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A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a …

A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth after 2013.Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow :

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

The most severe crisis of mankind is the crisis of soul. As long as we have solved man’s crisis of soul, we can solve all the crises faced by mankind.

If through self-improving and self-refining, one can achieve a body and soul of integrity, he can have real spirit and great talent and great virtue concentrated in himself.

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  • 1. 800 Values for New Era Human Being800 Values for New Era Human being (Second Edition) Deiform Buddha Chapter 16:Soul garden442. The symbol of a pure and perfect soul: grateful, praising, reverent,faithful, honest, kind, diligent, unsophisticated, intelligent and vivid,clean and tidy, innocent modest and gentle, open-minded, tolerant,magnanimous, unselfish, positive and optimistic, enthusiastic andunrestraint, humorous, and affable.443. The dirt and dust that should be cleansed from the soul: jealousy,anger, bitterness, suspicion, curse, comparison, reprehension, attack,contention, complaint, passiveness, decadence, selfishness, avidpossession, arrogance, unscrupulousness, indolence, sluttery, indifference,and unruliness. The heaven will accept only those with a pure and perfectsoul. If your soul is contaminated with any of the above 20 defects, youwill be denied the entrance to heaven—the realm of the Greatest Creator.444. The most severe crisis of mankind is the crisis of soul. As long as wehave solved man’s crisis of soul, we can solve all the crises faced bymankind. The building of Soul garden is a matter of urgency for mankind.Any other measures and ways are only trivial and cannot solve the crisesfaced by mankind. Everyone should build their own garden of soul,which is a miraculous panacea for mankind to avoid tribulations andcatastrophe.
  • 2. 800 Values for New Era Human Being445. Man is not born with sin. Sin is caused by the imperfect operatingmechanism of human society. The root of tribulation and afflictions ofhuman society for thousands of years does not lie in the sin but in theimperfect operating mechanism of human society. A perfect operatingmechanism will make people free of sin, while an imperfect mechanismof operation will breed sins of man.446. The physiological diseases are mostly caused by the defects in spiritand soul. The spirit embodies the energy feature of life, while soulrepresents the structure feature of life.447. Praise is the symbol of the richness of one’s soul. Praise of theGreatest Creator, nature and other people is the symbol of a beautifulsoul.448. Gratitude is the first element to sublime life. Repentance is the mosteffective way to purify soul.449. Gratitude is the headspring of happiness and the foundation for theharmonious coexistence with the Greatest Creator, nature, and the broadmasses of mankind. With a feeling of gratitude and humility, you can bemolded into a capable being and can obtain “the supreme-enlightenmentmind”, and can accomplish your greatest wish. Without a feeling ofgratitude and humility, you will become a useless dead wood not suitablefor sculpture”.450. If through self-improving and self-refining, one can achieve a bodyand soul of integrity, he can have real spirit and great talent and greatvirtue concentrated in himself. Without spirit, it may mean that we havenot achieved a body and soul of integrity. If we do not have great talentand virtue, it also proves that we do not have a body and soul of integrity.
  • 3. 800 Values for New Era Human Being451. Stay away from all evils and pursue all good conducts.What are evils?Answer:Profanity against the Greatest Creator and god and deities, slanderouscomments on celestials and Buddha, mockery of the sages and saints,shame on ancestry, maltreating one’s parents, murder and robbery,maltreatment and slaughtering of animals, bullying the disadvantaged,scheming to harm one’s own brothers, humiliating one’s superiors andseniors, hoodwinking people under age, cheating the kind people,defrauding strangers, vilifying one’s schoolmates, hideously harmingone’s colleagues, false accusation, stir strife among the clan relatives,maltreating one’s inferiors and claiming their merits as his own, fawningon one’s superior for personal gains, showing no gratitude for the favorsdone to him, harboring endless resentment, slighting the people underheaven, disrupting the state affairs, encouraging injustice, torturing theinnocent, filling up caves and overturning nests, destroying embryos andeggs, pilfering other’s harvests, covering others’ good and kind deeds,uncovering others’ weaknesses, damaging other’s countenances andimages, forcing the female to engage in prostitution, wasting others’properties, riding roughshod over others, humiliating others for one’sown victory, shifting blames on others to protect oneself, shifting themisfortune onto others, acting arrogantly because of one’s wealth,deriding the poor people, frustrating others’ advantages, covering one’sown disadvantages, theft and heist, lying and deception, breaching thedyke and incendiarism, trespassing the civilian residence, damagingothers’ implements, ruining others’ feats, envying others’ wealth and rank,being jealous of others’ talents, trickery in business, selling substandard
  • 4. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinggoods at the price of good products, littering, smudging the environment,making somebody do things he can’t do, forcing somebody on the road ofsuicide, digging up others’ ancestral tombs, destroying others’ home,gossiping, disrupting people’s peace of mind, jumping the queue,showing ferocity, plagiarism and piracy, harming others behind theirbacks, embezzlement in the name of the public welfare, concoctingvarious pretexts, corruption and bribery, randomly setting up items,dissipation and extravagance, instigating the public feelings, advocatingviolence, destroying mountains and forests, randomly uprooting grass,polluting rivers, plunging people into abyss of misery, jerry-building,building dangerous structures, gathering others for gambling, scheming tocheat somebody of his money, publicizing ghosts and demons, poisoningsouls, engaging in crookery, publicizing superstition, randomly buildingtemples, corrupting people’s feelings, engaging in witchery, conductingfortunetelling for others, taking away others’ organs, injuring others’limbs, cursing others and wishing them to meet disasters, praying forothers’ misfortunes, greediness, squandering food, laziness and acting ina slick way, comparison, engaging in tumultuous behaviors, interruptingothers’ rest, exposing others’ privacy, trespassing on the private residence,intimidating and threatening, kidnapping and hijacking, occupyingother’s territory and objects, defaulting on one’s debts, abusing one’spower to seek personal gains, bullying others with one’s power,complaint and jealousy, trumpeting and flaunting.What are kind deeds?Answer:Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, nature, and god and deities,following the examples of sages and saints, showing filial piety to one’s
  • 5. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingparents, respecting one’s seniors and loving one juniors, treating peopleequally, praising kind deeds, encouraging others, having a kind heart,loving others and oneself, showing compassion for others’ misfortune,feeling happy for others’ happiness, relieving others of their urgency,rescuing others from danger, displaying others’ advantages, uncoveringone’s disadvantages, forgetting about the favors done to others, repayingthe favor received from others, complaining not about humiliation,harboring no hatred for hurt, starting others’ wisdom, leading others tosunshine, imparting knowledge, teaching others skills, keeping diligenceand thrift, working hard, faithfulness and honesty, maintaining an honest,simple and sincere self, making people happy and pleasant, offeringothers freedom, helping others to get happiness, catching thieves andsubduing demons whenever they are spotted, singing praise of sincerityand virtue, hiding other people’s wrongdoing and praising their gooddeeds, being practical and realistic, restricting falsehood, not pocketinganything found on the roadside, not bolting the door at night, findingpleasure in helping others, providing conveniences to others, consistencein words and deeds, acting and thinking in the same way, not taking thepath of evils, being scrupulously honest even when no one is around,wishing for others’ safety, praying for others’ good fortune, not engagingin ostentation and extravagance when you are rich, engaging in nosycophancy when you are poor, feeling thankful, feeling appreciation,showing no arrogance when you have achieved your ambition, becomingnot dispirited when you met with frustrations, fostering others’ ambitions,promoting others’ confidence, helping somebody to fulfill his wish,aiding others to do their jobs, being faithful and forgiving to others,having generosity and tolerance, possessing courtesy and civility, abidingby order, retreating heroically before a rushing torrent, standing alooffrom worldly affairs, showing equity and justice, having impartiality,
  • 6. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingvoluntary dedication, placid and peaceful mind, neatness and tidiness,having a benevolent and kind countenance, offering explanation for anydoubt, showing hospitality and enthusiasm, being philanthropic andmaking contributions, helping those in dangerous and strait situations,telling truth, planting fruit trees, showing no arrogance and impetuosity,having a gentle and placid temper, restraining from ostentation, notenvying rank and wealth, getting up when the day breaks, getting to restwhen the dusk falls, being studious and eager to learn, being as bright as amirror, appropriately attired, having astounding beauty, projecting apleasant image in every posture, being sanguine and lively, being good atrelaxation and games, having pleasant voices, sweet tongues, consideringothers first in terms of benefit, considering oneself first wheneverdifficulty arises, straightforward, doing nothing underhand, keepingcautiously to one’s duty, not coveting what belongs to others, lovingpeace, extensive love for the broad masses, closeness to nature, protectinggrass and flowers, being easy to approach, having compassion for insects.Misfortune and blessing know no gate, and you have only yourself toblame for the possible misfortune, and you may rewarded with blessingfor your good deeds.Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished with evils,there is close association between one’s deeds and the consequent reward.Reap as one has sown. The mill of the Greatest Creator grinds slowly butsurely.452. Honesty is one of the symbols of the perfect soul. One had better befrank and honest with each other if he wants to ensure that in his relationswith others there is no friction, jealousy, trepidation, vexation, and
  • 7. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingafflictions. Getting along with others in this way involves the least cost,and can give birth to the most genuine, close and enduring friendship.And the relationship formed on this basis incurs the least negative andpassive effect.453. People whose souls have the same frequency with and resonate withthose of ours are all our kin relationship. All those who meet thefollowing eight conditions are our close relatives. 1. Revere the GreatestCreator and follow the road of the Greatest Creator; 2. Revere life andnature, love life and peace. 3. Share weal and woe, show care andconcern for us, and never oppress, exploit and bully us; 4. Speak gently,and never reprobate us, never show resentment against us, never sneer us,and never humiliate and retaliate against us; 5. Forgive our faults andalways meet us with smiles; 6. Never contend and quarrel with us, nevercreate a disturbance, never snatch from us, and always consider ourinterest first; 7. Give us happiness, joyfulness,freedom and blessing; 8.Get on well with us and never hurt us. It is time to redefine the kinrelationship based on blood relations. We need to establish the new kinrelationship, we should make all people have many kin relations on theirjourney of life, and we shall make life more and more beautiful.454. What keeps me alive is my spirit; what makes me dead is my mind.When the mind is peaceful and tranquil the spirit shall abide within; whenthe mind is astir the spirit will disappear.455.“Everything is consumed in commotion and is brought into existencein tranquility, and tranquility is the abode of spirit”. “Without peace ofmind, you cannot go very far”. “Tranquility gives birth to wisdom, whilecommotion breeds fatuity”. What keeps me alive is my spirit, what makesme dead is the death of my mind. When the mind is peaceful and tranquil
  • 8. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingthe spirit shall abide within; when the mind is astir the spirit willdisappear.456. What plants shall we grow in our garden of soul?Answer: We shall sow and plant: sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith,honesty, diligence, bravery, unselfishness, devotion, service, care,tolerance, consideration, compassion, mercy, and other flowers andplants.What weeds and barnyard grass shall we eliminate from our garden ofsoul?Answer: jealousy, hostility, outrage, contention, complaint, comparison,hatred, fear, anxiety, falsity, wickedness, ugliness, lie, hypocrisy, greed,possession, forced occupation, desire to excel over others, exculpation,and other weeds and barnyard grass.Reap as one sows. You will see and enjoy whatever you have sown. Thisis what the master of the earth requires us to do. Once we have built ourgarden of soul, and once we have get well prepared, we will be theselected seed to enter the era of Lifechanyuan and we will enter abrand-new era no matter what may happen around the year 2013.457. There is one energy is called the energy of soul, which mainlycomes from affection and love. Affection and love is itself a top-gradeenergy. A person with affection and love has a soul full of energy. Aperson without affection and love has a soul void of energy. As is alwaysobservable, anyone rich in affection and love is always full of vigor andvitality. They are optimistic, positive, lively, and intelligent. Even whenthey are in adversity, they are always filled with hope and yearnings.
  • 9. 800 Values for New Era Human BeingHowever, a person void of affection and love is always tedious, passive,stagnant, prim, devoid of vitality, vigor, and creation. Even if they are infavorable circumstances, they wear a woebegone expression, they sigh indespair, and cannot feel happiness and pleasure.458. The substrate of art form is real nature. If we go deeper intoeverything we can finally trace each of them to its origin and ultimatelyfind out its real nature. There is only one real nature in the universe. Withthe exception of the Greatest Creator, anything else is merely miraculoustransformation and the artistic representation of the Greatest Creator.459. The mechanism that maintains the order and harmony of art forms iskindness. To be more specific, kindness means the reverence for theGreatest Creator, LIFE, and nature. All behaviors that maintain theGreatest Creator, order, LIFE and nature are kindness.460. The harmonious proportion and symmetry of art form is beauty. Thebeauty of everything is created by the Greatest Creator. Maintenance ofbeauty is the sacred obligation of God and Buddha, the ideal and pursuitof the sages and saints, and the wish of the populace.461. Visualize your dream, and it will come true. When the image isformed and informed to the Greatest Creator, all you need to do is to waitpatiently. Do not feel impatient and visualize another one. It takes a verylong time for some visualization to become a reality.462. No matter how good a doctor may be and no matter how miraculousmedicine he has prescribed, he will be capable of nothing if a patientrefuses to take the medicine and does not admit that he is ill.
  • 10. 800 Values for New Era Human Being463. The greatest love is the love for LIFE. The greatest man is one wholoves the LIFE of other people and the LIFE of the whole mankind andthe LIFE of the whole universe. Love cannot only purify the soul of otherpeople, but also perfect the structure of one’s own LIFE. The value andsignificance of love is inestimable.464. If you do not have the Greatest Creator in your mind, you do notdeserve to talk about love, because your talk of love will only be a smirchand blasphemy of love.465. Bravely love those who deserve your love and devote yourself heartand soul to people pursuing sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith andhonesty. In this way you will reap bounty rewards. “The retribution willbe incredible”.466. Mind is the most important of the Three Realms, and cognition is themost important of all rules.467. Form arises from the mind and reality is created by mind.468. Diseases arise from the mind, and disaster is be gotten by the mind.469. There are dust and dirt in our souls. If the souls are purified, celestialbeings will abide in our souls. If we are not willing to have them cleaned,demons and goblins will take possession of them.470. If the mind is not empty, everything will be empty; if you are benton possession, you may end in having nothing at all.471. We can only find our bosom friends if we have opened all our souls;we can only find our bosoms if we completely expose ourselves; we canonly find our bosom friends if we devote ourselves heart and soul.
  • 11. 800 Values for New Era Human Being472. In the state of jubilation and joyance, people have the best psychosis,the agilest thinking, and the most beautiful souls.473. The highest level of communication in the universe is not thecommunication in language but the communication in soul, which canalso be called communication in consciousness or communication in soul.The most perfect communication in soul is the communication of love insoul.474. The power of soul can transcend over time and space, and possessesthe holy power of transforming nature and transforming the corruptibleinto the mysterious life.475. If mind revolves around the form, you will be destined to enter themundane world; if you are in pursuit of forms every day, you will be alaity. If your mind does not follow the revolution of forms, you are a sage.Just let forms change at their will, my mind will stick to the only Way. Ifyou can make form revolve around your mind, you will be an immortal.If you can create form with mind, you will be a celestial being. If yoursoul transcends over all forms, you will have an unperturbed mind. Ifdharma-form arises in your mind, it will be a shackle; if your mind is freeof dharma-form, it will be agile. If non-dharma-form exists in your mind,arrogance will grow in your mind and lead you to the path of evils anddemons. When your mind is holographic, there will be nocontradictions.476. The broader the mind is, the more expansive the universe will be;the more profound the thinking is, the more extensive the space of LIFEwill become.
  • 12. 800 Values for New Era Human Being477. Everything in Lifechanyuan is beautiful—beautiful soul, beautifulclothes, beautiful language, and beautiful looks. Even a person withextremely ugly look can unfold his most beautiful aspects to other peopleso that he can show his respect for them. You cannot become a celestialbeing if you don’t love beauty, don’t know what beauty is, and cannot oris not willing to exhibit your most beautiful aspect before your spectators.478. The good operating mechanism of society shall need people withbeautiful souls to engage in its construction. If your soul is not beautiful,the good operating mechanism of society can never be built. Therefore,the building of soul is of prime importance. And beautiful souls alone arenot enough, we should build good operating mechanism of society withbeautiful souls. Otherwise it will be difficult for beautiful souls to last forlong. This is comparable to the love between man and woman. Initiallyeverything is as wonderful as both parties have expected, but if bothparties do not build a mechanism to maintain the continuous operation oftheir original goal and intention, very soon contradictions will arise,which will either cause both parties to fall apart or plunge them in a lifeof misery.479. It is impossible to build the beautiful homestead in the wilderness ofsoul and in the desert of culture. Even if it is momentarily established,such homestead cannot stand the battering of rainstorms. Differentcultures give rise to different human groups, and different human groupsgive birth to different social systems.480. Do you want to have a rough time? That’s easy. You will certainlyhave a lot of hardships to endure if you insist on splitting hairs and do notopen your soul, and if you always think that you are correct. Do you wantto be pleased and happy? No problem. You will enjoy boundless pleasure
  • 13. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingand happiness if you open your soul and think in unconventional way andcan realize that you are wrong.481. The pursuit of pleasure and happiness in reality begins with therestoration of spiritual perception and the cleansing of soul. Only if thefrequency of our souls are the same as that of the Greatest Creator andresonates with it, can we enjoy infinite pleasure and happiness. Even thediscomfort and diseases in our flesh are caused by the dirt in our souls.The diseases will disappear when the souls are cleansed.482. Any disease, be it heart trouble, arthritis, cancer, or AIDS, stemsfrom the problem in the structure of life form. The root does not lie in thesuperficial form but in the essence. The structures of our bodies willchange with the change of our soul. To have a healthy body, we shouldfirst have a healthy and sound soul.483. The eating of poisonous food will not affect one’s soul, instead itwill only harm the physical health of the eater. Therefore, neithersmokers, nor meat eaters, nor wine drinkers will go to hell. Whether onegoes to hell or heaven has nothing with cigarettes, wine and meat but isdirectly related to the nonmaterial structure of life.484. The best recipe for keeping a beautiful soul is following teachings ofJesus Christ and Sakyamuni. The next approach is to conductself-improving and self-refining in Lifechanyuan.485. Perfection is created by perfection, and defects are caused by defects.A beautiful soul can perceive beauty, and an ugly soul can perceive onlyugliness.
  • 14. 800 Values for New Era Human Being486. There is no jealousy in the paradise. Equally there exists nocomplaint in Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, andCelestial Islands Continent in the land of heaven. All those who yearn forthe beautiful future and wish to live in heaven should not harbor jealousyand complaint. If people engaged in self-improving and self-refining donot get rid of jealousy and complaint, they cannot enter the heaven.487. Jealousy reflects an ugly soul. Jealousy arises from comparison. Thecomparison with others in your category breeds jealousy. Jealousyindicates the defects of the nonmaterial structure of life. Jealousy is adisease of soul, which represents the ugliness of human nature. Jealousywill cause harm not only to oneself, but also to one’s kindred, community,and society. Jealousy stands for narrow-mindedness and lack ofself-confidence. Jealousy marks the degeneration of man into wickedness.A jealous person can never go to heaven.488. To eliminate jealousy, one must engage in self-improving andself-refining. Since jealousy arises from the community life, it isnecessary to carry out self-improving and self-refining in the communitylife. One can never dispel jealousy if he conducts self-improving andself-refining behind the closed door.489. The most expansive ocean can accommodate the greatest number ofrivers. The most open soul is most likely to give birth to the greatestthought. People who are not particular about their food are most stout.People who obtain the most love are those who devote their loveunselfishly to as many people as they can.490. Conscience is the touchstone to verify whether one has a perfect soul.It is also a watershed to demonstrate the achievement of one’s
  • 15. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingself-cultivation and self-refining. More importantly it is the bestcredential by which to judge whether a person can enter the land ofheaven. Perfect conscience is the symbol of a person’s purity of soul.Have a good conscience, and you will be rewarded with endless fortuneand good luck. However, a bad conscience can only invites infinitedisasters.491. Admiration leads to perfection, while fastidiousness brings aboutdeformity. Only people with a rich soul are capable of praising andadmiring others. People destitute in soul never admire and praises others.A person with a perfect self often admires and praises others, while aperson with an ugly self often is fault-finding and always debases others.492. Be fault-finding at other’s blemishes and the blemish will bemagnified, however if you admire other’s virtue, the virtue will bemagnified. To ensure the pleasure and happiness of others, Chanyuanadvocates that we turn a blind eye to the blemishes of other people andeulogize their strong points. In this way, with time people will becomemore kind-hearted, will have beautiful soul, will be grateful, reasonableand understanding.493. You can shower words of praise. Good weather is favorable for thegrowth of crops, and fine words are beneficial to the development offriendship.494. Discover and think about more of others’ advantages and strengths,pay less attention to their weaknesses and shortcomings. Think moreabout your own weaknesses and shortcomings and do not flaunt your ownadvantages and strengths.
  • 16. 800 Values for New Era Human Being495. Follow sincerity, kindness, and beauty closely and shun falsity,wickedness, and ugliness. Have a pious heart in achieving Buddhahood,and run towards Celestial Islands Continent!496. We should first conquer and perfect ourselves. On the earth, few areimmaculate. Everyone has his defects. A person with defects is notentitled to indoctrinate others. Let’s first think about ourselves and havean introspection if we feel angry about other people’s shortcomings anddefects, if we attempt to educate and guide others, if we are not pleasedwith everything we have seen, and if we reprehend and complain againstothers.497. A mind bent on comparison is a mind bent on wickedness. Onceone’s mind begins comparison, the peace of mind will be disturbed. Theresult will be making trouble out of nothing. And trouble may even arisefrom within. A mind bent on comparison represents the insufficientself-confidence and connotations, the lack of understanding of commonsense, the confused thinking, and the lack of understanding of the valueand significance of life.498. All tragedies are caused by the imperfect self. What’s worse, we arereluctant to face the reality and recognize our defects. We always focusour complaint and reprehension on others. A life of this kind is toohypocritical, too illusive, too vainglorious, and too unfortunate. Yoursuffering may never end if you escape from yourself and are afraid offacing yourself truthfully. One can get away from the abyss of misery andreach the land of heaven only by facing reality.499. Wrath represents barbarism, ignorance, and the lack of civilizationand good upbringing.
  • 17. 800 Values for New Era Human Being500. Hatred is the poison to oneself and others.501. Suspicion is the symbol of intolerance and abnormal mentality.502. Complaint is a poisonous arrow shot at others. Do not harborcomplaint against others. Everyone follows his own track of life andLIFE, everyone has his debts to pay, everyone has his personality andspecialty, and everyone has his own mission and responsibility. Do notcomplain no matter how well or how badly others have done something,because complaint is a poisoned arrow. Website of Lifechanyuan —“New OASIS FOR LIFE”