Problemes arteriels


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Problemes arteriels

  1. 1. Author Name : BailavisArterial problems start with the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), wherethe inner layer (intima) becomes thick due to the development of fibrous tissueand accumulation of fat. Arterial problems(problèmes artériels) are mostly seenin elders. There are many factors for which the hardening of the arteries occurs,among them the most significant reasons are smoking, high blood pressure, highcholesterol level, presence of diabetes.Sometimes hereditary factors play an important role in the development ofatherosclerosis. High blood pressure combined with high cholesterol level poses agreater threat in the occurrence of the disease. Hardening of arteries causes twomain types of Arterial problems. Firstly, it may cause swelling in the arterieswhich results in bleeding or blood clotting in the arteries. Secondly, the hardeningof the artery causes them to become narrow or blocks them completely which inturn gives rise to different complications. If the arteries in the brain are affectedthen it can cause stroke and if the arteries of the heart is affected then it cancause severe heart attack.However besides the basic medicines and treatment some natural ingredients arethere to treat some serious diseases. Grapefruit extract is one of the mostimportant natural ingredients which contain some very important minerals whichin turn help to cure some serious health problems. Essence of grapefruit(essence de pamplemousse) is very high as it acts as a natural and powerfulantibiotic by increasing the defense capacity of the organ. Grapefruit extract helpsto fight against fungal infections, bacterial diseases, parasites, internal healthproblems, purifies the intestines and our body from toxic substances, and lowerscholesterol levels. The Essence of grapefruit lies in the presence of usefulingredients like essential minerals, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamin B, E, C,amino acids etc.Grapefruit extracts also helps to cure Arterial problems by cleaning the arteriesand blood vessels. Grapefruit extract also stimulates the blood circulation in ourheart. Any person suffering from vascular disorders can consume grapefruitextract as a curing agent. Essence of grapefruit extract also helps to fightgynecological problems as well. In case of allergies, grapefruit extract act as thepreventive mechanisms by blocking the release of histamines, which acts as acatalyst in allergic reactions and also of prostaglandins, which causes swelling
  2. 2. during allergy. Other important benefits of grapefruit extract includes that it actsas a cancer fighter, improves night visions etc. Therefore, the essence ofGrapefruit extract can be termed as one of the best gifts of nature holding in itselfnumerous cures for severe health problems.Learn about the connection between arteriosclerosis and heart attackThe human body has arteries and the main function of the arteries is to pumpblood throughout the body. When the walls of the arteries thicken the arteriesbegin to degenerate. This is a chronic condition and in medical terms it is knownas arteriosclerosis(l’artériosclérose). Hardening of the arteries occurs due todeposits of calcium, fats and cholesterol. This is gradual process and once itbecome full blown the person suffers from heart attack, stroke etc. Thesedeposits prevent the arteries from pumping blood to essentials organs of thebody. Therefore it is important to know about this condition and how you canavoid it.Usually the artery walls are elastic but when there is excess deposits of fats thewalls become hard. Gradually you develop this condition called atherosclerosis. Itaffects many vital organs like your heart, aorta, blood vessels and brain arteries.When the blood vessels get completely blocked it may result in death. Youexperience the symptoms like chill or extreme pain when there is partialblockage. Your brain becomes confused and you may also suffer a stroke. This isan emergency situation that requires immediate medical attention.Nowadays this condition is common but that doesn’t mean that you shouldoverlook the symptoms. Therefore it is important for you to learn about thecauses and then proceed for diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Sometimes inthe early stage there are no symptoms at all. People have even reported to havenoticed no symptoms when actually they were in the advanced stage of thiscondition.Medical practitioners cite several factors which may put a person at risk to sufferfrom this condition. Some of these factors are obesity, age, smoking tobacco,stress, family history and diabetes etc. So if you experience any symptom that islinked to this condition you should be prompt in getting evaluated by your doctor.Sometimes when there are no symptoms at all it is actually a routine check-upthat reveals this condition.Since this condition can lead to a heart attack(crise cardiaque)therefore youshould take steps to protect yourself from this condition. There are some simplelifestyle and dietary changes which can lower the risk to a great extent. Cut downdrastically on fats in your diet. It is better if you have a low-fat diet. It is actuallythose saturated fats which do much harm to your arteries. Choose an exerciseprogram which you can do regularly because obesity is one of the factors thatleads to this condition. If you smoke then it would be better if you quit this habit
  3. 3. for good. Diabetics and people with high blood pressure should learn to controlthese two conditions. Taking Care of Arteries Is important For Our WellbeingIn a normal human body, blood vessels are that part of the circulatory system ofhuman anatomy , the main function of which is to transport blood throughout thehuman body. There are three kinds of blood vessels in our body namely arterieswhich carry blood away from the heart, capillaries which are responsible for theexchange of water and chemicals taking place between tissues and blood and lastbut not the least veins which help in carrying the blood from capillaries backtowards heart. Arteries the therefore have a major function to perform in ourbody to ensure our survival which means arteries are a very important part of ahuman body and if arteries are affected by any disease, they can sure pose agreat danger for our wellbeing.The most dangerous thing that can happen to our arteries is atherosclerosis or incommon language narrowing of arteries where our arteries hardens and narrowsdown because of the deposition of fat on the walls of arteries which reduces theflow of blood. Arterial narrowing(le rétrécissement artériel) is fatal to humanbeings as a reduction in flow of blood can cause heart attack, stroke or angina orchest pain when one’s heart muscle does not get enough blood which is rich inoxygen.The type of arteries which gets maximum affected by atherosclerosis is coronaryarteries (artères coronaires) as they are already narrow and its common forthem to get blocked and cause the above mentioned diseases which can evencause death. If a person is suffering from cardiovascular diseases which haveoccurred because of the narrowing of arteries, the first and the foremost advicegiven to the individual after diagnosis is to give up smoking if he or she does itand take up exercises on a regular basis.Medicines are prescribed by the doctor in such cases only when the diseasecannot be cured by simple measures and the medicines given to the patients areoften patented and expensive but care should be taken that they do not show anyside effect after the consumption of these medicines. Surgeries like angioplasty isdone on the patient that helps in expanding narrowed arteries whereas bypasssurgery helps in creating additional blood supply connections which go around thearteries which have narrowed down. It is always said that prevention is betterthan cure so one should take care of his or her body from the very beginning byexercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.
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