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Noxel Building Automation


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  • 1. ADVANCED CONTROL AND AUTOMATION your time , our concern
  • 2. At NOXELwe define Luxury as “Time, Space and Silence” and you are in thecentre of our attention to detail.The art of living is your luxury.Our solution oriented advanced control and automation technology give you a new dimension in the art of living in luxury.
  • 3. WHAT IS NOXEL ART OF LIVINGWelcome to the future of automation. Experience the powerto integrate and automate audio/video, environmental andcommunication technologies with one-touch simplicity andwireless convenience. Welcome to a place where you have one,unified system designed to meet your every need and desire.A system that provides you with bespoke luxury and perfectlycomplements your way of life, with the freedom to take controlon all your house technology systems from anywhere, at any time.A system that connects you with a larger world, keeps you secureand entertained, and lights your way.
  • 4. WHAT IS THE CONTROL SYSTEM COMMAND Our Touch Screen Panels are your window into the world of control. Our full line of panels offers you a variety of innovative features.Whether your needs call for a 4” display or the expanded on-screen real estate of our 17” Wide screen, you can instantly automate any integrated piece of audio/video, environmental and communications equipment. Navigate intelligently designed user interfaces that reveal the richest colours, brightest displays and sharpest icons. Complement any room in your home (or business) and incorporate your sense of style with cutting edge animation, graphics, video and audio. CONTROL/AUTOMATE Our solution represents the catalyst for automating your home (or business). The Control System translates information between Touch Screen Panels and the integrated equipment to obtain the desired results, from single functions to a series of events. These could be as simple as controlling one component or as complex as managing hundreds of devices. COMMUNICATE Our Control System communicates with any electronic equipment, such as DAD and VCR players, CD changers, plasma screens, cameras, pagers, intercoms, plasma screens, projectors, lights, thermostats, personal computers and more.
  • 5. WHAT DO WE CONTROLControl all of the technical functions of yourhome (or business) including audio and video,lighting, air temperature / HVAC, security,curtains, drapes, and more, from one customprogrammable Touch Screen Panel.
  • 7. RESIDENTIALHome Automation Solutions from NOXEL streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimatelifestyle of comfort and convenience. Whether from an easy-to-use color Touch Screen Panel, remote or a customized keypad,total control is always at your fingertips.NOXEL lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. Imagine with just a single touch the lights dim, the shadesclose, the plasma TV turns on and your favourite movie begins.Applications available for:› Villa› Apartments› Central Building Solutions
  • 8. SMART OFFICE We simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms or throughout the entire office complex. Integrated solutions from NOXEL simplify installation and practical usage, as well as maintenance and scalability. Applications available for: › Boardrooms › Conference Rooms › Training Centers › Lobbies › Digital Signage › Classrooms › Auditoriums › Enterprise-Wide Control
  • 9. MULTIPLE DWELLINGNOXEL now offers the same level of distinction and sophistication to discerningresidents of the finest luxury condominiums, planned communities, hotelsand penthouses. Our Technology Solution provides a modern, automatedhome environment that eliminates the need to walk from room to roomto adjust drapes, lights, temperature, and audio/video components. A simple,personalized touch panel can automate an entire unit providing the ultimatelifestyle of luxury and convenience.Applications available for:› Apartment Residences› Luxury Condominiums› Townhouses› High Rise Buildings› Hotels
  • 10. HOTEL INDUSTRY NOXEL can automate and control virtually all facets of a luxury hotel including guest rooms, ballrooms / meeting rooms, pool, spa, restaurants, and nightclubs. HOTEL ROOM / SUITE More and more, guests are expecting the same experience or better in a hotel room that they would have in their own home. NOXEL brings this experience to them with the ability to easily access services and to control their environment and various audio / video products in their hotel room or suite. NOXEL Touch Panels, remote controls, lighting keypads can create this experience. Hotel restaurant menus can be converted to electronic menus displayed on NOXEL Touch Panels that allow guests to: View pictures of the menu offerings, choose their favorite side dishes and beverages, indicate how they want their food prepared or even check nutritional information, Select the meal delivery time, Order hotel guest services like spa and sport court scheduling and activities, concierge / maid services and other services provided by outside vendors (foodservice, purchasing tickets or retrieving schedules of event, daycare and other services). MEETING / CONFERENCE ROOMS NOXEL automation and control solutions maximize your communication experience in your meeting by enabling the automation and control of environmental controls like HVAC, window treatments, and lighting presets, and audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers, and computers.
  • 11. BALLROOMS AND EVENT HALLSIn ballrooms and event halls, it is important to managethe challenges that come with these large venues inhotels. NOXEL can control and automate the lighting,HVAC, speakers, microphones, cameras, and othertechnologies in multiple areas or zones of a hotelballroom or event hall.RESTAURANTS AND NIGHTCLUBSCreate the ideal experience for customers usingNOXEL Touch Panels to control and automate controlof entertainment displays, distributing audio or video,HVAC and lighting control to various areas of a restaurantor nightclub. At night or at various times throughoutthe day, control lighting presets or set up areas of arestaurant or nightclub like entertainment stages orkaraoke areas, and audio / video entertainment.MEDIA CONTROL CENTERSHotels can automate and control the process ofcontent management and distribution of audio, video,and gaming content to hotel guest rooms or suites orother areas of a hotel.
  • 12. PRIVATE TRANSPORT Experience luxury. The extravagant appointments of cutting edge private transportation – buses, aircraft, yachts, automobiles and other high-end vehicles. As you fly in your jet, simply touch a button on the NOXEL Touch Panel to turn off music and video monitors to make an important call. While sailing on your yacht, create a romantic setting by lighting the fireplace, dimming the lights, and selecting soothing background music – all from the touch of a button. Create a memorable image. Whether you are entertaining business partners or hosting family and guests, NOXEL control sets an unmatched standard of comfort and luxury. Rather than struggle to maintain a sense of professionalism and convenience during a brief meeting, you can trust NOXEL to showcase your willingness to embrace cutting edge technology. One touch does it all. Place yourself on a yacht, jet, recreational vehicle or other custom designed mode of transportation fully appointed with NOXEL. Take your Touch Panel in hand to order drinks, cover and uncover the pool, activate surveillance cameras - even raise and lower the helicopter pad for an immediate departure.
  • 13. CLASSROOMEnjoy the benefits of technology in the classroom by using DVDs, document cameras,Internet, streaming media and PC applications such as PowerPoint and Excel topresent your curriculum. Control the AV equipment, lights, drapes and screens froman intuitive easy-to-use Touch Screen Panel.Applications available for:› Classrooms› Lecture Halls› Auditoriums› Theatres› Observatories› Science Labs› Student Activity› Centres and Campus-Wide Control
  • 14. GOVERNMENT Whether you are displaying evidence in a courtroom, voting in a council chamber, collaborating on a response plan in an EOC or controlling cameras in a NOC, NOXEL streamlines and simplifies the technology you use to make your tasks easier with precision. We understand the unique and specialized needs of government and military agencies and the importance of securely automating control of the technology throughout a facility. Remotely monitoring and controlling all systems from your LAN is one touch screen button away. Lighting, HVAC, security and AV automation and control are at your fingertips from anywhere you need to be. Applications available for: › Courtrooms › Classrooms › Council Chambers › Lecture Halls › Network Operations Centre › Auditoriums › Control & Command Centres › Observatories › Training Facilities › Enterprise-Wide Control
  • 15. COMMERCIAL LIGHTING APPLICATIONS We bring the most comprehensive line of user-interfaces to commercial lighting and dimming control, plus the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control buildings over standard IP networks. Implementing our solution means managing Lighting, Audio, Video and a plethora of other building management controls in ways that keep facilities running effectively and efficiently. Applications available for: › Conference Centres › Corporate Offices › Hotels and Resorts › Government Builders › Restaurant Chains › Courtrooms › Schools and Universities › Airports › Laboratories › Museums › Research Facilities › Libraries › Hi-End Retailers › Showrooms, › Corporate Offices › Public Venues
  • 16. HOME THEATER CUSTOM DESIGN & INSTALLATION Appropriate planning is a key factor in overall system performance. We offer quality of design and installation allowing you to get the most from your investment today as well as in the future. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in creating the ultimate home entertainment experience. Understanding the balance between function and form allows NOXEL to custom design systems that not only look incredible in your home or business, but they sound amazing as well. NOXEL offers a full range of motorized theater seating, billiards table, pub table & chairs, in addition to a number of other theater accessories.
  • 17. DEVELOPERS AND REAL ESTATEYOUR PROPERTY ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL. DISTINGUISH YOUR PROPERTY FROM THE REST.Superior services characterize the world’s most prominent landmark housing developments. Implementing innovative technologies designedto simplify and enhance the homeowner’s lifestyle is what characterizes the very finest.The NOXEL Amenities Solution is the most effective way to successfully attract residents who expect the highest level of sophisticationwhen choosing a property.REFINEDA dynamic landscape of services exists in the 21st Century lifestyle. With the right infrastructure and networking in place, you can deliverthe perfect blend of convenience, luxury and satisfaction.The NOXEL Amenities Solution immediately enhances your property’s profile, positioning it at the forefront second to none next tothe emerging competition. Our Solution is available in formats for master-planned communities, country club estates, Manor Houses,Chateaux, Urban Lofts or high-rise condominiums.REMARKABLEAs residents become technology savvy, advanced service offerings are becoming increasingly sought after, promising a competitive edge foryour property, providing the art of living.
  • 18. NOXEL SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW Lighting Automation Set dynamic lighting scenes room by room, zone by zone or throughout a facility. One simple button press can accent architectural features, create helpful task lighting. NOXEL brings the most comprehensive line of user interfaces to lighting and dimming control, plus the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control over standard IP networks. Climate Control Temperature settings can be automatically adjusted based on time of day or room usage. Our Climate Solutions keeps the temperature comfortable at all times monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. Security & Intercoms You can control and monitor all security cameras, gates, doors and windows and watch what’s going on outside or at entrance right from your touch panel. Communication with personal Audio and video intercom solutions provide a much easier way of communication in your home or office.You can also be in contact with your security personal right from your touch panel. Camera Control Whether you need to pan, tilt, zoom or focus, you can do it simply and smoothly and even store presets for quick recall. RFID Tracking NOXEL with Active RFID allows users to instantly determine the general location of tagged assets anywhere within the facility. Installation of «control point» detection zones at strategic locations throughout the facility allows the user to define logical zones and monitor high traffic areas. Tagged assets moving through these control points provide instant location data. Window Treatment Window shades or curtains can be opened/closed on
  • 19. demand and automated to open/close by pre-programmedcommands.All drapes, shades and projector screens are all controlledautomatically from the touch panel.Digital SignageWith NOXEL software platform, you can visually communicateyour brand and your message quickly and easily, locally oraround the world, to both employees and customers, all froma central location.Pool & SpaCome on in; the water’s great.With just a touch, you can easilyadjust pool and spa temperature and other controls.Video/Audio TeleconferenceVideo/Audio Teleconference Collaboration made simple. Withthe touch of a button, video/audio teleconferencing makeseveryone feel like they’re in the same room.Telephone IP PBXAffordable,Reliable,Productivity-Enhancing IP Communications,NOXEL IP PBX offer organizations an economical IP telephonyand messaging solution that delivers powerful phone featuresand supports multimedia communications based on SessionInitiation Protocol (SIP). The platform’s practical design andaffordability helps businesses replace antiquated PBXs withVoIP solutions that handle unified voicemail/email messaging(a standard feature), support a full range of IP phones andinteroperate with the PSTN.AmenitiesValet Parking, Information Center, Front Desk, Messaging,Ordering beverages in middle of your meeting, Cleaningservice, all what you need with one touch technology.Audio DistributionManage and enjoy music throughout the entire home, youroffice or in outdoor area. Control your audio with professionalaudio distribution tools.
  • 20. NOXEL SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW Microphone Manage speaker/audience microphones as well as select preset volume levels. CD Complete CD control made easy including Play, Stop and Pause. CD Changer Your CDs are easily accessible from a safe and secure location. FM/AM Newstalk, Lite Rock, Smooth Jazz,Weather and Traffic -all your FM and AM stations can be brought up instantly. IPOD Use your IPOD as a music player for all rooms and levels. NOXEL Music Thousands of CDs are available on demand and it’s easy to browse or search CD Cover Art for your favorite. Satellite Radio From Classical to Bluegrass, choose from over 100 channels of digital satellite radio. Video Distribution Control any DVD player, projector,VCR, document camera and more from an intuitive touch panel. The correct equipment is turned on, the right settings are selected and the media is displayed automatically with the touch of a button. Live TV Central Access and display live satellite or cable TV programs in any room or TV of your choice. TV Favorites SKY or CNBC? Access and display TV channels just by pressing a graphic icon – never memorize channel numbers again.
  • 21. Recorded TVWatch, pause, and record your movies, TV shows, photos, andinternet videos.Scheduled and time-shift TV recording ensures none of yourfavorite programs are missed.DVDFull control of your DVD Player from your touch screen.Play or archive your favorite DVDs, Put your DVDs into theNOXEL main units and let it automatically find DVD cover art,plot synopsis, actor/actress information, and more.You can also copy your discs onto the hard drive & stream itanywhere at home.VCRWe’ve made accessing, playing and controlling VHS tapessimple and easy.QualityRich video functionality is achieved through various displayoptions including DVI, HDMI™PC ControlControl your PC just like you were at the keyboard. Easilyinteract with any application right from the touch panel.NOXEL Movies and Media StorageImagine having hundreds of movie clips, company presentationand videos available on demand to be viewed instantly.Video/Audio TeleconferenceCollaboration made simple. With the touch of a button, video/audio teleconferencing makes everyone feel like they’re in thesame room.FreedomNOXEL gives you the capability to organize and share yourmusic and video libraries, create slideshows, and completelycontrol the authoring process: edit, design and record digitalcontent for video or audio CDs and DVDs.
  • 22. NOXEL GREEN NOXEL Green is a complete line of lighting, HVAC, and shade/drape control for both commercial and residential applications, designed to maximize energy conservation and cost savings. Our residential solutions are built with combinations of complex systems, including security, distributed audio/video, HVAC, lighting, motorized window treatments and more. NOXEL connects all these systems on a single, flexible control backbone, simplifying the user experience and intelligently conserving energy in the process. For buildings and commercial units we enable building managers to monitor, control and manage energy consumption on a facility-wide basis with an array of intelligent devices and powerful software tools. Combined with the ability to integrate sensors and automate functions, We maximize opportunities to save energy in commercial buildings without diminishing occupant comfort or productivity. All our solutions for energy saving are also supported through our solar, Wind & Alternative Power products.
  • 23. CONTACT US You now saw the universe of NOXEL Advanced Control and Automation technology. Let us help you enjoy the Luxury “Time, Space and Silence”. We are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.Just contact NOXEL and we will be there to deliver the key for your personal turnkey solution. No matter where you are based, our advisory and implementation teams will reach you to provide you with your bespoke automation solution. Contact us now for your Consultancy Meeting. 01 Consultancy meeting and studying all requirement of the project 06 Detail planning and time plan for the project 02 Understanding project requirement and finding the best solution 07 Pre works as cabling and mounting onsite 03 Planning the solution with our consultants and engineers 08 Full integration & installation onsite 04 Quotation of the solution offered 09 Complete test of all equipment, cabling and functionality 05 Client’s confirmation on the plans & quotation 10 Client’s Approval on our solution and protocols The art of living is your luxury
  • 24.