Quality Score: The Myth. The Legend. John A. Lee #HeroConf 2014


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A brief overview of Quality Score in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Learn how you can simplify this confusing topic to create a strong Quality Score optimization plan.

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Quality Score: The Myth. The Legend. John A. Lee #HeroConf 2014

  1. 1. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Myth. The Legend. The Truth Behind Quality Score (No, Really) P R E S E N T E D BY J O H N A . L E E M A N A G I N G PA RT N E R – C L I X M A R K E T I N G H E RO C O N F – A P R I L 2 8 , 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. @john_a_lee #heroconf Who the Heck Is This Guy? Managing Partner – Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek ◦ Emphasis on “Geek” Prior Sentences Served: ◦ Hanapin Marketing ◦ Wordstream Writer: ◦ Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, Acquisio Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: ◦ SMX, SMX Social, SES / ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search
  3. 3. @john_a_lee #heroconf What is Quality Score, Anyways? THE TRUTH BEHIND QUALITY SCORE (NO, REALLY)
  4. 4. @john_a_lee #heroconf
  5. 5. @john_a_lee #heroconf Maybe, But We Can Define It Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad, keyword, and landing page are all relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad. - Google AdWords bit.ly/qsdefined
  6. 6. @john_a_lee #heroconf What Does it All Mean? FACTORS Expected click-through rate. Display URL’s past click-through rate. Account history. Landing page quality. Keyword / ad relevance. Keyword / search (query) relevance. Geographic performance. Device performance. IMPORTANCE Fundamental piece of Ad Rank formula. Ad Rank = Max CPC X Quality Score The best combination of Quality Score and Max CPC gets the best ad position.
  7. 7. @john_a_lee #heroconf How Do Google & Bing Differ? GOOGLE ADWORDS Quality Score is calculated before the click. Is a significant factor in ad delivery, ad position and actual cost-per- click. BING ADS Quality Score is calculated after the clicks. Is a tool to help advertisers understand the quality of their campaigns and plan for optimization efforts.
  8. 8. @john_a_lee #heroconf So, You Say You Want the Truth? More questions than answers? Seek the truth?
  9. 9. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Big Idea? K.I.S.S. THE TRUTH BEHIND QUALITY SCORE (NO, REALLY)
  10. 10. @john_a_lee #heroconf Rocket scientists may have created Quality Score, but it doesn’t take rocket science to improve it. - John Lee, April 28, 2014
  11. 11. @john_a_lee #heroconf Best Practices Have Been Crammed Down Our Throats ◦ Campaign structure. ◦ Keyword segmentation. ◦ Keyword in ad copy. ◦ Keyword in landing page copy. ◦ Hard work pays off. ◦ Yes, yes, yes… Perhaps we missed the forest for all the trees?
  12. 12. @john_a_lee #heroconf High Quality Score in Spite of Best Practices Yes, these accounts exist. ◦ Poor campaign structure. ◦ Complete disregard for best practices. Example? ◦ Actual account, actual client. ◦ AdWords contained: ◦ 1 campaign ◦ 1 ad group ◦ 2 ads ◦ 150+ broad match keywords ◦ Quality Score? ◦ Campaign average of 9. ◦ 7 – lowest Quality Score in the account.
  13. 13. @john_a_lee #heroconf How Is That Possible?!?! Keywords were: ◦ All broad match. But… ◦ Mid-to-long tail variations. ◦ Highly relevant to both the audience AND search intent. There was a huge negative keyword list. Ads and landing pages were: ◦ Simple and to the point. ◦ Landing page was outdated. But… ◦ Highly relevant to both the audience AND search intent. CTR was consistently high. ◦ Campaign averaged 4.5% to 5.5% CTR. ◦ (Conversion rate was high, too!)
  14. 14. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Big Reveal THE TRUTH BEHIND QUALITY SCORE (NO, REALLY)
  15. 15. @john_a_lee #heroconf We knew the truth all along: Google didn’t lie. Relevancy matters. Click-through rate matters.
  16. 16. @john_a_lee #heroconf Relevancy Rules the Iron Throne (of Quality Score) If Quality Score is a measure of relevancy, And click-through rate is an indicator of relevancy, Then improving Quality Score is as simple as increasing click-through rate. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.
  17. 17. @john_a_lee #heroconf A Recipe for Quality Score Optimization THE TRUTH BEHIND QUALITY SCORE (NO, REALLY)
  18. 18. @john_a_lee #heroconf Quality Score Pie Audience Research Keyword Research & Analysis Search Query Analysis Negative Keyword Expansion Hone Ad & Landing Page Messaging Test. Test. And Test Again. Mmmm… pie.
  19. 19. @john_a_lee #heroconf Audience Create personas to understand your audience. Who is searching for your product or service? What is their question, pain point or need (search intent)? What words do they use to seek the answer? What factors will influence their decision to click (and convert)? Geography? Device? Demographics?
  20. 20. @john_a_lee #heroconf Keywords Conduct deep keyword research based on audience. Target mid-to-long tail keywords. De-emphasize “head” terms. Segment keywords into campaigns and ad groups based on: ◦ Audience ◦ Search Intent ◦ Geography ◦ Device (well, wouldn’t that be nice!) Conduct frequent search query analysis. Expand negative keyword lists liberally.
  21. 21. @john_a_lee #heroconf Ads & Landing Pages Write ad and landing page copy based on audience. Align offer (call-to-action) and messaging to audience’s search intent. Keywords in ad copy and landing page are still important. Test often.
  22. 22. @john_a_lee #heroconf Seek Thee Out the Ad Unicorn “Always be testing” to find high CTR ads. Or as Wordstream’s Larry Kim puts it – proverbial unicorns. bit.ly/unicorn-ads
  23. 23. @john_a_lee #heroconf Thank You! Have Questions? Find me at #HeroConf and let’s talk! @john_a_lee john@clixmarketing.com www.clixmarketing.com