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The benefits of getting up in the morning are many as not only the sun rises to tell you that a new day has come but through its rays it sends the message that one should take care of his or health which is as precious as the rays themselves.

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Essence de pamplemousse

  1. 1. Author : Bail AvisExercise to Stay Hale and HeartyThe benefits of getting up in the morning are many as not only the sun rises totell you that a new day has come but through its rays it sends the messagethat one should take care of his or health which is as precious as the raysthemselves. We should learn from nature as we all know that flowers bloom inthe early hours of the day and birds wake up to look for food in wee hours. Ona deeper thinking these little creatures follow the rule of nature in their shortbut productive lives and are a source of joy to the onlookers as who does notlike to see bright yellow sunflowers with their faces towards the sun. Wehuman beings should also learn from nature as like the flowers and the birdseven our biological clock derives its sustenance from the cycles of nature.To avoid diseases like arterial narrowing , arthritis and many other one shouldexercise at least for minutes daily as exercising not only gives a fit physiquebut also it helps in the normal functioning of the organs of our body. Arterialnarrowing(le rétrécissement artériel) is generally caused by the depositionof fats on coronary arteries (artères coronaires) which are already narrow instructure and if not taken care of arterial narrowing can also lead to lifethreatening cardiovascular diseases but a situation like this can be prevented ifwe devote at least 30 minutes of our twenty four hours for our own wellbeingkeeping the future in mind.Exercise should also be accompanied by a balanced diet because eating wellprovides us all the nutrients necessary for the body and also keeps our skinglowing and our hair shiny and healthy without much need of cosmetics whichcontain chemicals. Nature has the best solution for everything as for each andevery skin problem there are many home remedies which can be used at homewithout spending lots of cash on the raw materials as most of them areabundantly found in nature. Therefore we as human beings should always beobliged to nature and try to live accordingly as it has been truly said whatcomes from a particular source goes back to that source at the end of the day.The Many Benefits of GrapefruitThe grapefruit trees are found in subtropical regions that are regions wherewinters are mild and summer is relatively hotter. Grapefruit is a citrus fruitwhich means it is sour in taste and if one goes by the historical records, this
  2. 2. fruit is a hybrid that was first bred in Barbados during the eighteenth century.The skin of the fruit has a yellow-orange color and it is spheroid in shape withdiameter ranging from 10-15 cm.Up to the late nineteenth century grapefruit was only used as a plant meant forornamentation and it was only after late nineteenth century people realizedthat the fruits of this tree can be used. Soon the United States of Americabecame the major producer of this fruit with orchards developing in parts ofFlorida, Texas, Arizona as well as California and these orchards became asource of employment for many. At present as far as the production ofgrapefruit or toronja as it is known in Spanish is concerned, the United Statesof America tops the chart with China and South Africa holding the second andthe third position respectively.The color of the grapefruit changes with the change in its state of ripeness andthe internal pulp of the fruit is generally found to be red, pink or white in color.It is a fruit having many good qualities for example it contains vitamin c alongwith fiber pectin and the beneficial antioxidant lycopene. In addition to thisscience also says that grapefruit helps in lowering down the cholesterol level inthe body of human beings and helps in increasing the metabolic rate whichcatalyses the burning of fats if one wishes to lose his or her weight. Grapefruitalso helps in arterial problems such as arterial narrowing (le rétrécissementartériel)as those who are suffering from it are advised to consume essence ofgrapefruit(essence de pamplemousse) as it is necessary to fight witharterial problems because they can cause severe cardiovascular diseases. Thepeel oil of Grapefruit is being used in aromatherapy since ages as it is knownto boost up the energy and happiness level of human beings. Thus grapefruit isa fruit which is multibeneficiary in nature and for those with a sweet tooth, thisfruit is also used for making sweets in Costa Rica.About common arterial problems and medicinal properties ofgrapefruit essenceThere is one simple reason why people suffer from arterial problems and thatis due to arterial blockage. When plaque accumulates in the blood vessels itcauses blockage in the arteries. It is heartening to know that due to medicalawareness a lot of people know that blockage in the arteries is the primaryreason that causes problems in this vital organ. There are other causes too forthis problem. If you consume a lot of fatty foods or foods that contain highamounts of cholesterol you can be sure that it will lead to blockage of yourarteries.The function of the heart is to pump blood which aids blood circulationthroughout the body. When the arteries are blocked this function getshampered. Initially you may experience minor problems like fleeting pain inthe chest. Later on it can develop into major problems like paralysis, blindnessetc. If you are having arterial problems (In French problèmes artériels)you will experience certain symptoms. Apart from pain in the chest you will
  3. 3. experience nausea, labored breathing, fatigue etc. In some cases the speechalso gets slurred and one of the eyes can go blind. There are confusingsymptoms too. If you experience intense pain in the legs when you walk or rundo not ignore it because the pain might be signaling a blockage in yourarteries.There are foods or fruits which are known to provide a lot of health benefits.One such fruit is the grapefruit. The grapefruit is a type of citrus fruit whichhas many curing properties. Since peeling and eating a grapefruit in its rawform is cumbersome for a lot of people so nowadays you get essence ofgrapefruit (In French essence de pamplemousse). It is available in oil formwhich is derived from its peel by compression. Since essential oil derived fromother citrus fruits has medicinal properties, the grapefruit being a citrus fruitprovides all round health benefits.The essence of grapefruit is rich in health beneficial properties. First of all it isacts as an anti-oxidant. It contains Vitamin C which is good for the immunesystem and helps the body to fight free radicals. You must be aware thatoxidants do a lot of harm to the body but grapefruit oil being an anti-oxidantprotects your body from its harmful effects. Let us now see what big benefitsthe essential oil of this big boy has in store for us. Moreover it has diureticproperties which protects the heart and keeps it healthy. These are just few ofthe health benefits and the list is endless.Keep the Arterial Problems at BayThe hectic lifestyle that we have these days is the main reason behind many ofthe diseases that we contract. The lifestyle makes us completely oblivious tothe fact that our body is not a machine, and that if it breaks down thenrepairing it would not be easy. Once you have any potentially life threateningdisease, it is not only painful but also recurring because the targeted organ isdamaged and replacing it is also not an option. So, it is important that we takegood care of ourselves and ensure that our body is in proper state becauseotherwise any sort of breakdown would be fatal for us.The circulatory system is an important cog in the wheel of our existence, whichalso makes it highly prone to disorders and diseases. The blood vessels,especially arteries, are an important part of the system which are very fragileand can be damaged easily by external and internal factors. Arterial problemsare highly prevalent these days because of the reckless choices of food anddaily habits that are opted for by the people. His cholesterol diet, incessanteating, irregular sleeping times and in some cases even lack of sleep puts thearteries in harm’s way.Arterial problems (problèmes artériels) can range from the hardening of theartery walls due to deposition of calcium, or even their blockage by the layersof excess cholesterol flowing through our blood. This accumulation happensbecause of lack of exercise also. Eventually the arteries are blocked and the
  4. 4. person faces heart related issues such as cardiac arrest and blood pressure.There are many ways to overcome the arterial problems, some of which arehome based remedies such as taking the essence of grapefruit. This essence ofgrapefruit, if taken in the right amounts in regular intervals, helps in easing outthe arteries by clearing out the junk from it.While it is advisable to prepare the essence of grapefruit (essence depamplemousse) at home itself to ensure that it is pure, you can also go forbranded products available in the market. But, before you opt for any suchproduct, you should ensure that it has been manufactured by a reputed brandand has the certification of the food authority. Also, before consuming theessence of grapefruit, you should consult your doctor regarding the dosagequantity, concentration and timings in the day. With the right approach to lifeand some precautionary measure, it is very easy to keep arterial problems atbay.Problem in the coronary ateries (artères coronaires ) can lead to cardiovasculardisease (maladies cardio-vasculaires).What is Angina?Angina occurs, in documented cases, when there is a significant amount ofarterial narrowing and they cannot supply oxygenated blood to the differentparts of the body. Arthrosclerosis, spasm in the coronary artery system andembolism of the coronary artery are all reasons of the narrowing of thecoronary arteries. Angina if left untreated may lead to a condition called‘coronary thrombosis’ which leads to a heart attack.Too much of exertion and physical activities may lead to some sort of taxationon the heart. The heart muscles are forced to pump harder leading to manydisorders. The increasing demands on the heart can be attributed to more thanjust exertion. There are some heavier terms which influence heart conditionlike—aortic stenosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hypertension and aorticregurgitation. Any of these aforementioned conditions may lead to anginaregardless of whether it is atherosclerosis or not. When oxygen gradually startsto decrease in the blood level, angina kicks in. The decreasing oxygen levelsand arterial narrowing (In French le rétrécissement artériel)are the two mainthings which affect and cause angina.People suffering from angina are usually able to gauge when an attack is aboutto happen by assessing their exertion and work load. Patients are advised thatarterial narrowing in atherosclerosis is not a permanent condition and can varydepending on a lot of factors like the condition of the coronary arteries (InFrench artères coronaires), changes in the diet, medications etc. It is seenthat patients get the flare ups more during daytime.There are a lot of symptoms and signs which can aid in the early detection ofangina. Angina can have extremes when it comes to the symptoms—from a
  5. 5. mild and imperceptible feeling in the chest to a severe choking or heaviness.The sensation is widely described, some say it is pain but most opine that it isdiscomfort. The location of the pain or discomfort is usually under the breastbone, in the armpits and the upper or lower abdomen. Angina has also knownto cause discomfort in the teeth and the jaw bones, however, not above earlevel or below waist level. The discomfort usually does not last long and is rareif treatment is going on.This was some basic know how on the disorder of angina, elucidated foreverybody’s perusal. If you feel that your condition is even remotely associatedwith what has been written here, you should probably go see your doctortoday.For more information, visit site :