Peter came to be associated with rock. Used as a suffix in Jewish names like Einstein, Robenstien etc. etc.
    28. 28. 14. Rhotacism is a disorder that is believed to be caused by delayed development of a portion of the brain that controls that particular functionality of the human body. However, the exact reasons are not known. Identify the main symptom of this disorder exhibited by among others a famous cartoon and sitcom character. (* ed question)
    29. 29. Rhotacism refers to several phenomena related to the usage of the consonant r. It could be, for example, the inability to pronounce r.
    30. 30. 15. Gluep, glurch, or slime are names referring to a rubbery polymer formed by cross linking of polyvinyl alcohol with a Boron compound. Commonly used in science projects for children, what is its other name which has its roots in show business?
    31. 31. Flubber
    32. 32. 16. If you want a car with this manufacturer installed component, you are too late . The last car with this component was a Lexus SC 430 that rolled off the assembly line in 2010. What option?
    33. 33. Factory installed cassette player
    34. 34. 17. Verses from Sir Walter Scott's The Lady of the Lake, were set to music around 1812 by the songwriter James Sanderson a violinist part of the Surrey theater. Some of these verses have become part of the American experience. What are these verses known as?
    35. 35. Hail to the Chief
    36. 36. 18. The story goes that Ancaeus (Poseidon’s son and an Arganaut) had a beautiful vineyard which he was extremely proud of. He made the many slaves who took care of it work really hard. Once an overworked slave predicted that his master would not taste the wine produced that year. When the grapes had been plucked and the wine extracted, Ancaeus sent for the slave who had made the prediction. Just before he could drink the wine, he was told that a wild boar was destroying the vineyard. Ancaeus was killed by this boar. How can this episode be summarized in a phrase?
    37. 37. Many a slip between the cup and the lip or more correctly “There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip”
    38. 38. 19. Whenever a major bill gets through Congress, and the President signs the bill into law, the President and the White House follows a tradition in dealing with the people who helped the bill get through that goes back all the way to Franklin Roosevelt’s time. This tradition is also followed by governors who sign bills into law. What tradition are we talking about?
    39. 39. The President/Governor uses several pens. Each pen used by the President is engraved to mark the occasion. Therefore the pen, itself, becomes an historical artifact. The pens are then distributed to people among people who were crucial in getting the bill through. Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, he reportedly used more than 75 pens.
    40. 40. 20. What was the name given to the Congressmen and Senators who believed that going over the fiscal cliff was a good idea, a willful act of liberation, a step that is necessary to rationalize our tax code (like Sen. Patty Murray, Daniel Gross)?
    41. 41. Thelma and Louise caucus
    42. 42. 21. When you repeat addition you get multiplication. When you repeat multiplication you get exponentiation. And when you repeat that, you get _____?
    43. 43. Tetration 4↑↑3 = 4 ↑ (4 ↑ 4) = 4 ↑ 256 ≈ 1.3 × 10¹⁵⁴
    44. 44. 22. He started off as a freelance cartoonist. He worked for several Hindi newspapers and magazines. He started a cartoon based campaign, Cartoons Against Corruption and got into trouble with Crime Branch, Mumbai. His cartoons provoked debate in the Indian Parliament. Who?
    45. 45. Aseem Trivedi
    46. 46. 23. In this novel, the protagonist’s father owns “The Bengal Tiger”. He is forced to flee his country and finds himself in a ship with zoo animals. After the ship sinks, he survives in a dinghy in the sea with a wild cat. He finally lands in South America. ID the novel. (*ed question)
    47. 47. 24. What latitude on the Earth marks the most northerly position at which the Sun may appear directly overhead at its zenith?
    48. 48. Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees N)
    49. 49. 25. The adult stage of this animal is called Medusa, named by Carl Linnaeus in 1752. It refers to the non-polyp life-stage which occurs in many Cnidarians, which is typified by a large pulsating gelatinous bell with long trailing tentacles. Name the animal.
    50. 50. Jelly Fish
    51. 51. 26. Which film overtook E.T. the Extra Terrestrial to hold the box office record for highest grossing film worldwide, till it was bettered by Titanic? (*ed question)
    52. 52. Jurassic Park
    53. 53. 27. Considered by Hermann Minkowski in the 19th century, this is a form of geometry in which the usual distance function or metric of Euclidean geometry is replaced by a new metric in which the distance between two points is the sum of the absolute differences of their coordinates. The distance between two points measured along axes at right angles. In a plane with p1 at (x1, y1) and p2 at (x2, y2), it is |x1 - x2| + |y1 - y2|. What is this metric and geometry called? (*ed question)
    54. 54. The Manhattan distance/metric and the Geometry is called the Taxicab geometry
    55. 55. 28. This is Rembrandt’s Belshazzar's Feast. It describes the happenings as those at the feast profaned the sacred vessels pillaged from the Jerusalem Temple. Suddenly a message, shown below, appeared and read "Mene, Mene, Tekel, u-Pharsin”. The prophet Daniel was summoned and interpreted it to be foretelling the doom of the Babylonian kingdom. Belshazzar was killed that night and the city fell to the Persians. What phrase did this event contribute to in etymology? (*ed question)
    56. 56. “Writing on the wall” to mean imminent doom.
    57. 57. 29. Rustichello da Pisa was a 13th century Italian writer. He was once in prison with X, when X dictated his tales to him, and they wrote a world famous book together. ID X.
    58. 58. Marco Polo
    59. 59. 30. António de Saldanha was the first European to land here. He climbed it in 1503 and named it Taboa do Cabo. Identify this natural landmark.
    60. 60. Table Mountain, South Africa. Taboa da Cabo = Table of the Cape.
    61. 61. 31. What does this sign mean?
    62. 62. Area of high “Immigrant Crossing”. You would find it in San Diego, for example, on the I-5 near the border warning people to watch out for immigrants running across the highway.
    63. 63. 32. ID this five-star admiral of US Navy, who signed for the United States when Japan formally surrendered on 2nd Sep 1945. He was also a Regent of University of California and lived on Yerba Buena Island. (*ed question)
    64. 64. Chester Nimitz Interstate 880 Nimitz Freeway
    65. 65. 33. O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O ________, That has such people in't. —William Shakespeare, The Tempest Fill in the blanks.
    66. 66. 34. “A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of _________. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German policespies. “ Thus begins a book. Fill in the blanks. Bonus points for identifying the book.
    67. 67. Communism, Communist Manifesto.
    68. 68. 35. This programming language was created by Brad Cox and Tom Love in the early 1980s. NeXT licensed this language from StepStone and formed the basis for the NeXT platform. ID this language which is a strict superset of C and has seen a revival in recent times.
    69. 69. Objective C.
    70. 70. 36. In Greek mythology, these two came to a pool and he caught sight of his own reflection. He didn’t realize that he was looking at himself, as whenever he said something, the woman would just repeat it. According to some versions, he could not leave the reflection and killed himself. ID both people (no part points).
    71. 71. Narcissus and Echo
    72. 72. 37. ID the person whose face was drawn in a comic as shown here.
    73. 73. Yao Ming
    74. 74. 38. Sam Kass and Karen Bryla were undergrads at Carnegie-Mellon, when they found themselves to be a little too in sync as a couple. To overcome this “problem” to make quick decisions one way or the other, they created a game. Sam Kass wrote about the game in the 90s as a practice for his first webpage while learning HTML. ID the game that gained popularity in 2008.
    75. 75. 39. Identify the two people portrayed in this painting by Honore Daumier, a French artist. Daumier drew more than 40 drawings based on these two.
    76. 76. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
    77. 77. 40. Vladimir and Estragon muse on the concept of “nothing”, discuss repentance, eat, doze off, sing, play games, exercise, swap hats, and contemplate suicide, as they are ________.
    78. 78. “Waiting for Godot”
    79. 79. 41. Narwhals are medium sized whales that live in the Arctic. They have sharp, long tusks as shown below. Their main predators are killer whales (Orcas). But last year, why did we see headlines like “How Narwhal Beat Orca”?
    80. 80. Narwhal was Obama’s election campaign team’s software, Orca was Romney’s.
    81. 81. 42. “Chips & Dips” was a small website hosted on the personal webpage of Rob Malda, a student of Hope College, Michigan, in 1997. It has since then morphed into a site that had around 3.7 million visitors in 2012. Identify the site.
    82. 82. 43. This is Jonathan Mak Long, a visual designer, from Hong Kong. He was in the news in October of 2011, when his creation went viral after he posted it on the Internet. What creation?
    83. 83. He created the “Jobs silhouette” as a tribute after Jobs’ death on October 5, 2011. This went viral.
    84. 84. 44. ID the person being interviewed by David Letterman (*ed question)
    85. 85. Douglas Adams
    86. 86. 45. ID the movie (*ed question)
    87. 87. Peter Brooks - Mahabharata
    88. 88. Enjoy your food while we grade your responses
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