800 values-consciousness, structure and energy


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A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth after 2013.Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow :

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

Consciousness, structure, and energy are three elements that make up the universe.

Different consciousnesses form different structures, and different structures make use of different kinds of energy.

Consciousness originates from structure and acts on structure. Energy is neutral.

Energy comes and goes with the changes of structures. Consciousness comes from nonmaterial structure.

Different nonmaterial structures give birth to different consciousnesses.

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800 values-consciousness, structure and energy

  1. 1. 800 Values for New Era Human Being 800 Values for New Era Human being(Second Edition) Deiform Buddha Chapter 17: Consciousness, Structure and Energy503. Consciousness, structure, and energy are three elements that makeup the universe.504. Consciousness decides existence. Different consciousnesses willlead to different forms of LIFE and existence and living conditions.505. A person with an imperfect self is absolutely impossible to have aperfect consciousness. A person with imperfect consciousness isabsolutely impossible to make correct judgment on things. The combinedwisdom of three cobblers can never match that of a master strategist. Thethinking of the multitude can never equal the great vision and insight of asaint. Democracy has always been the pursuit of people with mediocrewisdom, the magical weapon they employ to maintain theirconservativeness, and the hidden weapon to strangle saints.506. Different consciousnesses form different structures, and differentstructures make use of different kinds of energy.507. There is nothing impossible. The only limit is the capability ofconsciousness and the transforming power of thinking.
  2. 2. 800 Values for New Era Human Being508. Consciousness originates from structure and acts on structure.Energy is neutral. Energy comes and goes with the changes of structures.Consciousness comes from nonmaterial structure. Different nonmaterialstructures give birth to different consciousnesses. We can perceive thedifferences between trees, flowers and grass, insects, fish, birds andbeasts, mountains, rivers, sun and moon, and man, celestial beings,Buddha and gods. The differences between them lie in their differentstructures, or rather in their different consciousnesses.509. The greater the energy, the more invisible a thing will be; thesmaller the energy, the more tangible a thing will be.510. All substances have consciousness.511. The differences between different life forms lie in the differences ofconsciousnesses and structures.512. The bewilderment of self comes from the bewilderment of one’sconsciousness. The bewilderment of life results from the disorder ofone’s consciousness. Our sufferings mainly derive from the sufferings ofour consciousnesses. All our uncertainties are rooted in our indefiniteconsciousnesses, in our failure to understand ourselves, and in our failureto understand what we really need.513. Most of man’s sufferings, frustrations, anger, enmity,disappointment, desperation and other negative and passive feelingsoriginate from the consciousness of the small self—“This is my family”,“This is my whom and whom”, “This is my what and what…” Suchconsciousnesses are poison of soul, which may have a damaging anddevastating impact on ourselves. If we have to deal with the endless and
  3. 3. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingfussy troubles month after month and year on year, then we had betterstep out of the consciousness of the small self and walk towards heaven.514. What is most powerful and vigorous is not in the exterior but ishidden in our consciousness.515. When the self is perfect, then there will be no Taiji thinking, andthere will be no opposites like truth and falsity, kindness and wickedness,beauty and ugliness, and good and evil. Then the thinking will benon-form thinking, the consciousness will be holographic, everything willblend naturally with everything else and become syncretic with Tao.516. Let’s take a look at water. It will take the form of any container inwhich it is held. Whether it is round or square depends on the container.Man also possesses this property. Different generals will lead to soldiersof different fighting capacities. Different environments will fosterdifferent kinds of men. When you are close to the mountain, you will befamiliar with the twittering of birds; if you live beside the water, you willhave a good knowledge of fishes; one takes on the color of one’scompany. If you associate with saints, you will have agile thinking,sudden enlightenment, and transcendence over the vulgarity; if you oftenmix in with laities, you will have prejudiced thinking, contention, andvulgar interests.517. You should first have a thought before you can have a solution. Ifyour thought has changed, everything will follow the change. When youare clear about your great wish, your intelligence and capability will beinfinitely promoted.518. Man’s brain is used not only to store knowledge, but also to dothinking.
  4. 4. 800 Values for New Era Human Being519. The highest realm of thinking for man is association, for celestialbeing is visualization, for Buddha is non-form, and for god isholography.520. The highest realm of thinking is holographic thinking. It is thethinking of the Greatest Creator, or it can also be called the thinking ofgod, which is unimaginable to ordinary people. Buddha Sakyamuni hasattained non-form thinking, Lao Tzu has achieved Taiji thinking,Mohammed has reached visualized thinking, Zhu Geliang, Einstein andthe like have achieved associative thinking, artists like Beethoven havereached image thinking, and the common populace is capable of materialthinking. Some prophets, witches, rabbis, astrologists, fortunetellers,people with extrasensory perception, and religious believers possessillusive thinking.521. The greatest feature of illusive thinking is that every small step is astep forward but will finally retrace to the base point and that every ideais thought to be correct but will return to the starting point after a bigcircle.522. There is a secret of life in visualized thinking. With visualizedthinking, one can understand the Great Way of LIFE and will find thepath to higher order of life space, and escape the bondage of time andspace. Once we have understood the profundity of visualized thinking, wemay be moved to tears and tremble with excitement.523. A long-standing habit may induce stereotyped thinking, which isvery difficult to break through once it is formed. The intellect of everyoneis covered by an intangible web of thinking, everyone is weighed downby a heavy cross. They only cannot feel it or they can feel it but do not
  5. 5. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinghave the courage and power to break through its bondage. When they seepeople around live in this manner, they feel at ease and justified, they areaccustomed to the situation and become numb and put up with it. Theynever think over questions like “Why should it be like this?” and “Is itpossible if I am not like this?’.524. We must be capable of unconventional thinking, otherwise it will bedifficult to escape from foreordination. We should keep ourselves busywhere earthlings are idling with hands crossed behind their backs and weshould take it easy where earthlings are hustling and bustling, because98% of the multitude are living their life according to the fore-ordinatedprogramme. The tracks of their life and being have been programmedaccording to the screenplays. If we want to get away from the confines ofheaven and earth, escape from the bondages of the Three Realms andFive Elements, and leave the realm of necessity for the realm of freedom,we must not share the frequency of or resonate with the thinking andconsciousness of the multitude, instead we should act in an opposite way.525. What is thought of as impossible in conventional thinking can beeasily solved with unconventional thinking. Topography is anunconventional thinking. It can shift the position of space and make aclosed space interconnected externally and internally. It is impossible todistinguish the exterior from the interior, just like the case of mobius strip,where it is difficult to tell the obverse from the inverse. Therefore, whenwe are faced with psychological obstacles, spiritual depression, and adifficult situation in life, we should say that we are in a hopeless situation.As long as we employ unconventional thinking, we may find hope rightin front of us.
  6. 6. 800 Values for New Era Human Being526. Unconventional thinking is the magical weapon for us to explore theprofound mystery of the universe and find out the truth. It is the best wayfor us to find the true meaning of life. As long as we proceed steadilyforward, we will finally enter a vast world, by which time we will beamazed to find the nature of the universe and profound mystery of life.We will be thrilled to find out that we have a beautiful future life ofimmortals, we will love life and mankind more deeply, and we willcherish this life even more.527. That existence decides consciousness is conventional thinking, whilethe thinking that consciousness decides existence is unconventionalthinking. The beautiful future belongs to those capable of unconventionalthinking. As is known from the mystery of the three elements of theuniverse (consciousness, structure, and energy), the beautiful future is notcreated by hand but by the brain, namely by consciousness.528. 1+1=2 is normal thinking, and is the conventional thinking thatconforms with logic. It is the basis of human thinking. Such thinking hasnothing wrong in itself. The problem is: once such thinking becomesstereotyped, it will unconsciously strangle our new thought. We will beconfined within conventional thinking and cannot make any discovery,invention, creation and progress. What’s worse, we may becomeinflexible, stiff, bigoted, stagnant, aloof and proud, cruel, andunreasonable. 1+1=0、1+1=1、1+1=3、1+1=4…… are unconventionalthinking. Such thinking surpasses the conventional thinking. It starts fromone phenomenon and extends the thinking to the vast universe and to theinfinite time and space. It views the world as a whole instead of isolatedindividuals separated from each other. Such thinking can make people
  7. 7. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingintelligent, wise, modest, open, accommodating, gentle, merciful, andreasonable.529. Buddha has given us a magical boat—structure—to reach the othershore of life directly. Jesus has blessed us with the endless source ofrunning water of life—energy. Lifechanyuan has offered us the roadmapof heaven—the Way of LIFE (the way of the GreatestCreator)—consciousness. The three fulcrums—structure, energy, andconsciousness— have formed the trinity principle of self-improving andself-refining.530. What the eyes see in front of us is the place we will go to. The spacethat our consciousness (spiritual perception) can perceive and concentrateon for a very long time is the space that our spiritual being will arrive atafter the death of our flesh.531. The consciousness of Buddha brings about the attainment ofBuddhahood, the consciousness of a saint creates a saint, while theconsciousness of a dog creates a dog. In the same way, whether one canbecome a celestial being, a sage, a mortal or a laity depends completelyon one’s consciousness.532. The consciousness of injustice is brought about by the defects in self,namely by the asymmetry and imperfection of the nonmaterial structureof our life. Viewing the Greatest Creator as being unfair does not meanthat the Greatest Creator is unfair, but rather it means you yourself areunfair. If there exists unfairness, there would be no universe.533. The order of consciousness requires the establishment of correctviews on the world, life, LIFE, and value, and the right positioning ofone’s place in the universe. According to the values of Chanyuan, we
  8. 8. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingshould know the coordinate system we are in and our position in thesystem, and understand the development direction of our life and being.Otherwise, our consciousness will be disordered, our mind will be a messand cannot be put in order.534. As far as the individual being is concerned, what is not in theconsciousness does not exist. For something to exist, it must first exist inthe consciousness.535. If the consciousness does not change, the path of life will not changeand the foreordination will not change. A certain cause necessitates acertain result. Happiness and anguish will be the inevitable result.However, if the consciousness has changed, the path of life will alsochange, and the foreordination will also change. The thing supposed tohappen (result) will be transformed. Whether one goes to hell or heavendepends completely on his consciousness.536. What is displayed externally is the intrinsic nature. If one wants tohave a beautiful appearance, he must work hard on his intrinsic nature.And this intrinsic nature is the structure of life, which is referred to asgene by geneticists, as nature by Buddhism, and as nonmaterial structureof life by Lifechanyuan.537. The life structure will determine the kind of LIFE space one will goto. The core of the determinant is our consciousness. To form goodconsciousness, we must concentrate our effort on thinking. The effort onthinking begins with cognition. If we cannot improve our cognition, wecannot promote our power of thinking. If we have not boosted ourthinking, our consciousness cannot be transformed. If the consciousnessdoes not change, the nonmaterial structure of LIFE will not be easy to
  9. 9. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingchange. If the nonmaterial structure of life does not change, we can onlyhave characteristics of man. Man cannot go to the paradise, unless youhave achieved the consciousness of angels, celestial beings, and Buddha.The nonmaterial structure of LIFE relies mainly on thinking. If thinkinghas not reached a certain depth, the corresponding consciousnessstructure cannot be formed. If consciousness does not change, thenonmaterial structure of LIFE will not undergo any changes.538. A good structure (family) does not consume energy internally. Aslong as energy is consumed internally, the structure (family) will not be aperfect structure. A perfect structure can last forever, while a structurewith a lot of defects cannot endure for very long.539. The more symmetrical the structure of LIFE is, the more perfect itwill be, and the more stable and firm it will be and the stronger vitality itwill have. The more asymmetrical the structure of LIFE is, the uglier itwill be, and the looser it will be, and the weaker vitality it will have, andthe more likely it will perish.540. Whether you are healthy and vigorous depends on whether thenonmaterial structure of LIFE is perfect. The better the structure, themore energy will be absorbed and the more healthy and vigorous you willbe. The more defects a structure has, the more energy will be lost, and themore unhealthy and weaker you will become.541. The differences of all things lie in the differences of their structures.Different structures absorb different energies. Replace the traditionalstructure with “dissipative structure”. Do not set up rules and regulationsfor yourself to restrict the free soaring of consciousness. This will notresult in the isolation and occlusion of one’s own thinking and
  10. 10. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingconsciousness, and the entropy value of one’s own structure will notincrease, and you will not go to the “state of death”. Then you canimagine yourself as celestial being and thus absorb the special energyneeded by the LIFE structure of celestial beings.542. Energy is attached to the structure. Without structure, energy will bein a mess. Only when energy is attached to the structure, will energybecome holographic. Mess is disorder, while being holographic is beingordered. The energy in disordered mess has not any power. The energy inordered holographic state can display mighty power. Structure willnaturally absorb energy, and different structures absorb different energies.Energy is prevalent in the universe, and the channel for obtaining energyis boundless.543. Life can be infinite, as long as you can uplift the frequency ofthinking and obtain endless energy directly from the universe. Do notattempt to utilize others for your own benefit. As long as you candiscover beauty and possess unselfish love, you can obtain endless sourceof energy.544. The secret for the acquisition of inexhaustible energy lies in the fullrelease of energy. Jesus has told us this secret: “Give him more if healready has a lot, and snatches from him whatever he may have if he hasvery little”. The more you contribute, the more greatly you will beremunerated. If you are stingy in contribution, you may lose what meagrepossession you may have. You must absorb and accumulate energy, andat the same time you must also know how to release energy. It is selfishto only absorb and accumulate energy. If you have absorbed andaccumulated too much energy, it will harm your body and being.
  11. 11. 800 Values for New Era Human Being545. The powerful the energy, the greater the vitality of LIFE will be andthe greater capability you will have in resisting disaster and hardships.Without energy, LIFE would wither and perish. If one wants to bevigorous and energetic, he must continuously absorb energy and at thesame time prevent the loss of energy. The major energy needed by LIFEis the energy of soul.546. As long as we can break through the consciousness fence, we willenjoy a new vision.547. Energy maintains the state of LIFE, gives vitality to LIFE, andmakes LIFE take on the most vigorous state. Energy can prompt themultiplication of LIFE, but it can not cause the qualitative change inLIFE. Therefore, it is impossible to change the quality of LIFE andbecome celestial being and attain Buddhahood by absorbing andaccumulating energy.548. Structure absorbs energy and gives rise to consciousness, whileconsciousness perfects structure. Therefore the core and starting point ofself-refining is to change consciousness.549. How do we open dharma-caksus? We should closely adhere to thethree elements of the universe—consciousness, structure, and energy. Ifwe have understood the relations between them, dharma-caksus will opennaturally, and we will no longer be perplexed by any profound doctrinesor theories. We will be close to god if we have opened the dharma-caksus,revere the Greatest Creator, have the interest of the world in our mind,and seek happiness for those in tribulation.
  12. 12. 800 Values for New Era Human Being550. The errors in understanding lead to chaos in thinking, the chaos inthinking causes the disorder of consciousness, and the disorder ofconsciousness cause the bewilderment and misfortune of life.551. LIFE lies in movement, health relies on mentality, happiness restswith soul, affluence depends on techniques, freedom lies in pursuit,perfection comes from thinking, and the attainment of immorality dependon consciousness.552. The objective reality is the projection of consciousness, but it is notthe projection of any individual’s consciousness but the projection ofgroup consciousness. Consciousness creates reality, while reality acts onconsciousness. There exists a two-way not one-way correlation betweenconsciousness and reality. Sheer idealism and materialism have bothdistorted truth and are thus both wrong.553. The expansion the space for survival relies on human relations.However, if you want to ascend to the higher space of life, you mustfinish the worldly relations and foster relations with celestial beings andassociate with celestial beings. The best way to expand the space is tobegin from thinking. The place that our thinking can reach is the placethat our consciousness can reach, and the place that our consciousnesscan reach is the place where our future life will be.554. We may judge where a person comes from and goes to by his stateof consciousness. If during his life he has a consciousness similar to thatof an animal, then we can say for sure that he has come from the animalworld and will be reincarnated as animal after death. If he has aconsciousness of a saint at the time of death, then he will certainly go tothe higher space of LIFE.
  13. 13. 800 Values for New Era Human Being555. Do you want to get rid of your current plight? You must first realizeyour mistakes. All the current plights are the objective reflection of yourwrong consciousness. As long as you retain your incorrect consciousness,you will never get rid of your current plights, and even if you have got ridof one plight, next plight will follow. And there would be no sign of anend. Only if you have realized your mistakes, can you find the directionfor progress. As long as you have understood that there is nothing wrongwith the world but something has gone wrong with you, you will be ableto perceive the ultimate goal of life. Only if we have known the ultimategoal of life, can we proceed to a higher order of life. There are magicalmethods to get rid of your plights. First you must engage in penitence,because although one’s own plights are seemingly caused by other factors,the root cause of the plights is yourself.556. Soul is a spirited nonmaterial consciousness. Soul has eight majorcharacteristics:(1). Soul is alive and has spiritualism;(2). Soul is nonmaterial and cannot be seen, heard, touched and measuredin the material world;(3). Soul has not the slightest weight;(4). Soul is a consciousness;(5). Soul must be attached to a certain carrier so that it can have anyfunction in the material world;(6). Soul has memory;(7). Soul has the attribute of terrain;(8). Soul can pierce or go through any objects like a beam of waves.
  14. 14. 800 Values for New Era Human Being557. The difference between soul and psychic energy is that soul is aspirited consciousness, soul is not psychic energy, psychic energy is thesource of LIFE and spreads all over the universe, while soul is only anentity of consciousness.558. Because soul has a terrain attribute, you must familiarize yourself assoon as possible with the place you are going to. You are not able to go tothe place you are not familiar with.559. Independent consciousness means that we have a clear standard inour consciousness, by which we will independently make correctjudgment of the numerous and complicated phenomena without beingaffected by what others say, by the immediate interests before our eyes,by emotion, and by authority. If we do not cultivate our independentconsciousness, we will be plunged in a situation, following the windwhichever direction it blows. We will be led by the nose and there willnever be a way out.560. The best future is mainly achieved through visualized thinking, andwisdom and diligence only play a secondary role. Website of Lifechanyuan—“New Oasis for LIFE”