Facebook Ads: Target Real People Real Easy - John A. Lee - #HeroConf 2014


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Learn the ins and outs of Facebook Ads fundamentals. Create simple campaigns to target real people.

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  • This is the beginning of where the facebook magic truly happens. You can create specific ads based on your objective. Note- Unpublished Page Posts will only be seen to specific audiences that you choose in the next tab.
  • The interesting note here is that most demographic, location and interest information is what you have told Facebook. The Behaviors and partner categories are what Facebook knows about you based on what you have done both on Facebook and offline.
  • Partner Categories are only available in the US. You may choose your audience based on information that data providers have about things people do off of Facebook. For example, partner categories let you show your ads to people who have a history of purchasing pet food.
  • Social CPM: When you optimize for social context your ad will be shown to more people through their friends. For example, when someone takes an action when they see your ad, more of their friends will see it.
  • Facebook Ads: Target Real People Real Easy - John A. Lee - #HeroConf 2014

    1. 1. @john_a_lee #heroconf Forget Likes, Grumpy Cat and Avoiding Your Mother-in-Law. Target REAL People, REAL Simple on Facebook Ads P R E S E N T E D B Y J O H N A . L E E MA N A G I N G PA RT N E R – C L I X MA R K E T I N G H E R O C O N F – A P R I L 2 9 , 2 0 1 4
    2. 2. @john_a_lee #heroconf Who the Heck Is This Guy? Managing Partner – Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek ◦ Emphasis on “Geek” Prior Sentences Served: ◦ Hanapin Marketing ◦ Wordstream Writer: ◦ Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, Acquisio Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: ◦ SMX, SMX Social, SES / ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search
    3. 3. @john_a_lee #heroconf
    4. 4. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook Ads Overview PPC FOR FACEBOOK: WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?
    5. 5. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook targets Demographic Targets: Location, Age, Gender, Language, Education, Relationship Status, Workplaces Precise Interests: Specific hashtags, likes, or Facebook pages Broad Categories: This is a large targeting group, it can be anything from movies the individual may like, mobile device that they are on, stores they frequent, personal finance and more. Connections: Include people who are already connected to your Facebook page, who are not, or who have friends that are. Custom Audiences: CRM data is used to target specific customers, groups of customers, or those who look like current customers Partner Categories: 3rd parties Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon use their data to identify groups of potential costumers.
    6. 6. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook Ad Types
    7. 7. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook Ads on Mobile Facebook's News Feed was essential to consumer discovery as 46% of people used Facebook to look for deals, promotions, and holiday gift ideas before shopping. 83% of shoppers who follow a retailer or consumer product on Facebook found their posts to be somewhat to very valuable when preparing for holiday shopping. When the holiday shopping was complete, 89% of shoppers shared their experience on Facebook.
    8. 8. @john_a_lee #heroconf Conversion Pixel Types Facebook currently offers the following Pixel Types ◦ Checkouts ◦ Registrations ◦ Leads ◦ Key Web Page Views ◦ Adds to Cart ◦ Other Web Conversions Based on these pixels we would need to know the value associated with the following to accurately calculate ROAS: ◦ Registrations ◦ Leads ◦ Key Web Page Views ◦ Adds to Cart ◦ Other Web Conversions
    9. 9. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook Campaign Structure 9
    10. 10. @john_a_lee #heroconf Purpose for New Structure 1
    11. 11. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Basics PPC FOR FACEBOOK: WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?
    12. 12. @john_a_lee #heroconf Setting Up Ads: #1 Identify Goal Note: Power editor can only be used in Google Chrome Classic Facebook Login: Facebook Power Editor:
    13. 13. @john_a_lee #heroconf Setting Up Ads: #2 Creative Placement Mobile Specifications Tag
    14. 14. @john_a_lee #heroconf Call To Action (CTA) Buttons CTA buttons, while still in their infancy, have proven higher CTR’s and Conversion rates for our book of clients. Unpublished page posts allow you to target specific groups with specific messaging that will not show on your Facebook page.
    15. 15. @john_a_lee #heroconf Setting Up Ads: #3 Audience Includes Life Events, Politics, Work, Education, Relationship, etc. Search function with estimated audience. Travel, Digital Activities, Mobile Device Preference. Custom Audience.
    16. 16. @john_a_lee #heroconf Setting Up Ads: #3 (again) Audience Examples: Blue collar and craftsmen, Educators, Recent Homebuyer, Renter, Fashionistas
    17. 17. @john_a_lee #heroconf Setting Up Ads: #4 Pricing
    18. 18. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook Ads Testing Testing Tips: - Keep your KPI’s in mind when setting up campaigns, allowing for agile testing during campaigns length - Plan on changing photo/copy at least once a week to ensure visibility - Track all changes - With so many targeting options its important to track what changes were made and where the impacts lie. - Constantly test new ad types - Demographics behavior will change based on seasonality and targets very swiftly, what worked last week will not work next week.
    19. 19. @john_a_lee #heroconf Custom Audiences PPC FOR FACEBOOK: WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?
    20. 20. @john_a_lee #heroconf Facebook Custom Audience Using current customer database, target or exclude current customers from specific Facebook advertising campaigns. Facebook will also find users who are similar to your current customer database in what is called a ‘look-a-like’ audience, this is a great way to find a new customer base.
    21. 21. @john_a_lee #heroconf Create a Custom Audience
    22. 22. @john_a_lee #heroconf Ideas for Leveraging Custom Audiences Purchased email address or phone number lists. Align with CRM and stages of sales cycle. Target email prospects who never open your emails. Shape traffic by excluding existing customers. Download list of LinkedIn connections (comes w/ email addys) and target. Target previous/existing customers for up-sell, cross-sell or re-engagement.
    23. 23. @john_a_lee #heroconf Thank You! Have Questions? Find me at #HeroConf and let’s talk! @john_a_lee john@clixmarketing.com www.clixmarketing.com