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Abortion group 4 FKUWKS



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Silakan dilihat teman2 B.ING klompok 4



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Abortion group 4 FKUWKS Abortion group 4 FKUWKS Presentation Transcript

  • ENGLISH PROJECT “ABORTION” Journal of Fransisca S. K. S.Ked (Medical Faculty of Wijaya Kusuma University)By forth group: •I Wayan Angga Suamerta Putra 12700010 •Cokorda Gede Bagus Prandyana Sanjaya 12700012 •I Made Mega Kencana Putra 12700066 •I Gede Kadek Candra Mahardika 12700016 •Dewi Indrawati 12700020 •Mahesa Diantari 12700112 •A.A. Ngurah Wisnu Adiputra 12700128 •Oktavia Henny 12700132 •Fildza Lovelia Pribadi 12700150 •Ririn Riwayati 12700136
  • Definition Etiology • In young pregnancies abort• Abortion is spending not rarely preceded by death. In contrast to the the products of more usual pregnancy the conception in fetus is removed in a State pregnancy less of 26 still living. The things that weeks or fetal caused the Abort can be weight less than 500 caused by the following: grams or fruit pregnancy has not a. GROWTH been able to live b. Abnormalities in the placenta outside the womb. c. Mothers sudden d. Tracktus Illness Disorders Generalist
  • Early abortion occurs in the basal deciduas bleeding, followed by the surrounding tissue necrosis which causes conception results regardless and isconsidered a foreign object inside the uterus. Then the uterus contracting to remove foreign matter. Clinical manifestation of abortion among other things; late menstruation or amenote less than 20 weeks-On physical examination: general circumstances appear weak or consciousness decreases, blood pressure normal or decreased, the pulse is normal or fast and small, normal or elevated body temperature.
  • Includes Diagnosis Given in accordance withanamnesis, physical etiology underlying an onsetexamination, checking the abortion. Treatmentstatus of common:Psychiatry, investigations. 1. Break baring1. Anamnesis was done to 2. On pregnancy more than look for the etiology of 12 weeks given infusion abort. oksitosin begins 8 drops2. Physical examination every minutes.3. Physical examination 3. When patients shock (Complete blood bleeding internally give laboratory infusion ringer taktat Examination, Positive selekas and maybe a blood pregnancy test, and transfusion. Examination of fibrinogen in blood missed abortion).
  • ABORTION METHODESIn Clinic TheAbortion Abortion Pill
  • In Clinic Abortion
  • Who Gets Abortions?• 50% have no other children• 44% had previous abortion• 20% married• 20% under 19 years old• 43% of women will have an abortion• 6 times more common in unmarried women• 1% of abortions are for rape or incest
  • • Each year, about 1.3 million pregnancies are terminated by abortion in the United States.• Some 2.2% of all women aged 15–44 had an abortion in 1997.• Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States.• By age 20, one in seven women have had at least one abortion; by age 45, four in 10 have done so. Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute’s 2001b; Henshaw, 1998a
  • Reasons for Abortion• Wants to postpone childbearing: 25.5%• Wants no (more) children: 7.9%• Cannot afford a baby: 21.3%• Having a child will disrupt education or job: 10.8%• Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy: 14.1%• Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy: 12.2%• Risk to maternal health: 2.8%• Risk to fetal health: 3.3%• Other: 2.1%
  • Selling Baby Parts• Exposed in ABC-TV’s 20/20 Fees for• Health Revitalization Act of Services Scheduled 1993 – Allows fetal tissue research Human Brain < $999 – Requires 8 weeks • Separate consent Fetal Eyes $100 • No alteration of timing or method of abortion Ears $50 • Abortion in accordance with state law. Intact Trunk $500• Congressional investigation went nowhere--practice continues.
  • The “Goods” of Abortion? • Avoids• Prevents Dangers of Illegal Overpopulati Abortions on • Prevents • Prevents Suffering of Child Abuse Disabled Child
  • Economic Impact of Abortion*Reduced size of economy*Enormous Social Security problem*Reduced standard of living*Changed social makeup because of need for immigration
  • *Abortion Pill, legal Salein the Internet
  • From: Kompas.com (http://regional.kompas.com/read/2012/06/15/20182257/Anak.Raja.Aborsi.di.Surabaya.Ditangkap)
  • I Gst Ayu Suyati. A.Md. Kes (Midwife) “Abortion is an action performed on a fetus in the womb. is usually done at the age of 12 weeks. abortion is similar to a miscarriage, but there are differences in the actions taken. If the abortion is usually done with a special pill taking, or medical action such as a curette. and miscarriage (intentionally/unintentionally) will normally cause flecks of blood on the part of the vagina. After an abortion, indeed the mother feeling calmer, but the condition of her unborn child, also threatened to in the future. so it is recommended that abortion is the dwarf curette in hospitals (with approval). and keep a positive act.”I Wayan Angga Suamerta Putra 12700010 (Medical Student)“I think the abortion have many bad effect for the mother. So, many man dont think aboutthe woman, he just want to do but not responsible to her. We know that, abortion is avery inhumane act. is a surrogate child of God that we should keep, not even killed.Should we as physicians do not support inhumane act with reason whatsoever.”
  • Cokorda Gede Bagus P.S 12700012 (Medical Student) “If asked, whether I agree with the existence of abortion? I will answer Yes, why? because, in my opinion abortion is arguably relevant enough to do when there is a deliberate action in respect to the husband and wife. It is also relevant to the Suppression of the population like the one in China. but look at our country is a country that is immoral, then abortion is a very despicable things when done. Same as with Euthanasia.”I Gede Kadek Candra Mahardika 12700012 (Medical Student)“That’s a baby, not a appendix.” We heard that. Abortion is a crime that is not moral. Thatis murder to negate the potential for the emergence of a new life in the world. The impactof abortion also is not playing, a lot more disruptive. Dewi Indrawati 12700020 (Medical Student) “Abortion is a medical act to be done by way of appropriate and since the right reasons. So, we can’t say I want an abortion when his health allowed him to conceive a baby is lying.”
  • I Made Mega Kencana Putra 12700066 (Medical Student)“In my opinion, abortion is the great crimes murder. because has removed a potential forthe emergence of a new life. Abortion is a form of ethical violations and violate the rulesof life.” Mahesa Diantari 12700112 (Medical Student) “Abortion is indeed a bad thing. This case can also negatively affect for the mother. I have a friend, a friend of mine used to be also a friend had. Friends of friends that I claimed to never have an abortion but using the pill. He Said; early does heartburn feel until 1/2 hour to 2 hours, and then he was going to the bathroom, and get out the fetus but still in the form of lumps. and the age of her unborn child was 3 months old. After doing that it feels at ease. but we also include murder. and its not good.”A.A. N Wisnu Adiputra 12700128 (Medical Student)“I think, no one has the right to decide to abortion. When the sperm and ova have beenmet, there is already building the early seeds of an entirely new life. Thus the law ofKarma that applies in this case.
  • Oktavia Henny 12700132 (Medical Student) “I think, Abortion is the Act forbidden by religion because of a persons life and death have been set by God the Almighty nor therefore have the right of a woman to have an abortion. be thankful a woman if she could conceive because not all women can contain.”Ririn Riwayati 12700136 (Medical Student)“In my opinion, A lot of people who want to have children but many alsodismissed their subjects just because want to have children it is tragic, but theson is Graces biggest and most beautiful of the creator” Fildza Lovelia Pribadi 12700150 (Medical Student) “In my Religion, Abortion is not just a medical problem or public health, but also a social problem that arises because people follow on Western civilization. Then the solution should be done comprehensively-fundamental-radical, which in essence is to deprive the attitude of taqlid to Western civilization by destroying all the values and institutions of Western civilization that is contrary to Islam, to later be replaced with Islamic civilization, humane and fair.”
  • Abortion is spending the products of conception at agestational age less than 20 weeks or heavy fetus less than500 grams or fruit pregnancy cannot to live outside thewomb. Etiology of abortion largely due to an abnormalityof the products of conception growth. Diagnose usuallycannot be determined in once examination, but it requiresobservation to assess signs not grow instead sags theuterus. The above will lead us to a planning and drugtherapy choosing appropriate and effective will have aneffect on a prognosis will happen one day.Journal of FransiscaS. K. S.Ked (MedicalFaculty ofWijaya KusumaUniversity)