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Mission mercury
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  • 1. Researched by Monia, Daija, and Johntrell Team Earth Presents Mission Mercury
  • 2. Location
    • Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun.
    • It is 36 million miles away from the Sun.
    • It is the first inner to planets.
    • Your journey will take several months.
    • Sometimes Mercury goes in front of the Sun.
    • This is called a transit, and it happens every few years.
    • Soon you are in orbit around Mercury.
    • Scraps formed when Mercury was young.
  • 3. Composition
    • A day on Mercury lasts 176 Earth days.
    • Mercury is very heavy, and its outer crusts are light.
    • Mercury is a planet that zooms very fast in space.
    • A long time ago, people looked up in the sky.
    • They saw small, bright object that looked like a star.
  • 4. Unique Facts
    • Mercury spins like a top in the sky.
    • It never stops spinning.
    • Nothing can move Mercury from its spot.
    • Mercury has no moons.
    • Only half of Mercury faces the Sun at a time.
    • Mercury is the first planet.
    • Mercury has bugs on it.
    • There are ants, bees, butterflies, and spiders.
  • 5. Previous Missions
    • In the century one A.D, the Greek scientist Ptolemy first thought that everything in the universe circled Earth.
    • Ptolemy believed that Mercury was just beyond the moon, follow by Venus then the sun, and the other planet and stars.
    • Today only one probe has been to Mercury because it spins so fast.
    • Mariner 10 reached the planet in 1974.
  • 6. Conclusion
    • As scientists, we know that you can’t live on Mercury because it gets very hot and cold.
    • At night, it is freezing -275 degrees F. In the day time, it is a flaming hot at 840 degrees F.
  • 7. Robot Exploration
    • Magic Magnificent Mercury Machine has two simple machines: a screw so it can hold the neck and a wheel and axle for the feet. This makes it easy roll around on Mercury.
    • This machine will pick up samples, and it can take pictures of Mercury.
  • 8. Mrs. Stone’s class MONIA, JOHNTRELL, DAIJA
  • 9. Bibliography
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