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A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth after 2013.Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow :

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

Heaven is the general term for Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, Elysium World, and Celestial Islands Continent.

Heaven belongs to happy and joyful people. It does not belong to people weighed down by worries.

The longer the time of happiness and pleasure, the better and more stable the nonmaterial structure of our LIFE will become and the closer our LIFE will be to the paradise.

To head for the heaven, you must climb two huge mountains, one is the programme of necessity, the other is the “Egypt of Soul”.

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800 values-heaven

  1. 1. 800 Values for New Era Human Being 800 Values for New Era Human being(Second Edition) Deiform Buddha Chapter 14:Heaven382. Heaven is the general term for Thousand-year World,Ten-thousand-year World, Elysium World, and Celestial IslandsContinent.383. Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, Elysium World,and Celestial Islands Continent are not fanciful imaginations. They are aninevitability caused by the law that the sum of positive energy andnegative energy is zero. Just like the inevitable existence of Mercury,Saturn, Mars, and other planets in the solar system, or the inevitableexistence of the seven apertures, hairs, limbs, and the five internal organsin the human body.384. The Thousand-year World is a celestial body 960 light years awayfrom the earth. About ten times the size of the earth, it is currentlyinhabited by approximately 200 million people. Because the basic lifespan of LIFE (celestial being) on this celestial body is about 1000 years(in relation to earth time), it is called Thousand-year World. It is purely aworld of sincerity, kindness, and beauty, a world of love, a world ofpeace, a world of pleasure, and a world of sublimed human nature.Undoubtedly anyone with a perfect human nature can go there, sincethere is no limitation of number.
  2. 2. 800 Values for New Era Human Being385. The Ten-thousand-year World is a beautiful celestial body 3480light years away from the earth. It is 16 times bigger than the earth andhas 16 suns arranged at equal distances. About 100 million celestialbeings live there. The basic characteristics of these celestial beings arepretty much the same as those of land celestial beings described byTaoism. In relation to the life span they can live for about 35000 years,and thus the celestial body is called Ten-thousand-year World.386. The Elysium World is the general term for earth universe (theuniverse inhabited by man is a small universe and is called the earthuniverse). The earth universe is so called in relation to other universes.The structure of the earth universe is a Taiji ellipsoid, which is called theLaw Rotary Galaxy. The Law Rotary Galaxy contains 3000 Rotary RiverGalaxies, each of which contains 3000 Milk Way Systems. Each MilkWay System has 3000 solar systems. In another word, the Elysium Worldis composed of three thousand macro worlds, or nine million mediumworlds, or 27 billion small worlds.387. Celestial Islands Continent is the backyard of the Greatest Creator. Ithas 80 billion islands, each the size of the earth. Each island has a name.There is only one celestial being living on each island. Apart from the 30billion islands that have been used by celestial beings as their homestead,the remaining 50 billion islands are not currently inhabited by anycelestial beings. They are to be inhabited by people from the humanworld, Thousand-year World, and Ten-thousand-year World, who havesucceeded in transforming themselves into celestial beings throughcultivation.388. The Elysium World has ten continents, namely Lotus Continent,Borneo Continent, Kasyapa Continent, Yingwu Continent, Amita-Buddha
  3. 3. 800 Values for New Era Human BeingContinent, Celestial Islands Continent, Three Worlds Two-way Continent,Moon Temple Continent, Gods Continent, and Supreme AuthenticWisdom Continent. Celestial Islands Continent is one of the continents ofthe Elysium World.389. Celestial being is the highest realm that man can attain. The basecamp of celestial beings is on the Celestial Islands Continent of theElysium World. The hostess Yu’e of Xuefeng Island on Celestial IslandsContinent is an example of celestial being. The revered Goddess ofMercy and Compassion Guanshiyin is a celestial being. Angels inwestern culture are celestial beings. Celestial being is Buddha. Thedifference is that Buddha has certain bondage, while celestial being isunrestrained. Buddha has his responsibility and celestial being does nothave any responsibility. The greatest characteristic of celestial being isthat celestial being can play in whatever way he think is most interesting.After Buddhahood is attained, there is even higher realm awaiting, butafter becoming the celestial being, there is no higher realm for one topursue. Celestial beings mainly engage in self-entertainment and do notcare for affairs in the heaven world and human world. Buddha does notpursue entertainment, is not obsessed with momentary relaxation, butfocuses on the acquisition of supreme authentic wisdom. Celestial beingsare the most free, pleasant and happiest LIFE of the whole universe. Asthe favorites of the Greatest Creator, they do not undertake anyresponsibility and obligations. Buddha is the most intelligent andself-disciplined LIFE in the universe. When necessary, Buddha will bearresponsibility and obligation.390. Heaven belongs to happy and joyful people. It does not belong topeople weighed down by worries. The longer the time of happiness and
  4. 4. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingpleasure, the better and more stable the nonmaterial structure of our LIFEwill become and the closer our LIFE will be to the paradise.391. To obtain the visa to Thousand-year World, or Ten-thousand-yearWorld, or Elysium World, you must give up the ego and enter theholographic state. The abnegation of ego is not “Sustain justice andextinguish humanly desire” as advocated by Confucianism in China, noris the abnegation of ego a rivalry against “the realization of individualvalue” as advocated by American culture, rather the abnegation of selfmeans the abjuration of obstinate belief in oneself. If you are convincedthat your own cognition is completely right and immaculate, then youmay be correct every step of your way but finally go astray into theillusive thinking and can never walk out of the desert of life and the“Cave of Silken Web” of transmigration.392. The land of heaven, be it thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-yearWorld, or Elysium World, is the world of liveliness and recreation. Andthis is particularly true of Celestial Islands Continent. If you are not goodat or have no intention of having fun, why do you self-improve andself-refine so that you can enter the land of heaven? Do you want to be apoliceman in the land of heaven? Let me tell you. In the land of heaven,there are no such positions as policemen, lawyers, judges, directorgeneral, section chiefs, and supervisors.393. People who cannot dream of the colorful dreamland will be difficultto enter the land of heaven. So long as we often see in dreams the greenmountains and clear rivers, the gentle breeze and bright sunshine, and thedelightful auspiciousness pervading everywhere, then you have seen thepremonitor for entering Thousand-year-world. If in your dream youalways see wonderful and fantastic sceneries, you always soar in the sky,
  5. 5. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingyou always feel extremely marvelous in your mental, spiritual andphysical blending with opposite sexes, and you do not have the slightestfear and trepidation, then you have seen the omens to show that you cango to the Ten-thousand-year World. If in your dream you can makeyourself invisible, soar freely, transform yourself at will, and makesceneries change according to the change of your own consciousness,then these omens indicate that you can enter the Elysium World.394. To head for the heaven, you must climb two huge mountains, one isthe programme of necessity, the other is the “Egypt of Soul”.The programme of necessity: family, nationality, state, religion, politicalparty, the existing order and life style of human society. To enter theheaven, you must walk out of the programme of necessity. You cannotreach the land of heaven if you do not walk out of this progrmmme. TheEgypt of Soul includes: jealousy, comparison, complaint, arrogance,wrath, possession, forced occupation, enmity, tenets and doctrines,commandment and dharma, contention, avarice, laziness, and intentionalaction. If you do not clear away these trashes in soul, you cannot reachthe land of heaven. So please walk out of the programme of necessity,flee from “Egypt of Soul”, break away from the chains, and run towardfreedom.395. The paradise belongs to the benevolent, while the hell belongs to thewicked. The human world is inhabited by both the wicked and thebenevolent. If we cannot distinguish between the kind and the wicked andbetween the right and the wrong, with what virtues can we go to theheaven? Those who cannot distinguish between the kind, the wicked, theright and the wrong are not masters or men of superior attainments butignorant and muddleheaded characters. Those who abet others not to
  6. 6. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingdistinguish between the right and wrong and the kind and wicked are notpeople engaged in cultivation but the demons and Satan. Who havecaused the affliction and tribulations of mankind? They are caused bythose people who do not distinguish between the kind and the wicked andthe right and the wrong (with the exception of those who have achievedthe status of Tao).396. How can we accumulate the wealth in the land of heaven? 1. Reverethe Greatest Creator, life, and nature and follow the Way of the GreatestCreator; 2. Unselfishly contribute your love; 3. Dissolve enmity, andbring serenity, peace and warmth to others; 4. Have a kind heart and dogood deeds; 5. Sing praise of the Greatest Creator, Jesus Christ, BuddhaSakyamuni, celestial being Lao Tzu, the prophet Mohammed, and thesages and saints in human history, and sing praise of life and others, andsing praise of and protect nature; 6. Promote people’s confidence in life,prompt people to long for the beautiful future, eliminate people’s anxiety,worry, trepidation, and fear; 7. Maintain the marvelous love that does notbring any psychological, spiritual and physical harm and anguish to otherpeople; 8. Fully exhibit one’s aesthetic skills.397. The land of heaven does not accept childish immature people. Theland of heaven does not accept adults who don’t behave like children, nordoes it accept immature childlike adults. Man’s traditional style of lifehas hindered man from growing up. Many people are still immature andcannot become “ripe crops”, although they are already sixty or seventyyears old—this is something that provokes our thought. “Ripe crops” arecertainly children who have grown up and matured. If you have nevergrown up, you can absolutely not enter the land of heaven.
  7. 7. 800 Values for New Era Human Being398. To enter the Thousand-year World, we must make meet thefollowing eight requirements: 1. Revere and firmly believe the GreatestCreator, and be always grateful to the Greatest Creator; 2. Revere life andnature; 3. Possess no jealousy, resentment, greed, persistence, selfishness,and complaint against others; 4. Do not hinder other people’s happinessand freedom at any pretenses and under any excuses; 5. Have a kind heart,be kind to others in behavior, action, and word; 6. Be honest, practicaland realistic, and truthful, do not engage in cheating and lying; 7. Behardworking, and keep the living and surrounding environment clean,tidy, beautiful and harmonious; 8. Keep promise and agreement.399. To enter Celestial Islands Continent, you must achieve the status ofcelestial being. To achieve the status of celestial being, you must possessthe LIFE structure of celestial beings. Self-harmony is one of the eightcharacters necessary for the LIFE structure of celestial beings.Self-harmony refers to a self-formed complete system, which is in defectof nothing and can run in good coordination and congruity and can satisfywhat it needs without relying anything outside it. Self-harmony isTathagata, with no form of ego, other people, all beings, age, dharma, andnon-dharma. Self-harmony is trance, abstrusity, the subtle, male andfemale, yin and yang, Taiji.400. How can we cultivate the character of self-harmony?(1). Create millions of images and dharma with mind, namely “createreality with consciousness”;(2). Life is death, death is life, glory is disgrace, and disgrace is glory, soshow no concern for life, death, glory and disgrace, and possess strengthbut retain gentleness, know and observe all but stay obscure;(3). Emptiness is form and form is emptiness, consciousness returns tothe state of zero, and the soul returns to spiritual pure land;
  8. 8. 800 Values for New Era Human Being(4). All are games, and only LIFE is true, so do not persist in anything;(5). You own everything when you own nothing, transcend over time andspace, and keep a powerful and unconstrained style;(6). Follow your own nature, be unrestrained, follow the predestinedrelationship and be carefree, follow your destiny;(7). Maintain a holographic order, with no interior and exterior, no borderand boundary, no right and wrong, no truth and falsity, and no kindnessand wickedness;(8). Make the “real” illusive and dreamlike, and make the “illusive”reasonable.401. There is no oppression and exploitation in heaven. All those whowant to enter heaven through self-improving and self-refining must makesure that you do not engage in contention with others, you do not oppressand exploit others, you do not bring unhappiness and unpleasantness toothers in any way and under any pretense, you do not restrict others’freedom in any name, you do not impose your own ideas and views onothers, and you do not cause any spiritual, mental and physical harm toothers.402. If you have a clear conscience, and have repaid the favors of natureand parents for upbringing, and do not owe any debt to any person, anyanimal and nature, then you can march toward heaven in your next life. Ifyou have eliminated from your consciousness the concepts of family,nationality, state, political party, and religion, if you like freedom andunrestraint, like happiness and joyfulness, have repaid all debts in thehuman world and have built your merits and virtues, then you can enterThousand-year World of heaven in your next life. If in your dream youalways soar freely, and can maintain the state of pleasure without sexualcontact, then in your next life you can enter Ten-thousand-year World ofthe paradise. If you have possessed the consciousness of Buddha, you
  9. 9. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingwill enter the corresponding Elysium Word in your next life. If yourevere the Greatest Creator, LIFE and follow the Way of the GreatestCreator, if you possess supernatural power and can create a world youyearn for, then undoubtedly you will enter Celestial Islands Continent ofthe Elysium World. Website of Lifechanyuan —“New Oasis for LIFE”