The greatest creator is impartial


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the Greatest Creator is impartial. The prosperity or decline of an individual, organization or nation all relies on the balance of the Greatest Creator. Only by forsaking ourselves, can we see the impartiality of the Greatest Creator. If we do all things centering on ourselves and understand the Greatest Creator based on our own interest, we can never find the impartiality of the Greatest Creator or even a shadow of it.

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The greatest creator is impartial

  1. 1. Chanyuan Corpus — The Greatest Creator—————————————————————————————————— The Greatest Creator is Impartial Section 5 of Eight Features of the Greatest Creator Xuefeng Since the Greatest Creator is sole and only, amorphous and neutral, itis also impartial. If a court is controlled by a good person, all the bad people will bepunished. If it is controlled by a bad one, all the good people will suffer.If it is controlled by the proletariats, the capitalists will have a hard timeand vice versa. If it is controlled by the God or Buddha, the evils will beconstrained and vice versa. Only the neutral, nonparty, is most impartial. The sunlight is impartial and casts itself on all the people. The air onthe Earth is breathed by both “good people” and “bad people”. The water,which is vital for the life, is available at very cheap price by every person.
  2. 2. Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth——————————————————————————————————So the Greatest Creator is fair and impartial. If the Greatest Creator is biased and does not allocate the sunlight,air and water this way, some people will control the sunlight, air andwater just as they occupy the land and mines. Can we still live on? The Greatest Creator is impartial also because all people die. If the privileged people could live for 1,000 thousands or even forever, the poor would be hopeless. Thus, any thought or practice hoping to give mortality to a certainfraction of people is in conflict with the impartiality idea of the GreatestCreator and can never be realized. The human beings have tried to eliminate the diseases, such ascholera, typhoid, smallpox, plague and cancers. It is really a naughtybehaviors causing trouble for the Greatest Creator. For each diseaseeliminated, the Greatest Creator has to generate a new disease to take itsplace, such as HIV/AIDs, SARS, special air molecules disease, etc. Wewill have to see who is more powerful, man or the Greatest Creator? The reason is that the Earth cannot sustain so many people if theGreatest Creator does not generate new diseases which kill some people.If all the people on the Earth keep living for ever, do we still have enoughspace to live? It is the same case with a pretty garden. If all the visitors
  3. 3. Chanyuan Corpus — The Greatest Creator——————————————————————————————————stay inside and do not leave, how can the other visitors come in and enjoy?Is it fair for the late comers if they are kept out? Some people are always hoping that the “good people” can get morethan the “evil people”, and that the Greatest Creator should send the “evilpeople” to the hell. If the Greatest Creator fails to do so, it would beunfair. Such naive idea is simply the sentimental wish. Few people wouldthink they themselves are evil or bad. But the fact is that all people areevil. Aren’t you evil when you slaughter the animals and eat their meat?When you slaughter them mercilessly regardless of their helpless cry,protest and fear, when you stab the shining knife into their chests or cutoff their throats, you are not a kind person at all for the animals. There is no difference between eating meat and slaughtering animals.Meat-eating is the bad behavior itself. Why Buddhists would not eat meat?They are just avoiding re-committing sins to enter the senior life spaceafter death. All those eating meat are not good. Maybe some people think that itis sensible to slaughter the pig and eat its meat because the pig is raisedby themselves. But is it really sensible? Does raising the pig justifyslaughtering it? The kids are raised by their parents. Can they be …, too?Does it really make sense?
  4. 4. Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth—————————————————————————————————— Notes: I talk about the issue of meat eating from the perspective of“all life is equal” and becoming Buddha. I am not opposed to eating themeat. In fact, I am a meat eater, too. So I am not a good person. Refusing to eat the meat is what good people will do. We advocatevegetarianism. But if all the people refuse to eat meat and become the Buddha, itwill break the life cycle. The human beings have their duties to live on theEarth. They are part of the life chain. Without this part, the life of manyspaces will not have carried on and end in extinction. There will be noHell, thus no Heaven. There will no mortal world, thus no fairy land. Ifall the people do not eat meat, get married, have babies, just likeBuddhists do, there will not be the future generations. This is not what theGreatest Creator wants. By the way, it is absolutely right and promising to believe inBuddhism. But is it also justifiable not to get married and have babies? Isit in line with the intention of the Greatest Creator? Here we have to talk about the Falun Gong. As a Buddhahoodexercise, Falun Gong is not wrong at all. There are 84,000 kinds ofBuddhahood exercises, and Falun Gong is one of them. It is a pleasingthing that the people like Falun Gong as a Buddhahood exercise, whichdemonstrates that the Chinese people actively pursue goodness. LI
  5. 5. Chanyuan Corpus — The Greatest Creator——————————————————————————————————Hongzhi has his merits because he has triggered the people’s desire forgoodness. He, together with ZHANG Hongbao, can be called the mastersof spiritual nature. The problem is that it has relabeled the Buddhahood exercise as theBuddhism and upgraded Falun Gong into the so-called Falun Great Law,which is a violation of the Buddhism. What is the Buddhism? In TheDiamond Sutra, Sakyamuni said, “The so-called Buddhism is noBuddhism”,“Tathagata once said all laws are Buddhism”, “If some peoplesay Tathagata has ever explained the Buddhism, they do not understandmy words and are actually slandering the Buddha.” What Sakyamuni saidhas told us, to understand the Buddhism; we have to forsake the laws. Thelaws without laws are Buddhism and vice versa. Falun Gong is correctbut the Falun Great Law is not. Because it focuses too much on the lawsand its laws can not be Buddhism at all. So what is the law? The law is the order or objective principleadopted by the Greatest Creator to govern the effective operation of theUniverse and life. The formula in physics, molecular formula inchemistry, the equation in math, the structural formula in biology, and thecasual schema in life science are all laws. All laws are Buddhism and aredesigned and made by the Greatest Creator. When lecturing in LA of US in the afternoon of February 15, 2003,
  6. 6. Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth——————————————————————————————————Master LI Hongzhi said, “So do you understand? All laws are made byme.” “All life in the prehistoric period was made by the laws withoutexception.” “The immeasurable and countless Universe, space, and celestialbodies contain immeasurable and countless life, which is generated by thelaws. No life is positioned to comment on the laws.” He has gone too far. The laws are created by the Greatest Creator.But Master LI said he has made the laws. So can we conclude that LIHongzhi is the Greatest Creator or the Greatest Creator is LI Hongzhi. There is only one Greatest Creator in the world, either the One or LIHongzhi. Let’s presume LI Hongzhi is the Greatest Creator. Does Master LIhave the 8 features of being sole and only, amorphous, neutral,mysterious, fair, merciful, superbly powerful and wise. Human beings can never overcome the Greatest Creator. If MasterLI was really the Greatest Creator, would Falun Gong have experiencedsuch disastrous difficulty? How could he claim himself as the GreatestCreator even when finding it difficult to survive on his own motherland? The Greatest Creator is amorphous, governing the whole Universe
  7. 7. Chanyuan Corpus — The Greatest Creator——————————————————————————————————and unable to survive, with difficulty, on the Earth in the form of human.And Master LI was born in the mortal world, which can be proved by hisarchives in the past decades. Can he be the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator has never talked with the human beingsdirectly. And think about the many lectures Master LI has given us. The Greatest Creator is mysterious. And we know about everythingabout Master LI. Can he be the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator is omniscient. Is Master LI omniscient, too? Hemight not be able to answer the questions of physics, chemistry, math orbiology for the senior high school students, not mention the questionsraised by scientists. Can he be the Greatest Creator? LI Hongzhi is a master of spiritual nature, having his own distinctiveunderstanding of the Universe and life. But if he goes too far, he is sure tohave problems. There are many wise men in the mortal world. Some live secluded,and some look like average. But they possess great capacity. Some peopleslow, but they have superb wisdom. Some look normal and ignorant butthey are fully aware of the life essence. They hide their capacity, just asTao is, but they are able to make great achievements at the critical time. All in all, the Greatest Creator is impartial. The prosperity or decline
  8. 8. Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth——————————————————————————————————of an individual, organization or nation all relies on the balance of theGreatest Creator. Only by forsaking ourselves, can we see the impartialityof the Greatest Creator. If we do all things centering on ourselves andunderstand the Greatest Creator based on our own interest, we can neverfind the impartiality of the Greatest Creator or even a shadow of it. More information please go to site: The Kingdom of the Greatest Creator(God): Home without Family and Marriage Follow the guide of the Greatest Creator will be beneficial to humanity, Blessed by God and Buddha, ideal will come true. Come on, my dear friend! We are destined to be hand in hand in this lifetimeLifechanyuan, follows the Tao of the Greatest Creator, safeguard life, cultivate saints. The invitation from Lifechanyuan