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Noxel Xtream Series


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  • 1. Digital Signage Solution
  • 2. What is NOXEL Xtream Where can NOXEL series? Xtream be used?
  • 3. What isNOXEL Xtream Series?
  • 4. NOXEL Xtream take the samemethod of traditional signage, mix itwith a higher level of control andadvance technology of NXDS600 toconvey the message on a digitalscreen. Information Advertisement Entertainment
  • 5. Using different aspects of digital technology such as digital screen, High Definition digitalProcessing by using NXDS600 and Central Content Management, made the NOXEL Xtreamas effective device to deliver content such as information, advertisements and entertainmentto capture the attention of audience.Digital Screen Noxel NXDS600 Digital SignageDigital content
  • 6. NOXEL Xtream total solution can beused to swap or improve current methodsof promote, advertise and allocation ofinformation. information advertisements Entertainment• news • Products • movie clips• weather • Services • music clips• events • music• people • television
  • 7. MEDIA REGIONS LOGO Use transparent PNG filesCreate Series of art to mark your logo or theworks, pictures and sponsorship on the videopresentations to promote contentyour products andservices, keep them updated to reflect your newoffers instantlyTEXT TICKERSUpdate your audienceswith world latest news inMultilanguage text and VIDEO CONTENTRSS feeds in separated Attaché a high qualitylines and change your video file or stream a livemassages instantly TV content to be displayed in an automatically scaled FLASH region of all your screens PRESENTATION Use Flash Presentations to reflect updated time and date, weather forecasts, currency rates, or your Facebook updated contents on your signage
  • 8. With NOXEL Xtream, digital signage it can be: Open Configurable High- platform for pull push Horizontal definition and Video Walls integration mode and and vertical synchronized and additional synchronizati playback sources on Video up LAN DMA Fully Internal Monitor scaling to Player On comprehensiv storage, a control and IP Streaming enhance demand e web-based variety of status in HD Quality advertising scheduling extensions retrieval playback of video media resolution Suitable for Almost Digital and Low power Highly cost real time tough Maintenance analog audio consumption effective updated environments free
  • 9. Where CanNOXEL Xtream Be Used?
  • 10. NOXEL Xtream solution creates opportunity for business in avariety of environments including: Retail stores Pub & bar Restaurants Medical Centers Air ports & Bank & financial Corporations Governmental Terminals Centers
  • 11. NOXEL Xtream series is able to providethe complete Digital Signage Solution.NOXEL Xtream series provides thenecessary products and services toensure that the proper result meets yourbusiness requirements. These includeboth the hardware as well all servicesassociated to the digital signageoperation.NOXEL Xtream series not only introducesDigital Signage that is new and anexciting way to attract, educate andamuse the audience, but also makes itpossible in a most green (only 5w) wayby using minimal equipment and energy.
  • 14. Inside the NXCM
  • 15. Inside the NXCM The NXCM platform provides a full diagnostic window on the state and performance of a digital signage network’s players, and gives users deep, exhaustive remote management capabilities that lower and control their total operating costs.Design Layouts Presentations Monitoring
  • 16. RegistrationNXCM platforms exclusively use NOXEL’s NXDS600 Xtream series player - atiny, solid-state player custom-designed to play regular and 3D video at full1080P HD, and do it flawlessly for years.NXDS600s automatically find and register with their NXCM server when firstdeployed, and require no IT skills to install and activate.
  • 17. Highlights & Key features
  • 18. HighlightsAffordable• A combination of software and hardware pricing, and ultra reliability, delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership on the digital signage marketFlexible• Hosted SaaS or self-managed options for operators, on a web-based platform accessible using any major browser and operating system, and by mobile. A variety of options is available to distribute, manage and play out content, including pull and push modes, and content synchronizationReliable• NOXEL’s dedicated, solid-state NXDS media players are designed to play without interruption for years, and respond to remote reboot and device management controls built in to NXCMFriendly• Our “at-a-glance” user experience lets operators quickly see the state of planning and scheduling, and network healthSophisticated• Extensive, calendar-based planning and scheduling for Media Show playlists, presentations and plansRich• Support for multi-zone screens and layered visual elements.
  • 19. Key features Setting up the network and designing layouts requires minimal technical orgraphic design knowledge or skills The combination of ultra-reliable players, device management and controltools in NXCM simplifies installations, and minimizes outages costly fieldservicing Automated and real-time update features, as well as priority-basedscheduling, ensure timely, accurate programming and streamlined networkoperations Rights and roles-based, multiple user management provides peace of mindon who’s using the system