Early Breast Cancer Detection
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Early Breast Cancer Detection



الحملة الوطنية للكشف المبكر عن سرطان الثدي

الحملة الوطنية للكشف المبكر عن سرطان الثدي



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Early Breast Cancer Detection Early Breast Cancer Detection Presentation Transcript

  • ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Kingdom of Bahrain
  • What is Cancer? Cancer is a disease that causes cells in the body to change and grow out of control. Most types of cancer form a lump or mass called a tumor. Most types of tumors that form in the breast are called Benign , that is, they are not cancerous. Other types are Insitu or Invasive . Breast Cancer begins in breast tissue which is made of glands for milk. The remainder is made up of fatty and lymphatic tissue. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for nearly one in every three cancers diagnosed. All women are at risk of getting breast cancer. As age increases, the risk increases. 2/3 of breast cancer happens in women 40 years of age and older. Men are generally at low risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Bahrain Cancer Society The Bahrain Cancer Society was established in 1989 as an NGO. The society was formed by a diversity of the Bahraini community such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, educators and much more. The main purpose of the society lies in the fact that almost 70% of the cancer can be avoid and controlled by preventive measure, but nevertheless many citizens and residents die every year as a result of this hazardous disease. Among the society’s many objectives is to raise public awareness of the disease via bulletins, booklets, conferences, lectures, to develop and recommend plans for prevention, to support cancer victims and their families and to promote research studies.
  • Objectives
    • • Survey and register rates of incidence and spread of the disease and its effects on the health, social and economic aspects of the community. • Recommend plans for prevention, such as campaign for the early detection of breast cancer. • Coordination between all concerned with cancer therapy and follow up developments in other countries. • Organize conferences and seminars to increase knowledge of the disease with the participation of foreign experts. • Maintaining contacts with similar societies in the gulf and other countries as well as with the relevant international organizations to benefit from their experience and coordinates efforts in this field. • Comprehensive awareness programs in the media. • Give all possible support to cancer patients especially those in need. • Support research and publications on the subject and update information on the latest available treatment of the disease.
    • Among the activities undertaken by the Society is the organization of seminars, lectures and colloquiums on the educational and professional level and on the scientific level in coordination with the health, academic and research institutions and participating in local, regional and international conferences to keep up with the latest developments in the fields of prevention, screening and treatment of the disease.
    • On the social level, the Society is present in the different local events and celebrations. It distributes educational publications and participates in charity events to help the needy cancer patients financially and morally.
  • How to Help
    • The Bahrain Cancer Society is a humanitarian organization, from and for the people. Your contribution in supporting this society through membership, voluntary work, providing time for cancer patients, donations, or any form of support will help other citizens who are in grave need of your financial and emotional aid.
  • For almost 20 years, the Bahrain Cancer Society has educated women in Bahrain about the importance of breast self-examination and the significance of early breast disease detection by mammogram. Effective August 2005, the Bahrain Cancer Society, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and under the sponsorship of BATELCO, launched the NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR THE EARLY DETECTION OF BREAST DISEASE in Bahrain. The campaign was set to run for only 2 years during which it was hoped to screen the majority of 53,000 women who are 40 years of age and above (estimated according to the Central Population Register). Due to the significance and importance of this project, the Ministry of Health has decided to renew the campaign for another 2 years. Breast Cancer Screening in Bahrain
  • All efforts are needed to help every woman carefully understand the need for performing a mammogram. It is very important to start fighting the disease before it is too late. The Ministry of Health allocated 5 health centers to provide the most convenient coverage for different areas of the kingdom. It also provided a weekly breast assessment clinic at the Salmaniya Medical Complex run by a specialized team of doctors for reviewing reports and providing the necessary treatment for the positive cases in due course.
    • Screening is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE and is held 6 days a week at the following medical centers:
    • Hamad Kanoo Medical Center (Issa Town)
    • National Bank of Bahrain Medical Center (Aarad)
    • Naim Medical Center (Manama)
    • Al Aali Medical Center (Al Aali)
    • Mohamad Jassim Kanoo Medical Center (Madinat Hamad)
    • All five centers are equipped with the latest Mammography machines and diagnostic equipment. The mammogram is performed by a highly trained technician and requires only 15-20 minutes.
  • Mammogram Mammogram is the best method to detect breast cancer at an early stage. A Mammogram is an x-ray of the breast capable of detecting changes in the breast tissue that could lead to breast cancer.
  • Some lumps can be felt when they are this size However, smaller lumps of this size can only be detected by Mammogram
  • How is the Mammogram done?
  • Using a special machine, the breast is placed onto a screen and compressed. Each breast is x-rayed from 2 different views. The procedure is slightly painful and uncomfortable.
  • Is the Mammogram safe?
    • The amount of x-rays omitted during a Mammogram is measurable to that of an x-ray at the dentist clinic.
    Yes, it is perfectly safe!
  • Breast Cancer in Bahrain
    • Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Bahrain, accounting for 34.6% of all cancers. This is the highest in the Arab World. Affecting mostly the age group between 45 and 55.
    • There is clearly a need for increased awareness about breast cancer by women in Bahrain, and the need for early detection through regular screening.
  • Country Statistics 1998-2004 2.8 3.3 1.9 2.5 3.5 3.1 3.7 Stomach 3.2 3.8 2.9 3 3 2.6 2.7 Colon 3.7 1.9 1.4 1 2.5 1 1.6 Rectum 7.8 5.7 6.3 4 7.1 5.2 10.1 Trachea, Bronchus, Lung 34 32.6 26.1 42.6 41.5 34.3 22.4 Breast 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998   Incidence rate per 100,000 of cancer among Bahraini females 1998-2004
  • Campaign Statistics As at April 2007 Number of Patients Screened: 11272 Number of Patients diagnosed by Age Group: 52 Total 9 61 and above 14 51-60 16 46-50 12 40-45 1 Less than 40 Positive by Age
  • Number of Patients diagnosed by Age Group: Number of Patients per Center: 11272 Total 36 80 And Above 263 70-79 1115 60-69 2946 50-59 6827 40-49 85 Less Than 40 Age of Screened Women 11272 Total 2 Salmaniya Medical Complex 6 Others 2707 National Bank of Bahrain 3105 Naim 1649 Moh'd Jassim Kanoo 2450 Hamad Kanoo 1353 Al Aali   Patient per Center
  • Cost Regardless the number of patients screened, the campaign costs the Bahrain Cancer Society approximately BD7000 per month. This includes Technicians, Clerks, Machines, Maintenance, Material and supplies.
  • وزارة الصحة MINISTRY OF HEALTH جمعية البحـرين لمكافحـة السـرطـان BAHRAIN CANCER SOCITY شركة الاتصالات السلكية واللاسلكية BATELCO Do not hesitate and call now for a Mammogram appointment at a center near to you. 17273636 or 80001818
  • Cancer does not have to mean the end. It can be the beginning of a healthy and productive life.
    • THANK YOU!