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Total zero presentation_slideshare_en

  1. 1. Total ZeroCarbon neutral parcel shipping at zero extra cost tothe customer
  2. 2. A voluntary and unprecedented commitment.Carbon neutral parcel shipping at no extra cost to thecustomer.Every parcel sent via DPD’s network will be carbon neutralin the five major markets France, Germany, UnitedKingdom, Netherlands and BeLux from July 2012.
  3. 3. Doing the right thing. The Total Zero approach is part of DPD’s group-wide Responsibility strategy – which focuses on ‘People, Planet, Community’. DPD adopts the values of parent company La Poste which has also made a significant commitment to carbon neutrality of all mail and parcels sent via its service.
  4. 4. DPD makes a difference to the industry and the planet. Parcel transport is a major contributor to carbon emissions DPD has identified that reducing emissions from its transport activity is the greatest challenge it faces in reducing its impact on the planet By using its road network to deliver parcels in Europe, DPD already generates significantly less carbon than its competitors As a responsible business, DPD is committed to continuously reducing its impact on the planet. Since 2006 the company is permanently reducing its carbon footprint Total carbon neutrality is a logical step further
  5. 5. Supporting our clients. Like DPD, many of its clients also want to reduce their carbon footprint By offering them the opportunity to send carbon neutral parcels at no extra cost, DPD can help them deliver their own CO2 reduction objectives DPD is committed to providing clients with the best possible offering from a cost, service and sustainability point of view DPD is taking responsibility for the planet while providing the same great delivery service
  6. 6. The Total Zero approach is a three-step-process. By measuring its carbon 1 footprint over several years DPD has a Measure detailed understanding of the amount of carbon DPD is constantly2 seeking ways to issued by its operations reduce its CO2 footprint year on Insetting DPD will offset the CO2 that year through in- 3 can not be avoided at no house carbon additional cost to the reduction initiatives customer Offsetting The more DPD reduces its own CO2 emissions the less it will need to offset per parcel – a sign of DPD’s genuine commitment to the environment
  7. 7. Insetting – constantly reducing carbon emissions. A variety of initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions are incorporated into the DPD business.Some Insetting initiatives include: The sustainable Veenendaal parcel hub in the Netherlands Zero emission vans in Stuttgart and Hamburg Introducing motion detector light switches to our buildings in Belgium Reducing the carbon footprint of buildings in France DPD UK launching its ‘Drive Smart Campaign’ to cut fuel use
  8. 8. Offsetting: a means to fight against CO2 emissions. For all the CO2 that can not be avoided by DPD, its parent company GeoPost will offset the emissions generated in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and BeLux from July 2012. This will be approximately 500,000 tonnes each year. Becoming more CO2 efficient the amount of carbon to be offset per parcel will reduce year on year. GeoPost will make this investment without passing on any extra charge to DPD’s customers.
  9. 9. Defining DPD’s offset perimeter. Core business Transport Total offset: Packaging sold to DPD 500.000 tonnes CO2 clients Estate Sending outside of Paper Europe
  10. 10. CDC Climat. DPD’s parent company GeoPost has partnered with CDC Climat to offset DPD’s remaining CO2 emissions. CDC Climat’s international standing and long- term commitment to lowering CO2 emissions makes it the perfect offsetting partner for the Total Zero commitment. DPD’s parent company GeoPost is working with CDC Climat to identify a range of carbon offsetting projects which it will support through the Total Zero principle. These projects could range from overseas projects in the developing world to more local schemes in Europe
  11. 11. Carbon-neutral shipping – the facts and figures. …represents the additional costs which customers have to pay for 0 DPD’s carbon-neutral transport 1 kg CO2 …is generated by the average parcel shipped by DPD …DPD is launching carbon-neutral parcel shipping at no extra cost: On its 5 biggest markets in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and BeLux …CO2 is generated by shipping parcels within Europe by airfreight – Up to 8 times more DPD avoids this almost completely …represents the amount of CO2 per parcel which was already 10 per cent reduced between 2008 and 2011 …of DPD’s CO2 emissions are caused by its parcel transport Approx. 90 per cent operations …of all DPD parcels within Europe are transported by road – which Almost 100 per cent means eight times less emissions than CO2-intensive air freight … of all parcels shipped on the five markets involved are 100 per cent transported in a carbon-neutral way 500,000 tonnes of CO2 …will be offset annually by DPD from July 2012 onwards
  12. 12. Total Zero. Carbon neutral parcel deliveries at zero extra cost to the customer From July 2012