Twitter Ads and Lead Generation for B2B Advertisers


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Learn how to use the exciting features in Twitter Ads to find success with B2B lead generation.

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Twitter Ads and Lead Generation for B2B Advertisers

  1. 1. Make Twitter Ads Work for B2B Lead Generation Presented by John A. Lee Managing Partner – Clix Marketing SMX Social Media – November 20, 2013
  2. 2. Twitter Ads in the Wild
  3. 3. What You Should Expect to Learn Today • • • • • Twitter Ads Primer B2B Targeting with Followers B2B Targeting with Keywords Ad Writing for Twitter Lead Generation Cards
  4. 4. “ Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn Let us not forget about marketing fundamentals! ”
  5. 5. Remember the Fundamentals • Relevant, message-matched landing pages. • Clearly stated calls-to-action and benefits in promoted tweets and on landing pages. • Campaign segmentation for clean data.
  6. 6. Twitter Ads Primer Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets for Followers; Search; Timeline
  7. 7. Promoted Tweets for Followers
  8. 8. Lookalike Audience of Your Followers • Leverage the followers of your business @handle. • Target your existing followers. High chance of overlap with existing leads and/or customers. • “Include followers of…” • Target Twitter users similar to your followers. • “Include users like followers of…” • Lookalike audience. • Don’t have many followers? • Participate in the Twitter universe organically to gain followers. • Prime opportunity to run a Promoted Account ads campaign.
  9. 9. Leverage Your Competitors and Thought Leaders • Leverage the followers of other Twitter users. • Create a list of target @handles using Twitter search: • • • • Competitors Thought leaders in your industry Publications covering your industry Twitter users discussing competitors or topics related to your business • Bulk upload and “include users like followers of…”
  10. 10. Promoted Tweets for Followers
  11. 11. Report on @handles as if They Were Keywords
  12. 12. Promoted Tweets for Search / Timeline
  13. 13. Twitter Keyword Targeting For Search • Targets searches done on • Broad, phrase, exact matches. For Timeline • Targets the content of tweets in timelines. • Almost contextual matching, but with greater control. • Broad, phrase, exact matches.
  14. 14. Keywords to Target Your brand. Your competitors. Products and services. Relevant hashtags (Twitter groups, conferences, hot topics). • Current topics relevant to your business. • • • •
  15. 15. Keywords with Match Types FTW!
  16. 16. Strategies for Ad Writing on Twitter
  17. 17. Tweets Just for Twitter Ads • OK to use tweets posted organically, but tracking will be muddled. • No way to segment organic engagements vs. paid engagements. • Create new tweets marked as “Promoted-only” with properly tagged website links.
  18. 18. Tips for Promoted Tweets • Write promoted tweets like you would write any piece of ad copy. • Relevant to your target audience and keywords. • You only get 140 characters, so use a URL shortner. • Test,, • Test creating customized, keyword specific URLs (e.g. • When creating shortened URLs, make sure all links have tracking tags. • Analytics, 3rd party tools, etc. • Create a schedule to keep promoted tweets “fresh” and to sustain testing initiatives. • Use Twitter’s tweet scheduling feature to plan ahead.
  19. 19. URL Shortners Are Your Friend Customize to Match Themes & Keywords
  20. 20. Lead Generation Cards
  21. 21. Lead Gen Cards • Obtain lead information within the Twitter timeline. • Sign ups, offers, email subscriptions, free trials. • Download lead data via CSV. • Sync with CRM software via APIs.
  22. 22. Thank You! Have questions? Let me know! Email: Twitter: @john_a_lee