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giffgaff Goodybag community consultation
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giffgaff Goodybag community consultation



Consultation with the giffgaff Community around suggested goodybag changes.

Consultation with the giffgaff Community around suggested goodybag changes.



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  • Maybe I'm stupid but I just fail to understand how worsening the existing package will make the network more competitive. If anything, I would suggest to offer a cheaper than £12 Goodybag with unlimited or 3G data but much less minutes (~100) as many people myself included use the smartphone primarily for data and texting and don't make many calls.
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  • I choose to use Giffgaff for the unlimited data package deal you have at the price of £12. As someone who doesn't use a lot of minutes and only really focus on texts and internet the £12 deal is perfect. As a teenager, I use a lot of data (as has been shown by the email you sent me). If the option to get unlimited data is removed for so cheap I would much rather change to a contract deal with another company. Please consider keeping the £12 deal the same.
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  • Again I chose Giffgaff because of the unlimited data at £12. My daughter as yet has used a limited amount of data however as an 11 year old with Autism this could and most probably will at some point change. She has only had a mobile for 2 months so it's early days. I have now purchased a phone outright when a contract may have been more suitable. Primary use is youtube which as soon as she is allowed to take her phone to friends and family will see her data usage soar. A child with Autism does not have the same concept of data as a child without Autism. Disappointed!
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  • You need an option 4 - Leave giffgaff and join a better run network which doesn't suffer regular outages. Your price point / value for money made the less than perfect service bearable. Charge the same as everybody else and watch the customers run. None of these 3 options are appealing but the option of moving to 3 for decent 4g is.
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  • I chose my package for the unlimited data at a fair price . None of the options are acceptable to me and If they are implemented I will take my business elsewhere. If your only idea for reducing congestion is to charge more for access then, frankly, you really need to take a long hard look at your management team. Asking your community to choose the best of three unappealing options is simply not offereing any choice at all
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giffgaff Goodybag community consultation giffgaff Goodybag community consultation Presentation Transcript

  • Member ConsultationgoodybagsApril ‘13
  • Thank-you… for taking the time to read these slides and showing aninterest in our goodybag consultation.At giffgaff, we always aim to meet your needs as members as best we can, whilst alsomeeting our own needs as a business in an ever changing marketplace.The best way to achieve this is to involve our members in key decisions and ensure that ourgoodybags are always….. simple, transparent and good value.Provided that we always stay true to our values and achieve these aims, we hope that ouroffers will continue to meet your needs as well as our own needs as a business.Having recently reviewed our current offerings, we think there are opportunities for us tomake our goodybags even stronger and we would like your input into how we go aboutmaking these changes.There are two key areas which we really need your help on, so we’ve written up ourthoughts in this slide pack and would like to invite you to have your say in our communityconsultation. …we are listening.
  • Two key areas of focus 1. The sub-£10 market 2. The £20+ market We currently offer two £5 goodybags We currently offer two top end goodybags at the sub £10 price point. at £20 and £25. 60 mins 800 mins 1,500 mins Unltd Text 300 Text Unltd Text Unltd Text Extra mins Unltd Internet Unltd InternetHowever, giffgaff don’t currently competein the important £7-£9 area of the market However, these are the least purchasedand the £5 Unlimited text goodybag is our goodybags that giffgaff offers andthird least popular goodybag. competition in this area of the market has strengthened recently.For these reasons, we would like your helpto develop a replacement for the £5 text We would like your input to help us togoodybag with a more attractive offer consolidate these goodybags into one,priced between £7 and £9. This will attractive offer.hopefully be more useful for the majorityof members. View slide
  • ContextWe aim to launch the goodybags that you want, but we also need to remain a healthybusiness, so please bear the following in mind when making suggestions. Balancing value with Managing data usage Key competition profitabilityThe outcome which will We have been working Although giffgaff are a Paywin the day is the one hard to manage data usage As You Go company, wewhich meets your needs as on the network and also consider 1 month SIMmembers and also our protect the ‘Unlimited only offers as keyneeds as a business, so data’ offering which we’re competition.please consider the ways currently able to include We do not strive to be allthat your suggestion will with many of our things to all people and weimpact overall profitability goodybags. recognise that ourfor giffgaff as well as Given all this hard competitors might offerdelivering more value to work, please bear in mind good deals too, our aim isyou. that we cannot make to find a place in the changes to our goodybags market which meets the which encourage needs of the vast majority significantly more data of our members. usage. View slide
  • Portfolio structure 60 mins 250 mins 250 mins 400 mins 800 mins 1,500 mins Unltd Text 300 Text Unltd Text Unltd Text Unltd Text Unltd Text Unltd Text Extra mins 1GB Web Unltd Web Unltd Web Unltd Web Unltd Web Simplicity and Satisfactiongiffgaff strive to be simple and deliver high member satisfaction. Research has shown that themore goodybags we have in our portfolio, the more complex our offering is perceived to be.In addition, having two goodybags at the same price point reduces simplicity and satisfaction.For this reason, every goodybag which we offer needs to fulfil a purpose and add real value tomembers.The three least purchased goodybags that giffgaff offer are highlighted in red and so we are considering the replacement or consolidation of these offers as part of this change.
  • Question 1: A new £7-£9 goodybagThis slide summarises our current £0-£10 offers and a suggested alternative for you toconsider. Current Offering Suggested Offering £7.50 60 mins 200 mins 60 mins Unltd Text 300 Text Unltd text 300 Text Extra mins 250 MB Extra minsWe’d like your input to help us to develop a new £7-£9 goodybag, which will give us acompetitive edge so that giffgaff has the same level of consideration as othercompetitors in this price range. Please let us know: What do you think of our suggested offering? If you’d change it, what specifically would you choose to change?
  • Question 2: £20 goodybag Current Offering Suggested Offering 800 mins 1,500 mins 1,200 mins Unltd Text Unltd Text Unltd Text Unltd Internet Unltd Internet Unltd InternetAs we said a couple of slides back, our £20 and £25 offers are our two least purchasedgoodybags and so we would like to consolidate them into a single £20 offering whichbetter meets your needs as members.This change is all about simplification and offering strong value in a single goodybag. Please let us know: What are your thoughts on our suggested offering? Do you see it as an improvement? If not, why and what specifically do we need to focus on to improve it?
  • International minutes Thank-you for reading through our ideas.In addition to our questions, we would like to request some feedback from our membersto help us to understand the value of international calling to you.Please have a think about the following and let us know how important internationalcalling is to you:• Do you ever call or text abroad from the UK?• Would you call abroad more if the offer was right?• Would it be beneficial to you to have an offer which made calling other countries in the EU extremely good value?• Are there any other international regions which you would be interested in calling or texting in particular?• Is international calling and texting an area that you would like giffgaff to focus on? Please let us know: Your thoughts on international calling and texting – would very good value calls and texts to the EU (or another region) be something which you would value?
  • How to share your viewsYou’ve heard our thoughts – now it’s over to you.Thank-you again for getting this far and taking the time to read these slides.Hopefully you’ve developed some opinions by now on our ideas… if so, thenhold that thought – we really need to hear your views to make sure that we’remeeting your needs as best we can.To let us know what you think, please go to our community consultation forumposting here:http://giff.ly/gbconsult…and get involved in the discussion.The consultation will close at 5pm on Thursday 11th April, so please don’t wait!In return, we are committed to sharing the key outputs from the consultationand doing all that we can to meet your needs, whilst also meeting our ownneeds as a business.