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Yves Saint Laurent\'s Elle Online Perfume Launch Luxury Markets

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Case Study Elle Perfume Ysl V3

  1. 1. Case Study: Yves Saint Laurent ELLE Online Perfume Launch in the USA Prepared by: Baglan Nurhan Title: Sr. Director, Media Company: LSF Interactive Date: January 23, 2008 Telephone: 1 650 616 3199 Email: Ref: YSL Beauty- Elle LSF Network Inc. (of which LSF Interactive is a division) and its relevant entities makes every effort to ensure that information contained within this document is accurate, however no liability is accepted arising from reliance upon the information contained in these pages. The document is confidential and prepared for the above recipient/s only. Confidential / Not for general distribution
  2. 2. 1) Introduction: This study shows how LSF Interactive helped an international beauty & cosmetics giant, YSL Beauty, combine their market research with LSF’s online marketing tools, expertise and channels to launch YSL’s new perfume ELLE in USA. 2) Objective: • LSF Media Team's objective was to incorporate the launch of Elle perfume along with the announcement of YSL Beauty Online Store. • Help YSL differentiate Elle’s launch with its unique messaging and a new target audience. • Increase propensity to purchase YSL Beauty products online. 3) LSF Interactive Process: 3a) Product: Understanding the product is understanding the target demographics and where to reach them. Our media strategy was formed around the product Elle, its concept and reaching the critical online influencers. Elle Perfume represents everything the modern woman strives to be, in an amazing mixture of complimentary competing strong and soft scents that have been combined to make an irresistible fragrance for even the most discerning consumers. Following the recent fashion trend of menswear- tailored suites and tuxedos for women, Elle is a blend of traditionally feminine quot;floralquot; combined with stronger, more masculine quot;woody notes.quot; Our goal was relaying the info and Elle’s message to the most influential bloggers, have them write about Elle and entice online consumers to purchase the product. 3b) Target Demographics: Our target audience, “Elle Woman” is young and vibrant and as comfortable in the gritty city streets as she is in a nightclub after a long day's work. Our target audience celebrates the duality of youthful spirit in all aspects of life. Elle woman is unique and sexy, Elle is a luxury scent as diverse and mysterious as Elle Woman is.
  3. 3. 3c) Market Research: LSF Interactive’s market research involves the systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about online luxury consumers, competitors and the market. We have used the data gathered to reach the right audience at the right time and eventually motivate them to make a purchase. Analyzing various different channels, we have decided to utilize blogs to announce the launch of Elle perfume. Often times the most effective media outreach starts with a real user story (or several!). Today, mainstream media is increasingly looking to blogs as a source (and validation) for stories. Having a positive endorsement from a trusted voice, and an immediate call to action allows the blogger to offer value to his/her readers without appearing to be influenced by payment. LSF’s Media Research started with evaluating the highly trafficked and most influential fashion and beauty bloggers: Phase 1: Discovery LSF Media team has worked with YSL Beauty to determine which conversation clusters will prove to be the most fruitful for ELLE. Some, such as beauty, will be immediately obvious. But others -- such as travel bloggers or bloggers talking about women executives or women in work force – can surprise us with their reach and effectiveness. Our decision making points for these bloggers were: • Are these bloggers stand out as exciting or different? “Brilliant. An artfully woven • Are they relevant to the product, target audience? tale of perfume and pleasure. Two thumbs up.” • Are they able to communicate the right message about Elle? Stiletto Jungle says: • Are they able to persuade the consumer to want to purchase the 21.Nov.2007, 09:58 am product? Phase 2: Research Based on the agreed conversational clusters with YSL Beauty, LSF “Now I want to go and buy Interactive has selected the most influential bloggers and quantified the (or at least sniff) that collective reach that this group provides. perfume. and I don’t even The winners for the blog program were: like perfume!” DailyAlexandra says: • Beauty Snob 21.Nov.2007, 11:53 am • Make Her Up • eBeauty • Stiletto Jungle • Kristopher Dukes
  4. 4. Phase 3: Outreach We have worked with a reputable fashion network at contacting bloggers with participation offers and engaging them in these programs. Before the launch of the Elle Perfume we have equipped bloggers with samples of the product and the DVD’s of “Making of Elle Perfume”, its story along with commercial shots. Phase 4: Monitoring and Measurement Once bloggers have launched their posts; LSF Interactive implemented an ongoing interaction with the bloggers. After the launch LSF has tracked (visits, bounce rate, pages/visit, duration) and reported on engagement with the product and on the output of the program. 4) Results: Our success of Elle perfume launch was not a surprise. We reflected the “Unique Woman” image around a super brand which is sought after. We have utilized the exclusivity and quality of the YSL brand through very targeted marketing, while remaining true to the company's roots and the spirit of Elle perfume. We were able to maintain the fine balance between pushing the brand with a modern approach, and not alienate the existing “YSL’s Elle perfume - A unique way of introducing the product” clientele. Regrds ,Kartik, Fashion Evangelist kartik says: In the world of perfume, reputations rest on the nose. In the online 16.Dec.2007, 08:34 pm marketing, everything rests on metrics. “Too true - it is the perfect fragrance for day and night. I loved it from first sniff. It's signature YSL and now I can't decide which is my favorite anymore, Baby Doll or Elle! Dilemma! ; )”At 4:20 PM, Mint said...
  5. 5. The success of our program was measured by the number of visitors to Elle product page, duration of visit, pages/visit, bounce rate and finally number of sales generated. • Generated direct product sales -- combining blogger evaluation with a “Complimentary Shipping” offer triggered direct sales activity for Elle perfume • Achieved 3 product pages per visit • Achieved high quality traffic with a bounce rate on Elle perfume pages of less than 20% • By engaging bloggers in YSL Beauty program we have achieved the goal of long term development of search rankings by having relevant content sites link to your product site. About LSF Interactive: LSF Interactive is a full-service online marketing agency that lets medium to large companies with established (US and International) brands, acquire new customers and GlamBlush tries YSL’s Elle qualified leads to grow client revenue. perfume, and The Boy loves GlamBlush :: Beauty Duty - Links Unlike in-house groups or non-performance based You’ll Love says: 28.Nov.2007, 11:09 am traditional ad agencies, LSF Interactive serves as an extension of the client’s sales team and shares the risk with clients by offering a pay-for-performance model across all Internet channels.