Getting Started with Oracle APEX


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Getting Started with Oracle APEX

  1. 1. Getting Started with OracleApplication Express (APEX) PRESENTER: ZEESHAN BAIG W E B S I TE : W W W. P I TU G . C O M B L O G : H T T P : / / B A I G S O R C L . B L O G S P O T. C O M EMAIL: ZEESHAN.BAIG82@GMAIL.COM
  2. 2. AgendaSession 1• Getting hands on basic declarative development.• Administration, Security and MaintenanceSession 2• More on writing codes and validations.
  3. 3. What are Business Requirements? IT People Management• Centralized database • Do more with less budget• Backup • Increase productivity• Secure • On demand reporting• Scalable • Quick development• Painful aaah?
  4. 4. Problems with Spreadsheets• Issues with Multi-user• No single source of truth• Required manually merging• Not suitable for an enterprise• Backups / Security issues• Virus & Corruption issues• Parallel working issues
  5. 5. Problem with Personal databasesBasic Issues:• Fragmented• Not web user friendly• Platform dependentSecurity Issues• Can be easily copied• Password crackers• No logging facilities
  6. 6. APEX as Solution• Unique RAD Tool for Oracle database• Browser based development & Deployment based• Declarative way to build Web 2.0 style application fast and secure.• Utilizes full capabilities of SQL and PL/SQL skills• Fully supported, no-cost option for Oracle database cost• Provides Built-in solution to migrate from in o Access o Forms o Excel
  7. 7. APEX Architecture With Embedded PL/SQL Gateway• Oracle XE• Oracle HTTP Server on same server
  8. 8. APEX ListenerApex listener works with many J2EE compliant webservers• Oracle Weblogic Server• GlassFish• Oracle Application Server (OHS)• Tomcat (Not supported)With Tomcat and Glassfish unzip and deploy and ready to go
  9. 9. What are Workspaces ?
  10. 10. Roles / Types of Users
  11. 11. APEX Features• Targets on Rapid Application Development Community• Suitable for small medium applications• Full use of Oracle Database.• Provide Security, Logging facilities• Out of box Authentications e.g LDAP, OAS, Custom• Interactive Reports• Custom User reports• Team development• Session State Protection• Component based security (Items, Pages, Regions)• Use Javascript, Plugins and Webservices.• Useful to create Public, Private dynamic websites• Hosting services also available
  12. 12. APEX Product DirectionOracle Application Express 4.1 will focus on enhancement to existing functionality and additionalcapabilities to support applications running on mob devices. Application Express 4.1 is planned to obileincorporate the following: Mobile application development. Data Upload - provide an easy means for developers to provide a means for end end-users toupload data into an existing or new table. Charting - Provide rendering of charts using the HTML 5 specification. Error Handling - Improved error handling and user user-defined exception processing. Interactive Reporting – Allow multiple reports on one page.Provide the ability to use SQLpivot as the basis for a report. Support for multiple Tabular Forms on one page. Support for Master-Detail-Detail on a single page. Detail Better Dynamic Actions for tabular forms and reports. Use of ROWID as PK Accessibility .
  13. 13. Demo Time
  14. 14. Congratulations! You are now APEX Certified