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Psychopathic and Sociopathic Personalities
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Psychopathic and Sociopathic Personalities






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Psychopathic and Sociopathic Personalities Psychopathic and Sociopathic Personalities Presentation Transcript

  • Psychopathic and Sociopathic Personalities By Aaron, Maisam, and Jason
  • What we’ll be talking about:
    • Definitions
    • Types
    • Symptoms
    • Causes
    • Effects
    • Effect on Society
    • Treatment Options
    • What do We Think?
    • Hollywood Myth vs. Hollywood Fact Vs. Historical Fact
  • Definitions
    • Psychopathic Personality - a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect; capable of violent acts without guilt feelings.
    • Sociopathic Personality: A personality disorder characterized by chronic antisocial behavior and violation of the law and the rights of others.
  • Types
    • Two main types:
    • Violent
    • Non-violent
  • Symptoms
    • glib and superficial charm
    • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    • need for stimulation
    • pathological lying
    • cunning and manipulativeness
    • lack of remorse or guilt
    • superficial emotional responsiveness
    • callousness and lack of empathy
    • parasitic lifestyle
    • poor behavioral controls
    • sexual promiscuity
    • early behavior problems
    • lack of realistic long-term goals
    • impulsivity
    • irresponsibility
    • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    • many short-term marital relationships
    • juvenile delinquency
    • revocation of conditional release
    • criminal versatility
  • Causes
    • Two schools of thought:
    • Biological
    • Environment
    • OR:
    • Nature
    • Nurture
  • Nature
    • Psychopathy and sociopathy closely linked to antisocial personality disorder
    • Studies have shown that rates of APD is higher among children whose parents had it
    • Could carry over into psychopathic and sociopathic personalities
    • Neurological reasons related to prefrontal cortex
  • Nurture
    • Rates of APD found to be highest among males with alcoholic fathers.
    • Connection also found among children with inattentive mothers.
    • All recorded violent psychopaths known to have suffered child abuse
  • Effects
    • Many (non-violent) capable of leading normal lives, although they are not pleasant people.
    • Violent types almost always become criminals, usually murderers or rapists
    • Both types are considered beneficial for the military
  • Effects on Society
    • Violent types: obvious immediate effects.
    • Non-violent types: less obvious effects
            • Industrial espionage
            • Embezzlement
            • Corporate fraud
            • Etc.
    • Although not all non-violent psychopaths/sociopaths are criminals, most have criminal tendencies
  • Treatment Options
    • Treatment considered ineffective, and may make the disorder worse instead of better
    • Only recorded success in treating APD is in childhood cases; i.e. before the behaviour can be reinforced
  • At least, that’s the popular opinion
  • Can it really be treated?
    • Yes:
    • Psychotherapy designed to target childhood trauma
    • Childhood trauma -> Psychopathic/sociopathic personalities
    • No:
    • Psychotherapy relies on the patient wanting help
    • Such personalities are egocentric -> Doesn’t believe there is anything wrong
  • Successful Treatment
    • Dr. Robert Hare, Ph.D. proposes a possible treatment in Guidelines for a Psychopathy Treatment Program
    • Forth & Burke (1998) study indicated that juveniles may benefit more from treatment
    • Some strategies used for substance abuse and sex offender treatment may be adopted for psychopaths -> problem-solving framework, resolution of denial, minimization issues prior to treatment
  • Hare’s Solution
    • “ Rather than attempting to modify personality characteristics, the proposed treatment is a strategy of self-management that helps the participant develop a prosocial lifestyle, reducing the frequency and the extent of violent behavior…They enable participants to uncover the idiosyncratic factors that caused their violent acts, while helping them learn specific preventive skills. At the end of the treatment program, the participant uses a relapse prevention plan to reassemble the new skills, attitudes, and behaviors into a new integrated whole, linking these new attributes in to what will be his or her everyday prosocial functioning” (www.hare.org)
  • Unsuccessful Treatment
    • Two studies have indicated lack of treatment response in adolescents: Rogers et al. (1997) and O’Neill et al. (2003)
    • Most treatment have not been proven, and few studies showing a positive response to treatment are reliable
    • Losel (1998) demonstrated that psychopathic tendencies decrease offender response to treatment
  • What do we think?
    • Evidence suggests that treatment of adults is all but impossible
    • Treatment of children, on the other hand, is very plausible
  • Now, let’s have some fun!
  • Hollywood Myth:
  • Hollywood Fact:
  • Historical Fact:
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