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Klonopin rash Klonopin rash Presentation Transcript

  • klonopin rashhsar nipn lk oo advertisement We d ne s d ay, J une , 20 11 6 :0 0 PM Po s te d b y Sup e rb Site Klo no pin 2m g x 30 pills $ 119 Buy Hight Quality Pills Without Prescription! We accept VISA, E- Check. EMS/USPS, Express Airmail Beat the Heat delivery 5- 8 days $34 terrameds.net By Dave J Mitchell Klo no pin 2m g x 30 Pills $ 84 - Klonopin (Clonaz epam/Rivotril) - NO RX REQUIRED - Express Delivery - As we trudge through the dog days of Secured Checkout - 30 Pills for $84 , 60 Pills for... summer here in Michigan, the temperature HighQualityDrugs.net regularly soars above 90 degrees with Klo no pin (Clo naze pam ) 2m g x Klonopin (Clonaz epam) 1mg, 2mg. humidity levels of equal value. Sometimes VISA,E- Check accepted. Worldwide the air seems so thick you could cut slices Express Shipping 5- 8 days $34 newpills.com through it with a knife, with each breath seeming to take ten times the effort to get into your lungs as it does on a cool day. search the web This is sadly the time of year that I tend to exercise the least, as I simply cannot handle the heat. The air PDFmyURL.com
  • conditioning in my house is woefully inadequate, my little bungalow doesnt have the best insulation in theupper level, so it gets too hot to even think about going upstairs, much less running on the treadmill upthere. So often, the 90 degree weather outside is my best option - at least you get the occasional coolbreez e outside. You just have to know how to prepare for the experience. FinanceHow hot is too hot? HotelsUnfortunately, there is no " magic number" to answer this question. There are numerous factors that decide Furniturethis, including physical condition and genetics. And it doesnt have to even be hot outside, some people Gamesjust react differently to different environments. InsuranceIn fact, a study in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise discusses a " well- trained Carsmale runner in his late 30s" who collapsed just a mere ten meters short of the finish line of a marathon from Moviesheat stroke. His body was at a core temperature of 105.3 degrees Fahrenheit half an hour after hecollapsed. And the real kicker here - the temperature outside? A high of 49 degrees. Fahrenheit. No, not MapsCelsius, Fahrenheit. And remember, this was a seasoned athlete here, not some out of shape weekend 2- Loanmile runner. MusicThe key is that you need to find what works for you. If you are running and begin to feel weak or diz z y, an Travelunusually rapid heartbeat or get a headache - you may be experiencing the warning signs of heatexhaustion, the precursor to heat stroke. Your body will give you plenty of advanced warning of heat-related illness, making it easy to prevent if you just listen to the messages your body sends you. Ignoringthe early warning signs can have some disastrous results, possibly sending you to the emergency room - orworse.If you are in a new area which is warmer than what you are accustomed to, it may take your body up to aweek to acclimate itself to your new surroundings. You should avoid strenuous workouts in the heat untilthat week has passed.Moral of the story? This can happen to anyone, even you. PDFmyURL.com
  • The Sweaty SixThere are six main heat- related illnesses that you will need to concern yourself with. All are serious to somedegree, however one is potentially fatal.#1: Heat ExhaustionHeat exhaustion is thought be the the onset of other heat related illnesses. It typically begins when thecore body temperature is in the range of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of thesymptoms of heat exhaustion are heavy sweating, nausea, diz z iness, fainting, weakness, headache,vomiting or cold and clammy skin.To treat heat exhaustion, a mild case requires little more than getting into a cool place, resting andhydrating with sodium- containing liquids such as sports drinks. In more severe cases, fluids may be givenintravenously and ice packs may be used for rapid cool down of the body.#2: Heat CrampsHeat cramps are one of the first warning signs that your body is in danger of overheating. It is thought thatprofuse sweating combined with a lack of water and electrolyte intake lead to muscle spasms that make itvery uncomfortable to continue exercising. It should be noted that getting heat cramps does not predisposeyou for any further heat- related illnesses.Treatment for heat cramps will include stretching of the muscles, massage and icing the muscles down. Youshould also make sure to hydrate yourself, as well as getting some sodium into your system - a sports drinksuch as Gatorade will help to reduce further cramping.#3: Heat EdemaHeat edema is a mild heat illness that occurs when the body has not yet become acclimated to a new,warmer surrounding. There will be mild swelling and redness in the extremities as blood pools there in anattempt to cool off the body. This is more common in older adults who are getting acclimated to tropical PDFmyURL.com
  • climates.Heat edema is treated by rest and elevation of the limbs. You can also use compression stockings inextreme cases, but it will usually take care of itself in 7- 14 days, or when the athlete returns to their normalclimate.#4: Heat RashMiliaria rubra, commonly known as " heat rash" is a itchy, and sometime painful set of small red bumps thatappear on the skin when you are in the heat too long. You will most commonly find this in highly sweatyareas such as the waist, trunk or groin. It is caused by obstruction of the sweat ducts. Excessive scratchingcan cause Staphylococcus infection as well.To treat heat rash, cooling of the area is the best thing you can do, sometimes changing the clothes youwear when running will help. If the rash does not go away on its own in a few days, you may get a creamfrom the doctor such as an antibacterial/steroid combination that will eliminate it quickly.#5: Heat SyncopeAnother mild heat illness, heat syncope is caused again by pooling of the blood in the extremities,combined with a rapid change in body position such as standing up after riding a bicycle in the hot weather.The most common remedy for heat syncope is to put the patient into a supine position (laying down, faceup) in a cool spot. Elevation of the legs may help, but is often not necessary. You also want to make sureyou are taking in liquids, as dehydration is probably one of the the things that caused the illness in the firstplace.#6: Heat StrokeThere are two types of heat stroke, classic and exertional. Between the two of them, they are responsible foraround 400 deaths per year. PDFmyURL.com
  • The first type, classic, is where the environment takes on a larger role, such as a particularly bad summerheat wave. These cases are common among the elderly who may not have air conditioning in their homes.This is often a result of the body not having time to get acclimated to the climate.The second type, exertional is the one that runners really need to be careful of. This is where the heat isgenerated by the athletes body from an aggressive workout. Exertional heat stroke is the third leadingcause of death among athletes, with football players seeing the largest number of individual deaths eachyear.In both cases, the symptoms will be similar to heat exhaustion, only more pronounced, with the addedpossibility of collapse, seiz ures or unconsciousness. The core body temperature will have rise to over 104degrees Fahrenheit. At this point the person will definitely require medical attention, as an aggressivecooling plan needs to be put into place, the body must be returned to normal temperatures between 30- 60minutes from the time of the initial onset.Who Is At The Greatest Risk?The two easiest groups to pick out are the young and the elderly (under age 15, over age 75). Their bodiesare far more susceptible to heat than the rest. People who have a history of heat- related illness are notonly at a greater risk of developing heat- related illnesses in the future, but also at greater risk for furthercomplications down the road.People with medical conditions such as ecz ema or psoriasis are at higher risk, as are those who areoverweight and/or in poor cardiovascular health. Even something as simple as not getting a good nightssleep can increase your risk considerably.There are also several external factors that can contribute to heat illness susceptibility. One of which istaking certain medications. The long list includes allergy medicines, cough and cold medicines, bloodpressure and heart medication, products containing pseudo ephedrine, diet pills, medication for irritablebladder and bowel syndromes, laxatives, benz odiaz epines like Klonopin, Valium or Librium, seiz ure PDFmyURL.com
  • medicines, thyroid pills and diuretics.Best Ways To Stay SafeThere are a few simple ways you can be sure you are safe when exercising in the heat. These are really allcommon sense, but I will mention them anyway. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below -Id love to hear other peoples tricks.Early To Bed, Early To Rise...Its a simple fact - in the middle of the summer, mid- day is just TOO hot to be out running. You would need tocarry around a gallon jug of water to replace what you are going to lose sweating for an hour in 90 degreeheat. So you have two options - early morning, or late night. I find early morning tends to be a lot coolerthan late night (at least up here in Michigan), it might get down to the sixties or seventies around 6 or 7am,whereas at 10pm it still is often 80- 85 degrees. I know it can be hard to wake up that early - but you will getSO much more accomplished in your day when you get up early, and start out with some breakfast and anice bit of exercise.Keeping HydratedYour body can lose an incredible amount of water in a short amount of time exercising in the heat. Makesure you drink plenty of water before you even leave the house, and it is a must to have a supply of waterwith you. I like to throw my water bottle in the freez er the night before, and grab it on the way out the door.That way the ice thaws as you run, and you always have cold water to drink. Add a tablespoon of sugar anda quarter teaspoon of salt to your bottle of water and save the buck on the sports drink (and spare yourbody from a few chemicals).Take It All OffIt is important to dress appropriately when the temperatures start to climb. Light, airy fabrics should be worn- try to avoid cotton based materials as they will just trap the heat next to your body. The moisture wickingfabrics are much better suited to summer exercise. When its steamy, shorts and a tank top are really what PDFmyURL.com
  • you should be wearing.Froz en TowelsThis is a great trick I picked up working in hot restaurant kitchens - you just take a small (hand- siz ed) towel,get it wet - then throw it in the freez er overnight. When you leave for your morning run, you grab it anddrape it around your neck. Having a cold towel on the back of your neck makes your whole body feelcooler, and it will stay cold for quite a while in the heat. Plus you get the added protection from sunburn onyour neck.Post- Run CleanupIt is always a good idea to bring a few clean towels and a change of clothes. with you for when you arefinished with your exercise routine. Wiping off that oily film of sweat will help open your pores and let yourbody cool down easier when you are finished, as will having some nice dry clothes to wear. This isespecially helpful for preventing heat rash.ConclusionHeat- related injuries and illnesses are easily preventable, all that is required is a little care and commonsense. Make sure you stay hydrated - bring water or a sports drink with you every time, even if you are onlygoing to be running 20 minutes. Be mindful of the temperature forecast - and remember that it will feelalmost twenty degrees hotter than it really is once your heart starts pumping.If you start to exhibit signs of heat related illness, stop immediately, get into the shade or air conditioning,and drink lots of fluids. If you do not recover within a reasonable amount of time you may need to seekmedical attention as heat stroke can be life- threatening.Sources Cited" Heat exhaustion and heatstroke: what you should know." American Family Physician 71.11 (June 1, 2005):2141. General OneFile. Gale. Eastern Michigan University. 5 Aug. 2008 PDFmyURL.com
  • Howe, Allyson S., and Barry P. Boden. " Heat- related illness in athletes.(Team PhysiciansComer)(Disease/Disorder overview)." The American Journal of Sports Medicine 35.8 (August 2007):1384(12). General OneFile. Gale. Eastern Michigan University. 5 Aug. 2008Wallace, Robert F., David Kriebel, Laura Punnett, David H. Wegman, and Paul J. Amoroso. " Prior heat illnesshospitaliz ation and risk of early death.(Author abstract)." Environmental Research 104.2 (June 2007):290(6). Academic OneFile. Gale. Eastern Michigan University. 5 Aug. 2008 .Sanders, A.J., and J. Redhead. " Heat stroke and 10K fun runs: new safety measures are called for." BritishJournal of Sports Medicine 40.10 (Oct 2006): 880(1). General OneFile. Gale. Eastern Michigan University. 5Aug. 2008 .Roberts, William O. " Exertional heat stroke during a cool weather marathon: A case study." Medicine andScience in Sports and Exercise 38.7 (July 2006): 1197- 1203. General OneFile. Gale. Eastern MichiganUniversity. 5 Aug. 2008 .This Article Written By David Mitchell, A Dietetics Major At Eastern Michigan University.For More articles, plus Food and Exercise Log analysis, free blog hosting, social news, message forums allfocuses around diet, health and nutrition check out: http://www.davesworkout.comThis article available in full with color pictures athttp://www.davesworkout.com/articles.php?read=12klo no p in rash Inf o rmat io n PDFmyURL.com
  • hsar nipn lk oo We d ne s d ay,J une , 20 11 6 :0 0 PM Po s te d b y Sup e rb Site An article that discusses heat- related illnesses that athletes need to worry about. Includes how to identify illnesses, how to treat them, and how to avoid them altogether. CO PYRIG HT (C) 20 11 SUPERBSITE.INFO . ALL RIG HTS RESERVED. KLO NO PIN RASH | PRIVACY PDFmyURL.com