Facebook Ad Analytics, Optimized CPM and FBX Remarketing: Oh My


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Presentation from HeroConf 2013 in Austin, TX

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Facebook Ad Analytics, Optimized CPM and FBX Remarketing: Oh My

  1. 1. Facebook AdAnalytics, OptimizedCPM and FBXRemarketing: A FRIEND OF A FRIEND: PPC FOR FACEBOOK
  2. 2. John A. LeeManaging Partner of Clix Marketing – search marketingagency specializing in PPC, display advertising andsocial advertising. In the search game for 7 years.Articles have appeared on Search Engine Watch, ClixMarketing Blog, PPC Hero, SEO Boy, WebsiteMagazine, Wordstream Blog and more.
  3. 3. Facebook Ads & AnalyticsSTAR TRACK…ING
  4. 4. What Happens onFacebook Stays onFacebook… or Does It?• Facebook typically is like Vegas. Organic and Ads activity stays on Facebook.• What about the activity Facebook Ads can cause on your website? • Facebook has conversion tracking (again), and it works (we think)! • Tag your ads for your analytics service of choice.
  5. 5. Facebook Conversion Tracking • 4 Easy Steps • Login to Facebook • Create a Conversion Pixel • Install Pixel On Your Website • Associate Pixel With Appropriate Ads
  6. 6. Sync Facebook Ads with Analytics  Google Analytics. Omniture. Platforms like Acquisio. You choose.  Gain deeper insight into your Facebook traffic.  Attribution modeling.  How do demographics, ad messages and images affect website activity and conversion?
  7. 7. How Do Facebook Ads AffectOther Online Marketing Channels?
  8. 8. Tag Your Facebook Ads Using Google Analytics as an example: • Leverage all UTM parameters. • Medium=CPC, Source=Facebook • Get creative with Campaign, Content & Term tags. • Detail gender, age, image, message type, etc. • Filter data in Analytics to see website activity and conversions by any of these variables.
  9. 9. What Do You Do With That Data?  Optimize your ads to age, demographic, image and message.  Test Facebook-only landing pages.  Learn information about device and operating systems.  Segment your ads (yes, you can target mobile only now).  Use this information to tailor interest targeting. Told ya!
  10. 10. Optimized CPM BiddingSET PHASERS TO OPTIMIZE!
  11. 11. Use Optimized CPMto Get More Bang forYour Buck• If you set up Facebook Conversion tracking, optimize for conversions on your website.• If you are keeping traffic on Facebook, optimize for likes, shares, photo views, etc.• If all else fails – DO BOTH!
  12. 12. A Tale of 2 Case Studies Optimized CPM for Actions Optimized CPM for Website on Facebook Conversions  The sole purpose of the campaign was to  This campaign targets older individuals expand the organization’s social reach with disposable income. The product is a by generating “likes” on their Facebook big-ticket leisure item and nearly all page. The campaign targeted a small marketing is based on lead-gen. The area in Oregon and was only aimed at women. Target cost-per-action = $2. Facebook ads send visitors to an off- Facebook landing page where they must  First 3 months the average cost-per- fill out a form to be considered a lead. action (like) was $3.31.  The first 2 weeks the average cost-per-  At the beginning of month 4, Optimized lead was $87. CPM was enabled for Facebook actions.  At the beginning of week 3, Optimized  That first month, the cost-per-action CPM was enabled for “conversions on (like) dropped to $1.95. my website.”  Over the next 3 months the average  The 3rd week cost-per-lead was $58. cost-per-action (like) remained at $1.59.  Success! That was a 33% drop in cost-per-  Success! That was a 52% drop in cost-per- lead. action.
  13. 13. Facebook RemarketingTHE FINAL FRONTIER
  14. 14.  After Facebook released the Facebook Exchange (FBX) into the wild, it was game on.If Dr. Suess were a  DSPs quickly expanded servicemarketer: offerings to include Facebook Remarketing.Don’t convert? That will work.I will find you anywhere.  A few shops like AdRoll and Perfect Audience made FacebookFacebook, YouTube… I don’tcare. Remarketing their biggest selling point.
  15. 15. Transfer DisplayRemarketingKnowledge• Create segmentations like you would for display remarketing.• Exclude conversion confirmation pages.• Create conversion goals.• Current ad format – traditional Facebook ad (text w/ image).• Bid on a CPM basis.
  16. 16. Facebook Remarketing Case Study  Big ticket leisure item targeting individuals with disposable income.  Google Display Network remarketing consistently generates conversions at $30 CPA.  This is $5 under client’s CPA goal.  Facebook Remarketing campaign launched through Perfect Audience.  Since launch:  1341 clicks. $663 spent. 100 conversions.  $6.63 CPA. $28 under client’s CPA goal.
  17. 17. What’s Next forFacebookRemarketing?• New ad formats. Greater control.• Remarket in-feed ads. • (in beta with Perfect Audience)• Remarket mobile ads.• More bidding options.• Facebook ads in space???
  18. 18. Thank You!Want to Chat?Twitter: @john_a_leeEmail: john@clixmarketing.com