Paper trails: Anglo-Chinese Australians and the White Australia Policy


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Presentation by Kate Bagnall at the 5th WCILCOS International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies on 'Chinese through the Americas', 18 May 2012 in Vancouver, Canada.

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Paper trails: Anglo-Chinese Australians and the White Australia Policy

  1. 1. Paper trailsAnglo-Chinese Australians and theWhite Australia PolicyKate BagnallThe 5th WCILCOS International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas StudiesChinese through the Americas16–19 May 2012, Vancouver, B.C., CanadaPanel S26: Pacific connections—Chinese in Australia and New Zealand
  2. 2. ‘That famousfighting family’Five of the eight sons ofWilliam and Jane Flood Sam ofWest Wyalong, NSW, went tofight in World War IWyalong Advocate, 24 June 1919Undated newspaper clipping, c. 1915
  3. 3. Percy and WilliamFlood SamFourteen-year-old Percy andhis seventy-year-old father,William, before theirdeparture for China, 1915NAA: SP42/1, C1915/4032NAA: SP42/1, C1915/4058
  4. 4. Part of theWest WyalongcommunityWilliam Flood Sam wasdescribed as ‘a goodhardworking sober man’and ‘a man of first-classcharacter’.Jane Sam was a said to be a‘highly esteemed resident’of the district.NAA: SP42/1, C1915/4058West Wyalong Advocate,19 October 1944Australian Town and CountryJournal, 1 January 1898
  5. 5. Application letters by Jane and William FloodSam for son Percy to travel to China, 1915NAA: SP42/1, C1915/4032
  6. 6. Percy Flood SamPercy’s handprint andphotograph were taken and kepton file so he could be identifiedon returning to Australia, 1915NAA: SP42/1, C1915/4032
  7. 7. ImmigrationRestriction Act1901‘An Act to place certainrestrictions on Immigrationand to provide for the removalfrom the Commonwealth ofprohibited Immigrants.’NAA: A1559, 1901/
  8. 8. Invisible Australians: ‘The real face of White Australia’
  9. 9. Anglo-Chinese families and individuals Compiled mostly from records intravelling from Sydney, 1900 to 1930s NAA: SP42/1, SP726/2, A1Ablong Flood Sam Joy Lett Tin HopAh Bow Fong Kum Moon Julum Hoong Ling / Sams TongAh Chee / Archie Fong Look / Young Yan Kee Loung / Long WayAh Gin / Jong Gutt / Gett Fong Tong Kee Chong Lum Liu Williamson / Too Tong / Mon HoweAh Hee / Yee / Choy Go Hing Kee Chong / Sun You Mon Hoy WinHingAh See Goudy Ky Ling Kiy Chung Moy Hing Win JamesAllen / Gum Hip Chong Kong Sing Muller / Ah Tack Wong Young / Yau KongBrown Hongue Kum For Poy Yee Lee / SoderblomChing Hoy Hooklin La Gog Quon Yee WingChong Dye Hoon Lee (Henry) Reece Yee YingChun Quan Hop War Lee (Thomas and Tom) Shung / Chung /Chang Yen Hop / DaleyChung Hoy Lee / Kwok Soong Yet / ReidChy Wong Jipp / Moy Hing Lee / Quing Lee Speance / Ah Lum / Yin Moon Tong YoungCleary Johnson Lee Hin Mun Sung Yee Yin PoonFinn / Tracey Jong Wah / Lee Lee Kee Chong Tart Lum Bew / Yum Sume Lumbewe
  10. 10. Eastern & Australian Steamship Company’s Tourist Guide to China, Japan…, 1899
  11. 11. ‘One of our mostvigilant officers’Customs InspectorJ. T. T. Donohoe worked outof Customs House atSydney’s Circular Quay.He was said to know ‘moreabout the Chinese than anyother European in Sydney’.Sydney Morning Herald,20 September 1898Customs House, Sydney, c.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Ethel EdithGo HingTwo of the four pagesof Ethel Go Hing’s file,1915NAA: SP42/1, C1915/6424
  14. 14. Birth certificate register NAA: SP726/2
  15. 15. Albert Edward LeeCertificate Exempting fromDictation Test, 1909Baptismal certificate, 1901Birth certificate, issued 1909NAA: ST84/1, 1909/21/21-30NAA: SP42/1, C1909/1908
  16. 16. Horace La Gog’s birth certificate, 1888, made no reference to his (Chinese) father because his parentsHorace La Gog were not married.(born Horace Clary) NAA: SP42/1, B1906/3520
  17. 17. Alfred Ablong‘I have heard rumours ofparents selling the birthcertificates of their childrenborn in Australia of mixedparentage… I can only thinkthat this has been done withmy own certificate.’NAA: SP42/1, 1914/
  18. 18. Walter WayPhotographs of four-year-oldWalter Way attached to theback of his memorandum ofadoption, 1902Photographs of the boy whoreturned as Walter Way in1911NAA: SP42/1, C1912/906
  19. 19. HerbertMelbourneHooklin,aka Mun Kee‘I have personally examinedMun Kee, who has the typicalappearance of a full-bloodedChinese in contradistinction tohis reputed brothers whoshow distinct evidence of theirEuropean descent.’– Dr Reid, Chief QuarantineOfficer-General, 1916NAA: SP42/1, C1916/4059
  20. 20. OhhoKong Sing‘… owing to the specialcircumstances of hiscase, the ordinaryCertificate was notissued nor the Fee of£2 collected.’NAA: SP42/1, B1905/1616Australian Town and CountryJournal, 23 March 1889
  21. 21.