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Twitter Ads and Lead Generation for B2B Advertisers
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Twitter Ads and Lead Generation for B2B Advertisers


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Learn how to use the exciting features in Twitter Ads to find success with B2B lead generation.

Learn how to use the exciting features in Twitter Ads to find success with B2B lead generation.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Make Twitter Ads Work for B2B Lead Generation Presented by John A. Lee Managing Partner – Clix Marketing SMX Social Media – November 20, 2013
  • 2. Twitter Ads in the Wild
  • 3. What You Should Expect to Learn Today • • • • • Twitter Ads Primer B2B Targeting with Followers B2B Targeting with Keywords Ad Writing for Twitter Lead Generation Cards
  • 4. “ Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn Let us not forget about marketing fundamentals! ”
  • 5. Remember the Fundamentals • Relevant, message-matched landing pages. • Clearly stated calls-to-action and benefits in promoted tweets and on landing pages. • Campaign segmentation for clean data.
  • 6. Twitter Ads Primer Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets for Followers; Search; Timeline
  • 7. Promoted Tweets for Followers
  • 8. Lookalike Audience of Your Followers • Leverage the followers of your business @handle. • Target your existing followers. High chance of overlap with existing leads and/or customers. • “Include followers of…” • Target Twitter users similar to your followers. • “Include users like followers of…” • Lookalike audience. • Don’t have many followers? • Participate in the Twitter universe organically to gain followers. • Prime opportunity to run a Promoted Account ads campaign.
  • 9. Leverage Your Competitors and Thought Leaders • Leverage the followers of other Twitter users. • Create a list of target @handles using Twitter search: • • • • Competitors Thought leaders in your industry Publications covering your industry Twitter users discussing competitors or topics related to your business • Bulk upload and “include users like followers of…”
  • 10. Promoted Tweets for Followers
  • 11. Report on @handles as if They Were Keywords
  • 12. Promoted Tweets for Search / Timeline
  • 13. Twitter Keyword Targeting For Search • Targets searches done on • Broad, phrase, exact matches. For Timeline • Targets the content of tweets in timelines. • Almost contextual matching, but with greater control. • Broad, phrase, exact matches.
  • 14. Keywords to Target Your brand. Your competitors. Products and services. Relevant hashtags (Twitter groups, conferences, hot topics). • Current topics relevant to your business. • • • •
  • 15. Keywords with Match Types FTW!
  • 16. Strategies for Ad Writing on Twitter
  • 17. Tweets Just for Twitter Ads • OK to use tweets posted organically, but tracking will be muddled. • No way to segment organic engagements vs. paid engagements. • Create new tweets marked as “Promoted-only” with properly tagged website links.
  • 18. Tips for Promoted Tweets • Write promoted tweets like you would write any piece of ad copy. • Relevant to your target audience and keywords. • You only get 140 characters, so use a URL shortner. • Test,, • Test creating customized, keyword specific URLs (e.g. • When creating shortened URLs, make sure all links have tracking tags. • Analytics, 3rd party tools, etc. • Create a schedule to keep promoted tweets “fresh” and to sustain testing initiatives. • Use Twitter’s tweet scheduling feature to plan ahead.
  • 19. URL Shortners Are Your Friend Customize to Match Themes & Keywords
  • 20. Lead Generation Cards
  • 21. Lead Gen Cards • Obtain lead information within the Twitter timeline. • Sign ups, offers, email subscriptions, free trials. • Download lead data via CSV. • Sync with CRM software via APIs.
  • 22. Thank You! Have questions? Let me know! Email: Twitter: @john_a_lee