TRADOC OE Ian Pearson--Future Presentation


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TRADOC OE Ian Pearson--Future Presentation

  1. 1. Dr Ian Pearson Technology for mad scientists
  2. 2. 1950-2050: Ongoing IT miniaturisation getting more out of less And it isn’t over yet!!!
  3. 3. 2010: Electronic jewellery Social status Medical Networking monitoring, alarms Digital image augmentation Communication, Any data distribution form Digital bubble Sensing Location/navigation Mobile website Identification, Tribal signalling security
  4. 4. 2011: Surveillance-free nets Direct inter-device networking using extremely short range radio or IR will become an alternative internet Perfect for illicit file-sharing and terrorist coordination
  5. 5. 2012: Espionage 35nm tech means 200M transistors/mm2. Small specks of smart dust can be concealed anywhere e.g. sand or dirt, passed on by handshake, or dust settling from the air, in food, seeds, gravel or in clothes, stick to shoes Use ants to carry food with embedded bugs into caves Coins or banknotes could be used to hide devices to monitor and locate miscreants Exploding smart coins could detonate themselves on hearing certain keywords in certain locations Ant: 10mm Apple 2 computers: 0.015mm
  6. 6. 2015: Smart yarns •Clothing can already be made using yarns with various electronic properties, e.g. touch sensitive •Optical fibres can be used as microphones – develop this further to make microphone yarns •If fabrics incorporating smart yarns (mix of microphone, storage and transmission) are infiltrated into manufacturing/distribution, then enemy will sometimes unknowingly buy smart clothes •Can then easily monitor enemy
  7. 7. 2025: Smart bacteria WMD Uses for AI, enslavement or terraforming. Exist in both real and virtual world. Custom DNA Molecular circuitry 1 micron assembled by cell Bacteria linked together via infrared, to make complex self organising circuits. Could be present in air or on any surface. Could breathe them in. Security is almost impossible if bacteria are used because they can get almost anywhere. Could be used as a WMD by blanket attack on corporate security
  8. 8. Display evolution 2015 2010 2005 No-one can see you are even wearing an active lens, and certainly not what you are seeing.
  9. 9. 2015-2020: Active lens laser focusing retina Processing Laser micromirror Laser Micromirror Inductive power lasers supply Comm Gaze s & ctrl Diamond direction Laser substrate sensor  Resolution ultimately only limited by the eye  Allows natural distance perception  Ideal for augmented reality & field instructions  Could also be used to capture images/video
  10. 10. 2015-2020: Active skin Wearable layer Detachable layer Transfer layer Epidermis Mid-term layer Permanent layer Skin Dermis Skin-based electronics can link blood chemistry and nerve signals to external computers and systems 10
  11. 11. 2020: Wireless skin capsules for super-soldiers Antenna Antenna for comms to external systems Higher layer device LED Rx Higher layer device Higher layer device LED Rx Comms electronics comms Data Storage Sensor Battery Processing Sensor Large number of capsules linked together, making very sophisticated capability in an invisible form. Could greatly improve reaction time and sensitivity
  12. 12. 2020: Adding extra senses and sensory enhancement Magnetic field Radiation (EM or nuclear) Magnetic field Audio External sensors Temperature Sensory Video Wearable sensors Location Input translation Output unit Heat or vibration Proximity Detachable sensors Sound Pain or pleasure Implanted sensors Chemical or microbiological presence Alarms Telemetry Data Monitors Logs Pollutants Control systems Messaging
  13. 13. LED Rx 2017: Gel computing comms Single core Storage Processing Sensor Power Dual core Sensing Self-organisation used with D AI-controlled evolution to Quad core i build circuit/function Sensor g libraries and eventually i strong AI 48 core t a l Digital & Massively multiple Analog core-multiple chip Large number of capsules suspended in gel using free-space comms to link up to form ad-hoc circuitry
  14. 14. NBIC Convergence (nano-bio-info-cogno) Nanotech gives Biotech and IT advances us tiny devices make body and machine connectable Tiny sensors help neuroscience figure out how the mind works Insights from Improving machine neuroscience feed into intelligence machine intelligence accelerates R&D in every sphere
  15. 15. 2010: Information waves - WMD 30µs 90µs 120µs Hijack millions of machines Experiment with network resonance to map network properties 155µs 200µs 320µs Synchronised huge number of calls to cause network overload Wave of calls can reach very high magnitude and vanish all in a millisecond 380µs 440µs 800µs Network likely to crash repeatedly! And trash economy Precision targeting possible Infinite class of correlated traffic Computer power and data rates high attacks possible compared to speed of signals
  16. 16. 2012-2015: Conscious botnets WMD Games machines and phones have high processing power and lots of sensor capability, but low security. Good platform for decryption engines and network resonance attacks. Students might attempt to realise consciousness networks just for fun, but it could get out of hand. Aggregated power compares well with brain so even an extremely inefficient algorithm might still be feasible. Others might attempt to do so deliberately with varying motivation As analog processing devices start to make an impact, danger will increase fast Would cause great damage to networks as the AI attempts to survive
  17. 17. 2017-2020: OB1 - optical brain mk1 Ultra-smart conscious computer, & WMD 1 trillion neurons in 100ml gel 1 billion times more powerful than brain, with up to 2 million emotions & unlimited senses Could be fully sentient Gel Could be benign or malicious Can be linked to other devices via the net Optical ‘hormone’ playback Sensory stimulus Sensory echo Internal sensing Neural response Neural interference sensory neural vortex processing vortex encoding generation
  18. 18. 2026: Smart yogurt: Self-organising smart bacteria, WMD x 2 Can use chemical gradients to self-organise components into very complex structures Smart bacteria could use cloud computing to re-design their offspring, thereby adapting to any environment, destroying all life and terraforming Earth Smart bacteria could control minds of people infected, enslaving them and making them into zombies
  19. 19. AI evolution 2015-2075  AIs will have their own cultures and civilisation that will cross fertilise with ours  Sims will get much smarter!  Some may become nasty  Some AIs will migrate from cyberspace into the real world  Some people might move into cyberspace – retirement or suicide? The Sims, EA Games  Cyberspace fauna and flora
  20. 20. Avoiding the Terminator scenario V If we create smarter-than-man machines, we risk extinction. Even if they are not malign, we may end up in the same bargaining position as ants on a building site. If we can enhance or link human brain to the same level of intelligence, then such a capability gap will not occur. We need a good brain-machine link before we can safely make smarter-than-man machines
  21. 21. IQ and sensory enhancement (and the pursuit of electronic immortality) Risk of zombie WMD Billions of tiny sensors linked to every Billions of smart bacteria with synthetic synapse, signalling activity to external neurons replicating behaviour of every replica and able to recreate signals individual neuron but able to run at much generated by external replica higher speeds and with connectivity to net and other brains.
  22. 22. The Borg, 2075-2200 A global environment linking together all the minds of people and sentient machines in a global consciousness Shared consciousness & awareness Medium Shared personalities Link nervous systems together Body sharing Fuzzy boundaries between people
  23. 23. Human-machine Convergence homo erectus homo sapiens homo sapiens ludditus Homo habilis homo homo sapiens optimus neanderthalensis homo homo hybridus cyberneticus homo machinus robotus robotus Gaia primus multitudinus sapiens Sims sapiens Bacteria sapiens - 1.5M years - 125,000 years Today 50 years 150 years - 750,000 years - 40,000 years 100 years
  24. 24. Solar wind deflector gun - WMD Ionospheric lens Solar storm Ionospheric mirror City 100GW concentrated on 1km2 = Laser heating 100kW/m2, destroying it quickly of small region
  25. 25. Summary of new WMDs Decryption engines using games consoles and phones used to wreck security across economy Information waves and network resonance attacks Conscious botnets Smart bacteria used to invalidate security across economy Destruction of all life via adaptive smart bacteria Grey goo terraforming via smart bacteria Enslavement of people via smart bacteria - zombies Gel computing based strong AI terminator scenario Evolution of The Borg Solar wind deflection gun
  26. 26. What about the singularity? (critical level positive feedback in technology development) Invention curve can Tech level go almost vertical Implementation rate is limited Exponent increases rapidly as tech improves, especially as AI kicks in Normal tech progress 0 2000 2020 2040
  27. 27. Increasing danger from technology Probability of extinction- level event per year ETA for tech-enabled extinction is 2085 1% Via Pandemics, NBIC accidents or weapons, AI, climatic instability, or 0.5% 100s of variants 1M BC 1950 today 2050 Perhaps we don’t see aliens because they all wipe themselves out within 300 years of discovering radio!
  28. 28. Thank you