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Our lifestyle sometimes keeps our health at stake for being hectic and unruly. Due to this imbalance in our day-to-day lives our body often fall prey to chronic diseases. With the change in our way of living and working our food habits has also gone hay ware.

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artères coronaires

  1. 1. Author Box: Bail AvisFight Arterial Problems With Grapefruit EssenceOur lifestyle sometimes keeps our health at stake for being hectic and unruly.Due to this imbalance in our day-to-day lives our body often fall prey tochronic diseases. With the change in our way of living and working our foodhabits has also gone hay ware. People prefer fast food in place of healthy dietwith little knowledge about the damage they are doing to their body. In thematter of time people develops high blood sugar, high pressure, cholesteroletc. All these ailments unite to damage the most vital organ of your body thatis the heart, which results in the hardening of the arteries of the heart thusgiving rise to Arterial problems.Consumption of a lot of fatty foods or high amount of cholesterol leads to theblockade of the arteries due to the accumulation of plaque hampering bloodcirculation throughout the body. If the problem gets serious then you canundergo severe health hazards like paralysis, blindness etc. Nausea, fatigue,labored breathing etc are some of the symptoms of Arterialproblems(problèmes artériels). Sometimes you can also experience severepain in the legs while walking or running, they are all early symptoms ofArterial problems. As we, all know that there are medical treatments forvarious ailments but we know very little about the health benefits that arestored in fruits and vegetables. One such fruit is the grape fruit, which acts asa curing agent for treating Arterial problems.The grapefruit is a citrus fruit, which is rich in vitamin C. However, itsometimes becomes very difficult and time consuming in processing the fruit.Therefore, the best option is to have a touch of the essence of grapefruit(essence de pamplemousse) in your life to cure critical health problems.The essence of grapefruit helps to clear the plaque from the arteries thusminimizing the problem. The grape fruit essence is available in the form of oil,which is derived from its peels. Like all citrus fruit, the essence of grapefruit isrich in vitamin C and other beneficiary ingredients. It is multipurpose in nature,as it acts as an anti-oxidant, helps to improve the body’s immune system byfighting free radicals. However, before buying an essence of grapefruit youmust look for the brand and the manufacturer. You must also consult a doctorbefore consuming the grapefruit essence, for proper dosage. To keep yourheart healthy and smiling, get your hands on a grapefruit essence, the purest
  2. 2. gift of nature.Arterial narrowing- a fatal diseaseCoronary arteries disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque, which inturn results in Arterial Narrowing, thus blocking the free flow of blood to theheart. The plaque is formed due to the presence of too much cholesterol,fibrous tissue, calcium and dead cells in the arteries, which causes theblockade. The Coronary Arteries disease is the most common type life-threatening heart ailment, which causes the death of most number of malesand females around the world due to Arterial narrowing.Symptoms of Coronary Arteries(artères coronaires) disease includes chestpain called angina, which is felt on various part of the chest, pain in abdomen,back or arm, fatigue during any kind of activities and shortage of breath evenwhen the patient is not doing any kind of activities. Mainly the causes for theCoronary disease are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight and also for smoking and consuming alcohol, which causes the ArterialNarrowing and sometimes the results can be fatal as well.Coronary arteries disease can be identified by conducting an electrocardiogram(EKG), which tracks the electric impulses, that travels towards the heart andmeasure whether there are any irregularities in its function. By using soundwaves, EKG gets the picture of the heart to spot any blocked arteries.However, there are certain precautions one should follow at home to preventArterial narrowing(le rétrécissement artériel).The first vital thing is to have a check on your food habits. You should avoidhigh cholesterol food, Trans fat, saturated fats, animal products, dairyproducts. Discard all kinds of junk food, processed food and deep-fried itemsfrom your diet. Instead, include lots of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish, seeds,and whole grains in your daily diet chart. Exercise is very important side-by-side following a healthy diet. You should exercise daily not only to keep yourheart healthy but also to shed that extra pounds. You should quit smokingbecause it is not only injurious to health but also takes a huge toll on yourheart. You can drink alcohol occasionally but in that case, the quantity shouldbe absolute minimum.However, besides following a healthy diet, you can go for natural supplements,which contains fish oil, natural cholesterol supplements, folic acid and vitaminB supplements as they can work wonders for your health. Nevertheless, makesure one thing that theses supplements are from renowned brands of products.Besides these home remedies, there are medical treatments and surgeries tocure Arterial narrowing like bypass surgery and angioplasty.Arterial problems - risk your health
  3. 3. When the blood vessels narrow down because of accumulation of fatty depositsit leads to arterial problems. As your arteries harden blood flow to the braingets restricted. You suffer from cardio-vascular problems which puts your lifeat high risk. To escape from this condition you need early detection andsubsequent treatment. However early detection is only possible when youexperience symptoms that signify that your arteries are having problems butmore than that you must be aware about those symptoms.First of all you should know that there are no specific symptoms but onlywarning signs which tell you that your arteries might be blocked. You mayexperience attacks which medical practitioners term as mini strokes. Thesemini strokes warn you that a major stroke is on the way. This is the time thatyou should approach a doctor for diagnosis.Usually a normal check up can unravel the truth whether you are havingarterial problems (problèmes artériels)or not. The doctor uses hisstethoscope to determine or diagnose the problem. However this form of testmay not be accurate so for better confirmation diagnostic tools like DopplerUltrasound Imaging are used. By means of sound waves blood flow is testedand the thickness of arteries is measured.Nowadays people are very conscious about their health and take pains toremove impurities from the body by means of natural supplements. Essence ofgrapefruit is one such natural product which has many health benefits. Thereare lots of unwanted substances in the body and you can eliminate these withthe help of an anti-oxidant. Grapefruit has anti oxidant properties andtherefore helps in the process of elimination of harmful toxins from the body. Itis good for the skin too, particularly oily skin which is prone to pimples andacnes. Grapefruit oil also has anti cellulite properties and therefore its intakehelps to maintain a supple body.The human body needs periodic detoxification to get rid of impurities andtoxins. Essence of grapefruit(essence de pamplemousse) helps to detoxifyyour body from inside out. Moreover being a diuretic it promotes urination.Urination is a process that eliminates water, sodium, fats, uric deposits etcfrom the body and regular urination is very necessary to maintain optimumhealth. If your body is free from infections diseases remain at bay. Thereforenatural products with proven health benefits should be used if you want toremain disease free.Blocking the Blood Flow of the HeartOur lifestyles are full of so many things which seem to be normal to us butactually they are stressing on us and we tend to realize this only after theytake extreme shape in our bodies. Diseases like cancer only happen due to theirritation of some particular area in the body but we never realize it in theinitial stage, it’s only after some time has passed and there has some kind ofstage which has taken shape, it occurs and this is a very traumatic experience.
  4. 4. There is one more thing which is not very prominent when it is starting toappear in the body but it is noticeable only after there are the heart attacks orthe heart pains or a burning sensation in the heart. Some of the disease ofarterial narrowing (le rétrécissement artériel)of the body is known as theAtherosclerosis.In this type of the disease it is very common scene where the blood to theheart does go in a smooth flow as there is swelling in the arteries which carrythe blood to heart and thus it leads to pain or the discomfort in the heart andits state. There are many names of this disease like it is also called ASVDwhich is arteriosclerotic vascular disease. The reason behind thickening of theartery wall is the deposit of the fatty material such as cholesterol and thus asthis stuff gets roomed there, the blood flow gets hindered and that is wherethe whole disorder starts.It is not the scenario that the disease occurs in people of the elder age only,the case is that it occurs in all the age groups that is it also seen that theteenage kids have seen noticeable cases of this disease and hence it does limitup to only the old age group of the early fifties of the age group. Hence wehave make sure that we don’t exceed the required amount of cholesterol in thebody otherwise it will lead to such diseases which can also take a very shape inyour life and sometimes in extreme cases; it takes away the life of the persontoo. So be concerned about what you eat and what could be the cholesterolcontent in it as it could block your coronary arteries(artères coronaires)which supply blood to the heart.Taking care of heart with heart and soulHeart is important in almost all the matters. Putting heart and soul intosomething will produce desired results. When heart melts, things take positiveturn. When you are living in the heart of the city, you are located at the moststrategical place. You feel empathetic to someone when your heart goes forhim/ her. We use heart for every small thing and also for every importantthing. It is the most vital organ of our body after brain. It is the pumpingstation for supplying blood to every part of our body. It is just as big as yourfist yet has the strength to push blood flow to the tip and toe of body. Arteries,the strong veins, support heart in this act. They are the pipeline to and fromthe heart. They are made of thin yet strong tissues. Sometimes due toaccumulation of fats, development of fibrous tissues thin walls of arteriesbecome thick and their efficiency is reduced.This plaque thickens the artery walls and affects blood supply to various bodyparts, eventually hampering the efficiency of those parts. Hereditary and agefactor plays important role in developing the arterial problems(problèmesartériels). Elders are more prone to such chronic diseases. But hectic andstressful lifestyle, wrong dietary habits, less physical excursion in the form ofexercise, kids not playing outdoor games invite these diseases at very earlystage.
  5. 5. These problems are very much damaging to body. Prevention is always betterthan cure. One can do just the opposite of the causes to prevent theseproblems. Eating right, following daily exercise routine, meditating andlearning to deal with stress effectively are some key points to remember infighting against accumulation of plaque in artery. Consuming raw fruits andvegetables are known for improving the overall health. There are various fruitshaving special properties to fight against particular problems like grapefruit haspotential to help in overcoming the heart problems. It is a citrus fruit and isrich in contains of vitamin C. Consuming grapefruits regularly can have goodeffect on curing heart related problems. Many people find it troublesomepeeling the fruit and eating it, science has developed a nectar in the form ofessence of grapefruit(essence de pamplemousse), which has all the goodproperties of this fruit yet saves you from the time consuming and tediousefforts as well as lets you have the benefits. But it is recommended to consultyour doctor beforehand.The writer is an expert on articles of cardiovascular disease(maladiescardiovasculaires) and has written several articles on it.