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Klonopin euphoria

  1. 1. klonopin euphoriaai rope nipn lk hu oo advertisement We d ne s d ay, J une , 20 11 6 :0 0 PM Po s te d b y Sup e rb Site Find J o bs by T it le Search job openings by specific title & land that job today jobs.aol.com American Narcotic Prescription Drug Use Klo no pin Grows 300% - Plus 1998 to 2008 and Drives Local Klonopin Search. Free listings and reviews. Fiscal Irresponsibil yellowpages.lycos By Byron Cobb Co- Author: Byron P. Cobb Se e Dallas Are a Ho m e s Photos & prices of homes for sale there and across the US. See inside. realestate.aol.com In 2008, Americans consumed enough Prescription Narcotics to insure that 301,000,000 American men, women, and search the web children all could have received enough Narcotic pain killers to keep themselves in some form of euphoria for most of the year. The reader may accuse me of Inventing the Data. I would send you to the DEA website to verify it yourself via their Office of Diversion Control official Narcotic Production Quota for 1998- 2008. For the time being it is PDFmyURL.com
  2. 2. Financeavailable online, however this may change as I continue to try to bring to the public eye toward theuncontrolled growth in narcotics prescribing and consumption relative to the total amount of pain in the HotelsAmerican populace. FurnitureWe may ask how the infamous " THEY" could allow this to happen. Games InsuranceTake it a step further, what if I told you that since 1998, the amount of prescription narcotics consumed inthe U.S.A. was less than 33% on average that it is today? This forces the question. What has changed in our Carstotal pain levels and in our culture and pain thresholds that we now find ourselves requiring more than 3- Moviesfold greater an amount of opiates versus 1 decade prior? MapsWhen you are nested within the change and it takes place over time, it may be more difficult to perceive, but Loanwe and 1998 America do not have much in common any more. The personalities have changed. We have Musicundergone 2 decades of inflated income first with a dot.com stock boom and later with bloated real estateand uncontrolled revolving credit issuance. TravelThe raw data is available below and includes the DEA link to calculate for yourself. This is nice because it ispre- calculated into Dosage Units so that you can understand how absurd the figures are.301,000,000 AMERICAN of ALL AGES if divided equally would have:#50 - 5mg O xyco d o ne t ab le t s &# 30 - 5mg Hyd ro co d o ne t ab le t sNow add in other narcotics which are utiliz ed to an even greater extent and you certainly have enough forthe opiate naive to guarantee a full year of euphoria without even engaging the Benz odiaz apenes,Amphetamines, Methylphenidate, Methamphetamine, barbituates, and other psycotropic substancesregistered with the US FDA and distributed in America pursuant to physicians orders.To clarify to the reader, the Narcotic use data is sufficient to make much of our argument, however incombination with the data for other psychotropics such as Xanax(TM), alpraz olam in generic form, andAdderall (TM) (mixed amphetamine salts) and Ritalin (TM) (methylphenidate), Desoxyn (methamphetamine), PDFmyURL.com
  3. 3. Adderall (TM) (mixed amphetamine salts) and Ritalin (TM) (methylphenidate), Desoxyn (methamphetamine),and others, we build an even stronger case for reduced judgment capacity during the spending and fiscalplanning process in the individual household.Have you ever wondered why we spend so much money as Americans?It is interesting to ask people whether in Thailand or Braz il who is the easiest sell and who is the bigspender. They will rarely reply Italy or U.K. or Australia or New Z ealand. They will reply Americans. TheAmericans of this past decade are accustomed to being irresponsible with their money and not negotiating.We are also accustomed to gaining face through overspending instead of saving face by negotiating suchas many other cultures do. We have become culturally predisposed to overspending and thusly erasing ourcore savings rate.It only takes a street salesman of T-Shirts to notice: " If I call foreigner from UK cheap. He not care. He wantgood price. I say CHEAP CHEAP to American. He not happy. He pay more money for SAME" .Hearing this from and independent 3rd party in broken english yields a bigger picture. We are trained not tonegotiate under threat of being CHEAP and CHEAP is BAD. Frugality is demoniz ed in modern Americanculture. This was not always the case. There was once pride in the same.Where has this pride gone?Who has gained the most from a culture that thinks that it is cool to waste money?Our image in the world versus say the U.K. or Australia is a culture that spends without restraint, doesntnegotiate, and are a relatively easy sell. MTV and Copying our favorite Television stars and Musicians hasmade a culture all about every we " MUST HAVE" . We have become overly pacified and overly reliant ongovernment and our envisioned " SYSTEM" .What is the 10 year and 20 year picture of American habits, core savings, and medication changes.1. Core Savings Has Disappeared. The premise of living within your means and clearing your mortgage hasvanished and been replaced with buying that dress and car you always wanted to impress someone. Whathas happened to the concept of retiring on a free and clear title to ones home? PDFmyURL.com
  4. 4. 2. We were much more likely to buy what we did not need 2002- 2006 versus 1991- 1998. Why is that?3. Anti- Depressants, Anti- Anxiety Medication, Narcotics, Amphetamines, and other psychotropic prescriptionshave all exploded in quantity and dosage and breadth of population within this past decade.4. Television, Advertising, Mass Media and observations of friends, family, and neighbors has led to a formof behavioral therapy wherein even those unmedicated have felt pressure from the culture to copy andalign with the overspending patterns.Are these events related or not ?I do not think so. The Sheep Chronicles does not think so. I believe that if we bring enough data clearly outinto the open that common sense will prevail and Americans will be able to perceive what may well havebeen happening.Ask 10 people who you know take an SSRI anti- depressant or SNRI anti- depressant or who regularly usean anti- anxiety medication such as Xanax (Alpraz olam) or Klonopin (Clonaz apam). Ask them forimpressions.D O YO U SPEN D MO R E MO N EY O N T HIS MED IC AT IO N ?When your anxiety levels are reduced and you are not sad, you feel more open to spending money in manycases. This is the same as a person who drinks alcohol in a bar, gets drunk, and then the next day says;WOW! How could I have spent so much money in that bar? Its easy when you anxiety centers are relaxedand you feel good.Irrespective of the neurotransmitters in question, Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine, or others; chemically there isno doubt that medications, alcohol, tobacco, and other substances modify our chemically perceived realityand mood and thereby effect our behaviors. Now continue this equation with the massive use ofprescription pain management (narcotics) in the United States and we have a continuation of the sameeffects. A person who is feeling a " chemical high" is a potent consumer. They do not control their excess orsurplus of income by directing it into a boring savings account. They have reduced impulse control and theyspend. PDFmyURL.com
  5. 5. Put these variables together now:1. C he mically Fe e ling G o o d2. Massive Amo unt s o f Availab le C re d it C ard Sp ace3. Ho using O ve r- Valuat io n: Surp lus C ash Se e ms Availab le4 . MT V & C ult ure R e inf o rcing Sp e nd ing B e havio rs5. Inhe re nt She e p - Like N at ure o f Humanit yWE HAVE A R EC IPE FO R SELF R EIN FO R C IN G O VER SPEN D IN G .WHAT D O ES T HIS SAY AB O UT US?We are Sheeple but there is nothing new about that aspect of humanity.We are passive. We use the word " THEY" much more than 20 years prior. We fancy ourselves more civiliz edbut we may well be less so.We accept many ANTI- CONSUMER behaviors with a sense that we cannot do anything about it.We see a blatant election scandal in 2000 and no million man march. Just as with anything that angers us,it is brief and fleeting and then we return to a pacified existence. What triggers our anger anymore for morethan 1 week?We are VERY INSECURE as a people amongst ourselves more so than 20 years prior. We are more focusedon the brand names of clothing and type of car. It used to be that the wealthy family had a Mercedez - Benzand others did not expect to own one. Now every family feels a heightened sense of competition andentitlement. There is a lack of contentment with traditional family roles and service jobs.The pedestal for success has been placed so high by this spending culture that there is a lesser extent ofhappiness. I see greater levels of happiness in poor 3rd world villages enjoying lifes simple pleasures thanan upper class neighborhood over the holidays during a good year here. Happiness is chemical.Embracing lifes simple pleasures has increasingly been eroded and replaced with pro- consumerism andcompetition. Have more than your neighbors. Spend more than your neighbors. This competition does not PDFmyURL.com
  6. 6. net happiness. The only ones who gain from this are corporations selling you those goods.The very development of the Personal Car Lease helped to promote the concept of living beyond youreconomic means. You could afford the $35,000 car instead of a $20,000 car. When leases disappeared,many people were shocked to realiz e how little car they could really afford to buy. Some went throughadjustments in terms of self- image as they were so locked into a perception of their social class via theircar.HUMBLE has left our personalities as though an ancient remnant of the past, and it leaves behind profoundarrogance all about us. This arrogance is really rooted in INSECURITIES. I want to drive a better car. I wantto have a bigger house. I want the best designer clothes. I am willing to give up my core savings for it.Being me is not good enough. I must earn more. I must climb higher. I am in competition with everyone andnot with myself. I cannot just embrace lifes simple pleasures. As an expat, I am shocked at the personalitychanges I can perceive 6 months in the U.S. and 6 months out. Where did the inner strength go? Why arepeople not able to perceive their insecurities and just put their foot down as say, I dont care what I drive aslong as my family eats? Some people can but most cannot.Its a horrible thing to say, but could this financial crisis help us long term to become better people?WE HAVE A PER FEC T ST O R M O F EVEN T SOur pharmaceutical manufacturers prerogative is to regurgitate old studies and bloat R&D numbers whileraping and pillaging America under 10,000% + markups in some cases. We have growing apathy in themedical community due to a society that lives for liability and fear of being sued. Insurance companies havereally begun to own the practitioners souls. American seem to have a lower threshold for pain than 10 yearsago and greater willingness to seek out medication solutions to their lives. Socially we are playing followthe leader in a no limits game of overspending to satisfy some sense of ego fulfillment. All the while,Washington and Big Corporate leadership effectively operate without sufficient challenge from theinebriated and self- absorbed population.Then comes the economic wake up call. The disclosure then comes fully open that it was all a false reality. PDFmyURL.com
  7. 7. Fear sets in. People look to what brings them more comfort and we have Q4 2008. Hydrocodone, a narcotic,met its manufacturing quote for America by the end of Q3 2008. Americans reached for chemical solutions toavoid perceiving the reality.I would not buy a piz z a parlor for 500 years of earnings, so why did I buy that stock? Logic prevails. Whatgoes up will usually come down.We are being played as a people. Played into Feeling INSECURE and thusly OVERSPENDING.We are handed the TEMPORARY FINANCIAL MEANS to OVERSPEND.Medications are Marketed and Prescribed en masse that help to REDUCE OUR ANXIETY LEVELS andPRODUCE EUPHORIA en masse to where we become almost hedonistic in all our pursuits. Apathy andconcern for liability above all else flourish in the medical community by way of insurance carrier policies.Patient relationships with their practitioners collapse. People seek Antidepressants and Sleep medicationsand pain killers seeking a way out of their realities just as a bottle of vodka at the bar.This manner of " head in the sand" is exactly how we lost the confidence of the world this decade. Ourpeople failed in their responsibility to keep their government in check. We as a people failed to stopcorporate looting. We as a people failed to stand up for ourselves and take back the fundamentals andrejecting blatant consumerism for the sake of consumerism In a way, the inmates of government andcorporate were left to run the asylum while a pacified people stubbled around not realiz ing their alteredmental state whether through their sheepdom (CBT) or via chemicals.WHO MAK ES O UT ?Those on the other side of the coin. Corporate giants who market to you all these things that you do notneed but you have convinced yourself that you do, they have made their money. You have leveraged yourhouse and ability to retire upon a nicer car, longer vacation, eating out too much, and a giant television.You were happy all the while or so you thought.Financial Giants have convinced you to forfeit your core savings and future right to retire against your PDFmyURL.com
  8. 8. SHORT TERM HEDONISM. You have in a sense: MORTGAGED YOUR OWN FUTURE and your childrensfutures. As for governments, you are less likely to openly question their actions in a problematic manner forthem. You might send an email, but you do not MARCH anymore. PROTESTS are lesser. You are PACIFIED.This is not just NARCOTIC PACIFICATION it is a full spectrum of chemicals and events working collectively.1. Pre scrip t io n2. Illicit3. O ve r t he C o unt e r and Alco ho l and To b acco4 . C o g nit ive B e havio ral T he rap y : T ELEVISIO N & C O PYIN G YO UR N EIG HB O RAll these collectively play a role in bringing about a CIVILIZ ATION OF A ONCE GREAT AMERICAN PEOPLEwho essentially cannot make their own independent decisions. They have let themselves be played into50+ YEARS of debt and working full time until the day they die. They have collapsed the dreams of so manyinto a massive debt onto their children and their childrens children. They have poisoned a once greatculture in a sense.T he # 1 C o mmo nalit y is G R EED .Our GREED was exploited. We were played because our ego was susceptible to programming to whereGreed represented the mechanism for fulfillment of that which would satisfy our ego. We also are one of themost insecure cultures on the planet which is completely and utterly in denial about such insecurity. MostAmericans can easily be played by stroking their egos. That was how you sold a car for a long time. You sellthe bigger TV set that way. Are you sure you can afford that? Yes I Can. " No, we can find you somethingmore affordable" . (The Take Away) " No really I want it. I can handle it" (Customer)THOUGHTS SUCH AS THESE:" The neighbor has one. Why shouldnt I."" Everyone else bought a house. Why shouldnt I have one too."" Everyone has massive credit card debt. So its no big deal if I have it too" PDFmyURL.com
  9. 9. " They all went on vacation. Why shouldnt I."Meanwhile, someone who lived through the Great Depression or childhood hardship in another country orculture held onto their dimes and nickels. Some people did extremely well throughout this process. Somedid not change their core values and shopped at second hand stores and kept a car for 10 years whiletheir house went up 300% . Some thwarted those social games of who will pay. Some sold their house whenit gained in value and bought a lesser house to lock in the profit. Some had retained fear of hitting bottomfrom other experiences and were not able to be programmed. Unfortunately, most Americans were played.We need to stand up for ourselves. We cannot let false pride stop us from economic success. We have tobecome a humble and realistic people and take back our souls as presently they have liens on them.PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING SHEEPLE and LEARN TO BE INDEPENDENT THINKERS AGAIN.Think up something new every day. Sourced in nothing known to you.Act on it the something new.Do something that makes you feel embarassed or lesser. Embrace this flexibility.Eat your dose of humble pie every day and change the culture on person at a time.WE HAVE BEEN PLAYED AND THE GAME IS FINISHED FOR NOW.Its time to try to take the playing field back for ourselves for next time.DONT EVER CONFUSE CHEAP AND FRUGAL.THINK ON YOUR OWN.NEVER USE THE INFAMOUS " THEY" .This article provides some hard figures on the narcotics consumption growth.http://www.sheepchronicles.com/t/content/us- narcotic- prescription- drug- use- explodes- 1998- 2008This link includes the actual equi- analgesic conversions and utiliz es the raw U.S. Drug EnforcementAdministration Diversion Control Offices raw production data quotas for Narcotics to construct the evidence. PDFmyURL.com
  10. 10. [http://www.sheepchronicles.com] This is a great source for additional articles and data illustrating some of the same core themes that were outlined in this article. If you appreciated the content of this article there is much more available to you. Topics include Big Pharma Conspiracy, Health Insurance Games, American Sheep Mentality, Aspartame Conspiracy, Bailout and TARP Conspiracy, FDA Complicity, Government Critiques, and International Commentary on Government Actions throughout the World including Singapore, Israel, China, Thailand, and others. klo no p in e up ho ria Inf o rmat io nai rope nipn lk hu oo We d ne s d ay,J une , 20 11 6 :0 0 PM Po s te d b y Sup e rb Site PDFmyURL.com
  11. 11. Americas Prescription Psychotropics Use, particularly Narcotics, has grown over 300% from 1998 to 2008. The Prescription Narcotics Quota according to DEA has grown over 300% on average during this same time. Narcotics, Anxiolytics, Amphetamines, Antidepressants, and other Medications act to reduce our threshold not to spend. They reduce our fiscal sensibilities and modify our reward centers in many cases. The current financial crisis has its roots in behavioral issues which are worsened by such unrestrained growth inprescribing & consumption. 2008 Oxycodone consumption in America would provide #50 5mg tablets to all301,000,000 millions if distributed equally. CO PYRIG HT (C) 20 11 SUPERBSITE.INFO . ALL RIG HTS RESERVED. KLO NO PIN EUPHO RIA | PRIVACY PDFmyURL.com