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Pneumatic Hammer Conversation



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Jagen Zhong
Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd.
Add: No. 6 Yangmanhe Industrial Park, Haian, Jiangsu, China
Tel/ Fax: 0086-513-88891498
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Pneumatic Hammer Conversation Pneumatic Hammer Conversation Presentation Transcript

  • ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF BAIXIE PLC FULLY HYDRAULIC DRIVING SYSTEM FOR YOUR TRANDITIONAL HAMMER,TOO It is a Baixie PLC fully hydraulic driving system for this pneumatic double acting hammer Traditional hammer, such as friction belt hammer, steam hammer and hydraulic-pneumatic hammers of all makes and systems will offer higher performance when converted with a Baixie PLC fully hydraulic driving system. Please contact us or just give us a call. You will like our proposal.
  • ENERGY SAVING Let us help you. Four Baixie PLC fully hydraulic forging hammers consume the same energy as one pneumatic hammer of the same size. Low purchase prices were the principal The cost of energy consumption was of less consideration for the acquisition of importance. Today the situation is quite different pneumatic hammer as long as energy and energy, which is no longer cheap, must be was cheap and plentiful. conserved. Baixie build energy saving forging hammers.
  • Wasting of Energy during Forging? No! Not with us! By using Baixie PLC fully hydraulic driving system you achieve an Energy Saving of approx. 75%!! comparing with traditional pneumatic forging hammer. More and more forges in China are becoming aware of this fact and are changing over to Baixie. Did you already know, that- in order to keep the costs of investment as low as possible- you can maintain the frame(uprights, anvil etc.)of your existing hammer? All you need to renew is the driving including PLC and the tup. Comparing the costs for energy saving to the costs for investing in a Baixie drive,the amortization calculation will impress you! We would be pleased to give you reference of more than 10 successful conversions of pneumatic hammer in China. Over 80 Baixie PLC fully hydraulic forging hammers are in service all over the world!
  • Your old hammer Becomes young again! 5T hydra-pneumatic hammer converted to Baixie CTK125kJ PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer( plant photo: Nanjing Automobile Group Co., Ltd.,China.)
  • Salient advantages of Baixie PLC fully hydraulic driving system compared with pneumatic hammers! 1.Energy saving of approx.75% 2.Increase in performance approx.100% 3.Absolute constancy of the respective striking energy, thus reduction in striking numbers on the forging 4. Environmentally beneficial when using Gerb vibration absorption 5.Single driving, i.e. the machine is independent of air supply circuits
  • 6.No compressor stations involving high costs and maintenance work with air vessels, pipelines, air heating unit, valves etc. 7.Optimum die life owing to accurate control of striking energy 8.Normal striking with 3 striking energies. PLC striking with up to 9 striking times with striking energy for every striking and intervals between individual striking can be selected
  • 9.Hydraulic ejector for subsequent fitting into the anvil insert 10. The piston rod is capable of withstanding bending stresses and also features low mass, thus reduction in servicing and repair work 11.Visual indication of failures through man-machine interface 12.Employment of semiskilled personnel owing to PLC 13.Safety pin in arm protects repairer under tup