The Challenges Oracle Forms Migration to ADF


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The Challenges Oracle Forms Migration to ADF

  1. 1. The Challenges Oracle forms Migration to ADFSession 2 Presenter: Zeeshan Baig
  2. 2. AgendaWhy Migrate?Forms ModernizationRoadmap to ADF migrationMigration toolsReporting ToolsRecommendationDemo JHeadstart OTN Demo Performing Common Forms tasks in ADF Integrating Forms with Java using Webservices & PJCs
  3. 3. Why Migrate?Meeting new business challengesMeeting User expectations and demandsModern technology Better performanceTo achieve active sustainment beforesystem becomes legacyTo avoid obsolescence
  4. 4. Forms Modernization - IMigrate and integrateUse SOA to extend current applicationsand to align their business and IT needsAllows retain investment in Oracle Formswhile leveraging the opportunities offeredby complementing technologiesTransition should be a journey not singletransformation
  5. 5. Forms Modernization - IIHow to achieve Modernization? Move to Web Integrate with SOA Use Webserives Use PJCs (Pluggable Java Components)
  6. 6. Roadmap to ADF MigrationDefine target & starting pointDefine Phases Feasibility Application analysis Identify obsolete features Remove unused code Re-locate business logic Redesign application issues Fine tune
  7. 7. Define FeasibilityR&D is time consuming and difficult toestimateDefine Starting and Ending PointsAnswer the following questions Where we want to go? Where we are now? What are our objectives?Future Surprises
  8. 8. Application AnalysisApplication grown over the yearsInitial developers are not with the companyIs every thing is Documented ?Do we have Test cases or Version controlsystem?Do we have Complete Source code ?
  9. 9. Obsolete objectsFew components are Obsolete Calendar library Alerts Graphics rectangles Visual attributes Program units, LOVsDeletion of obsolete components fromForms means less hassle in migration
  10. 10. Business logic - IIn Forms business logic is tightly coupled withthe UIADF is MVC architectureSo Where to store Business logic?What skills we have ? Do we have more PL/SQL Developers? Do we have more Java Developers?
  11. 11. Business logic - IIForms code is PL/SQLLogic in Database PL/SQL code faster execution better performance Callable from Webservices JDBCMiddle tier Java codingRecommendation Move to database if more PL/SQL Move to middle tier if Logic is More UI Interactive
  12. 12. Redesign Application Issues - ITool supported Redesign Pros Part of application migrated Investment protection Cons Not 100% migrated PL/SQL logic required to re-locate Some features would required redesigning Hard to estimate the migration
  13. 13. Redesign Application Issues - IIRe-design manually from scratch Pros Ownership Control on application Process improvement Cons Costly / Investment lost Time consuming Risk for Project success or failure Future creep
  14. 14. Fine tuneWeb based UI standardsA form has 100 fields not suitable for webbased style pages.
  15. 15. Migration toolsJHeadstart Extension to Jdeveloper and ADF Same as designer does for FormsOraFormsFaces Third party toolPITS.CONN Third party Tool similar to JHeadstart
  16. 16. Reporting Tools * No direct APIs for Oracle ADFFrom Oracle Open SourceBI Publisher Jasper Reports Popular modern choice Open source tool for report design Integration with Oracle Apps Java implementation and integration Integration with MS Office suite Fairly popular "free solution" Expensive No dedicated ADF-API Not as sophisticated as othersXSQL Pages BIRT Examples in the ADF Toy Store demo Open source Eclipse based reporting Use the Apache FOP serializer for PDF tool tbc: Pricing? No dedicated ADF-APIOracle Reports Sophisticated paper based reporting solution Antiquated user interface with difficult frame based solution; steep beginner learning curve Oracle Application Server 10.1.2 only, not supported by WLS 10.3, will be in Fusion Middleware (FMW) Server 11g*Courtesy: adf_emg Methodology group
  17. 17. RecommendationMigrate to latest Forms i.e. 11gIntegrate Forms with SOA and JavaNew development to ADFStart pilot projects to migration to APEX and ADF
  18. 18. DemoJHeadstart OTN DemoPerforming Common Forms Tasks in ADFUsing PJCs in FormsUsing Webservices in Forms