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Mirage—the emergence of elysium world

by on Apr 21, 2012


We are in the last days of this age. Year 2013 is the turning point. ...

We are in the last days of this age. Year 2013 is the turning point.

After Buddha Sakyamuni and Jesus Christ,Xuefeng (Deiform Buddha) followed Revelation founding Lifechanyuan to give the last course for human beings to learn and follow since year 2003 and before 2013:

Mirage is not the refracted image of scenery on the ground but a contortion of time and space of the Elysium World, which has been purposefully arranged by the Greatest Creator to demonstrate to mankind: “Your sky is not an illusion, but another time and space, and another world. You mankind has a great future.”

Thousand-year world and ten-thousand-year world are at very distant places, but the Elysium World is close at hand. The entire earth and universe is the Elysium World. Namely, the earth, the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, the the Rotary-River Galaxy and Law-Rotary Galaxy all belong to the Elysium World. All that we see are just illusory images—mirages, short-lived prosperity, flowers, grass, and trees, insects, birds and beasts, rivers, lakes, and seas, celestial bodies and the universe, and even human life. What place is not illusory? The answer: The Elysium World. “Emptiness is not emptiness and color is not color”. The smaller the energy, the more definite the form; the greater the energy, the less definite the form. Hence, “Great form has no contour”.

Why can’t we see the Elysium World? It is because our eyes do not have the needed structure.

The Greatest Creator has not treated us only as a batch of animals. He has revealed to people with greater telegnosis another serene and glorious road of life. God Jesus and Buddha Sakyamuni are not fooling us.



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Mirage—the emergence of elysium world Mirage—the emergence of elysium world Document Transcript