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  • 2. SECTION A DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILEOWNERS:1) BAUDIN BIN JAKSIS2) MARIAH BINTI ABDUL RAZAKWork experiences before started up the business:Mrs Mariah started small business by open stall near at their house.
  • 3. Mr. Baudin do part-time job in a number of bakeries to gain experiences how to organize andcontrol the business.Reasons to be involved in business and training attended:She said that by running this business is easy and not exhaustive. Besides that, theoperation of this business move smoothly and being organized along this 10 years.COMPANY:At the beginning, they started with small business. They used their own saving as theiropening capital. Their business has HALAL logo and recognized by SME Cop and MOA. Inaddition, their bakery business was survived for ten years.LOCATION:PERNIAGAAN SRI SAMUDERA DESA (001352762-U)(ROTI MARIA) LOT 2861, KAMPUNG SUNGAI MAHANG,NILAI 71600, NEGERI SEMBILAN.AGE:2001-2011 (Ten years)NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES:9 employees include the ownersPRODUCTION:Breads, pastry/puff, cakes, traditional cakes, biscuits.ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: MANAGER
  • 6. ISLAMIC WORKING VALUES What is „working values‟ from your point of view? Can you give example?In my opinion, there are the most important working is value the working value. To achievingthe success in organization or business we have to apply the value ethics in working such asresponsibility, honestly, sincerely, dedication, simple, clean, discipline and co-operate. Thatis a few Islamic value that we have to apply to get the perfect work. Because the product thatwe produce depends on the way we are working if we do it right so it will become delicious.For example, when I am producing any bread to customer I feel the responsible as a Muslimand put our trust in ALLAH. So, that why I really care and beware with the material we usedin produce bread and others. What are the differences of working values between Islamic and conventional perspectives?In Islamic perspectives, working values mean we did because of ALLAH as jihad like go forwar. While from conventional perspectives, they just do something because want to get aprofit itself. Here we can see the different main goals or we called it as intention when we areworking or doing between Islamic and conventional perspective. In Islamic we are not to getprofit only but we want to give a beneficial to others people around us. If not we as a Muslimwho others? However not all values in conventional we cannot use, we also can apply it butit must suitable with our religion and also universal that all people can receive it. How far did you practice Islamic working in your business?First of all, as an employer, I will make sure that I can be an example or a model to them.Because in organization to make the employee working is great the employer shouldperform in their work. That was should be as a leader. For example, I show them a goodattitude like pray on the time. I also always keep remind them to pray at the time as aMuslim. Then, I taught them to recite „Selawat‟ before they start to do their works. Besidethe, from the terms of ethic also I care that I will train them to be a professional or skilledemployee, in the same time can apply them the Islamic value in working especially theresponsibility. That everything they are doing they should have been responsible.
  • 7. What are the obstacles in practicing Islamic working values in the business?Alhamdulillah, I did not have too much obstacles, just sometimes I didn‟t get what I want,but, just back to ALLAH. That sometimes the salary I had targeted not achieved. So, I keepremind myself that is the task to me to do better and also it was a risk that i should taken asa entrepreneur. What did you expect for Islamic working values after ten years?I want to do the best for our religion Islam and Muslim people. Nowadays, it‟s quite hard tofind the halal food. Others, I also hope that all of food industry in Malaysia especially themajor one can applies the Islamic value working for their company. It will generate moreproduct based on “halal” that will be more secure in the future.
  • 8. Quality Management from Islamic Perspective What do you think about the qualities of management from Islamic perspective? Which management that based on Islamic?Mrs. Mariah: in view of mine the quality of management is to keep the aspects that bringsuccess to the good pleasure of God, which maintain the relationship with God, and keeptouch with the people, comply with Syariah & ethics, which we must be punctualundisciplined. In that way, the management will be more structured and systematic. At thesame time to maximize profits within the constraints of religion. For example, I have startedworking after dawn until evening. That is my daily routine, as well as the most importantthing is we need to always on time. What are the different between management of Islam and conventional?Mrs. Mariah: what is the difference between management of Islam and conventional byMuslims are the Islamic management restricting more orderly and neat. But the conventionalmanagement ore orderly as well, but the goal is not orderly other than Islam managementwhich they are to profit for them not for the needs of the community. We need to plan thatsets out goals, developed strategies and plans to arrange the work activity. In addition, wealso need to organize tasks to each employee with a planned manner. We also need to leadthe workers to provide motivation, among others, are to perform prayers, moral and others.Finally, how do we control the organization, we need to look at the performance goals andcorrect mistakes. How far did you practice quality management from Islamic perspective in your business?Mr. Baudin: management is always put always put faith in the axial and divine as the asgoals. Management does not make a difference between material development and humanresource development, and even pet human development, particularly as the basis for thedevelopment of spiritual materialism. The management takes into account or host capabilityand also the reality of the environment in shaping the planning, organization andmanagement functions of the other. The management emphasizes the formation anddevelopment of qualities managers and competent to perform the functions.
  • 9. Is it any obstacles along your business are running?Mr. Baudin: There are many obstacles in the business, mainly in terms of financialconstraints. But now we as the entrepreneur in SME field can apply for assistance from thegovernment to upgrade our business become more effectiveness, that complete with themodern machine. For now on, we are in process of seeking assistance from government forpackaging machines. What are the obstacles in practising quality management from Islamic perspective in the business?Mrs. Mariah: If in applying ethical values in employees Islamic so far no problems. They canbe applied from time to time. A barrier in terms of management of care often is the materialused to make bread very important that “Halal”. So, everything we must sincere and honestin anything we are doing. What did you expect for quality management from Islamic perspective after 10 years?Mrs. Mariah & Mr. Baudin: we are expected to expend our management which is can getmore developed in future in food industry. That can give the best services to peopleespecially base on “Halal Product”. Also hope that the arrangement of management willmore effective and can achieve the goals.
  • 10. Workplace Environment What is “a good workplace environment” from your point of view? Can you give example/s?From their view, a good workplace environment must very comfortable, clean and goodlooking. The machine for produce goods must always have clean. The employee must surethey arrange the production in order packing, delivery, finished input and output in separateplace. So, it easy for the employee determines the production. What are the differences of workplace environment in your business and your best next competitor?The differences of workplace environment in their business and the best next competitor are,they not have yet packaging machine but their competitor has the machine. So, they packingtheir production manually and take a long time. They can produce only 5000 breads per dayless than their expected. If they have packaging machine, they could be produce 10000breads per day. But their competitor can produce more than them because they havemachine packaging and not take a long time to packing their goods. How far did you practice a good workplace environment in your business?They had practice a good workplace environment in their business. They had provided fortheir employee a place to pray a place to rest and others. Besides that, they also make surethe machines always clean from anything that can damage the production that makes aperson confident to buys their production. Furthermore, their services to customer who cameto the factory are good. What are the obstacles in providing a good workplace environment in the business?The obstacle that the company has to face in providing a good workplace is money. Thecompany has problem to buy machine packaging. If they have enough money, they can buythe machine and we can see the factory has enough equipment to produce their product.
  • 11. What did you expect for workplace environment after ten years?Their expectations for workplace environment after ten years are better than now. Thefactory become more develops and the employee will increase. Now, we see that they onlyproduce 5000 breads per day, but after ten years they can produce more than that becauseof the technological advance. The owner of the company also said they will open class foranyone who wants to learn about their production.
  • 12. Worklife balance from Islamic perspective What is Worklife balance from your point of view? Can you give example/s?Work life balance in my point of view is, know how to manage time wisely and know how todifferentiate between work and personal problem. Employees learn different kinds ofbehavior not exclusively at the workplace, but also in private life. Since reciprocalinteractions between working life and private life occur. At the same time we need to beprofessional in doing work. Manage the time work wisely, begin our work at 6.00am everyday and end the work at 5.00pm. We also practice work life balance in Islamic perspective.Give the employees time to perform their solat on the time. Also focus on workenvironments, care about the place hygiene and the workers personal care. Suggestfacilitating environmentally friendly behavior in both life domains. The concept offerschances not only for the environment, but also for the company and its employees byincreasing, for example, work motivation and job retention. However, challenges likeemployees‟ reactance to allow corporate influence on private life need to be addressed. What are the differences of workife balance between Islamic and Conventional perspectives?Worklife balance from Islamic perspective is to feel responsible to make things clean such ashalal product and high discipline to maintain success. From Conventional perspective itbased on money concern to achieve as the result and do not care about the halal product How far did you practice workife balance from Islamic perspective your business?I made 100% practice worklife balance from Islamic perspective in my business. I provide acomfortable place for prayer, the cleanliness of the place that always looks good. Forexample, the employee must wear hijab and I had provide slippers, glovers, toilet outside ofthe workplace to ensure that food is not contaminated and wake up and also maintain agood atmosphere.
  • 13. What are the obstacles in practising worklife balance from Islamic perspective in the business?Obstacles in practising worklife balance from Islamic perspective in their business only whenthey had a new foreigner employee from Indonesia who are muslim but do not practise theIslamic life. For example, she not wear hijab and colour her hair, not prayer andundisciplined. So, they had to develop their new employee from the beginning because theypractise the worklife balance from Islamic perspective. What did you expert for worklife balance from Islamic perspective after ten year?They hope that their business will be more excellent and practise all of the Islamicperspective in all aspect in the next ten year.
  • 14. INTERVIEW WITH EMPLOYEES:Mostly the employee of “Maria Roti” is foreigner where all of them are comes from Indonesia.Their Malay language is not fluently also in English. But they still given good co-operatewhen we‟re interview them. First employee,STUDENT: Excuse me, may I interrupt you?EMPLOYEE A: Yes, You can.STUDENT: What is your name? How long have you been work in this company?EMPLOYEE A: My name is Fatimah. I have work here for two years.STUDENT: What is your opinion regarding work life environment in this company?EMPLOYEE A: In my opinion, I am very happy by doing this job. I got a lot of experiencesfrom this job. Mrs Mariah and Mr Baudin treat us like their family and teach us about Islamicvalues.STUDENT: it‟s good! What is your plan in future?EMPLOYEE A: I think I can open my own bakery shop in my village at Indonesia.STUDENT: It‟s good idea. I hope you can achieve your dream. Thank you.Second‟s employee,STUDENT: Hi! What is your name?EMPLOYEE B: My name is Zuraida.STUDENT: What is your feeling by working in this company?EMPLOYEE B: I am very lucky and feel very happy in my job. Sometime I miss my family athometown but here, I live with Puan Mariah families closely. So, I feel comfortable with them.STUDENT: You are right. How about your family?EMPLOYEE B: My family at Indonesia. I work here to support my family. So, I will boostmyself to create quality production.STUDENT: it‟s great. Thank you. See you again.
  • 15. SUMMARY
  • 16. From the interview I would conclude that the owner of the company had successfullypractice the Islamic working value with their employee. Besides that, the owner also practicequality management from Islamic prospective which is they can divide time for praying andworking. They can manage smoothly. On the other hand, they provide good workplaceenvironment to attract the customer buy their product. They also practice work life balancefrom Islamic prospective in their business. From practicing this method they lastly getproduce the halal product.(ADILA BT AYUB) For the conclusion, I would like to thank to the owner of this company for giving usopportunity to complete our tasks. I would proud to the owner because they willing toproduce the halal product because a sense of responsibility for the Muslims. Besides that,they are also practice the Islamic value and quality management from the Islamicperspective in their business. Apart from that, they provide a good and suitable workplaceenvironment for their employee to do their job to produce the halal product. They are alsopractice 100% worklife balance from Islamic perspective in their business.(MUMTAZ BT MUSTAPA) From the past interview with the owner of “Roti Maria”, I can make a conclusionthat Islamic Management emphasizes the material and the spiritual aspects. It containswhich are the work value and surrounding. The model or theory created by the west isacceptable as long as not contra to the laws. So, the entrepreneur is allowed to apply it aslong as it‟s acceptable in Islamic way. Reason to act describes the revelation and rejects thecontras. The ultimate objective is achieving the love of Allah. Hence, the owner of “RotiMaria” should be emulated as a successful entrepreneur.(NUR FAHANA BT ZAHARI) From our interview, we know that the enterprise had practice Islamic values in theirbusiness. They had provided Halal food and had concern what the ingredients is. They alsohad high quality management from Islamic perspective. Their workplace environments arecomfortable and clean. Then, they also provided to their employee a place to pray. Besidesthat, they also had practice Islamic worklife balance in their life. From this interview, I wouldconclude that they had practice Islamic working values in their business.
  • 17. (SITI AYSYAH BINTI ALIDAN) Praises be to ALLAH that we had finish our assignment for this subject. We wereinterviewed the owner for one of the SME corporation in Negeri Sembilan. It was named as„Roti Maria‟. This business was run by a husband and wife, Mr. Baudin and Mrs. Mariah. Themain product of this company is breads and pastries. They have 7 employees include them.Most of their employees are Indonesian. From our observation and their explanation,employees from Indonesian are better than Malaysian. The Indonesian workers are moreresponsible in their works. Mr. Baudin and Mrs. Mariah are using Islamic working values intheir business. They always remind their workers to pray at the time. We are very whileinterviewing them, they entertain us kindly. We really appreciate their best cooperation.(MARLIANA BT MOHD ASRI) For my group we have interview an SME company which is ROTI Maria bakery. Thecompanies practice the Islamic working value, the quality management from Islamicperspective and try to balance their work life with work. Work is one of the many activities inhuman life. Every individual has their own distinctive deduction of work and the need towork. Some work to increase possessions and wealth or acquire recognition and self-respect. From the Islamic perspective the main important is not the profit but theresponsibility to other. While others work to obtain lawful earnings with the sincerity to attainGod‟s pleasure but generally each individual work to support themselves and their livelihood.The concept of work according to the Islamic teaching is considered a noble effort because itis aimed to support one‟s living by acquiring lawful earnings permitted by Islamic law. Islamencourages work because a person who through hard work seeks God‟s bounty is mosthighly praised, compared to those who merely begin. The motivation factor to work hasstrong correlation with Islamic teachings. Simultaneously, proactive measures should betaken by arranging activities or training that can increase the understanding of Islamic workethics among employees because it influences satisfaction and consequently satisfiedemployees function more efficiently and effectively.
  • 18. (NURUL ASMAA BINTI KASMON) First of all, I am really appreciated Mrs. Mariah and Mr. Baudin who are ownersPerniagaan Sri Samudera Desa. They greet us with a good and also give a goodcooperation to us. They produce a variety of breads, cakes, pastry/puff, biscuits andtraditional cakes. During interview session, Mrs. Mariah is humble person. She explains usabout her business without a sense of pride. She used Islamic working values in herbusiness by encourage her employees to start job by recite do‟a and selawat. The ownersused good materials to create quality production and satisfied customers. Their companyalso accepts practical students to gain more knowledge. Besides that, their companyoperation move smoothly along this ten years. The couple of Mr. Baudin and Mrs. Mariahwork hard to survive and manage their company properly. In the other hand, this taskimprove our soft skills like communication skill by interview the owners of company and alsoteach us how to make the best decision. Meanwhile, all of ten members in my group give fullcooperation to complete this task successfully. Although in large group, but we makesegregation of duties to collect and combine bombastic ideas. Moreover, we gain moreknowledge how to start business and how to manage it. Roti maria are soft and delicious, soit is not strange if people like to buy and be loyal customers. As conclusion, the governmentshould give more opportunities to SME Company to going further. The government shouldgive more provision to SME Company and provide more training session to them. So, it willincrease Malaysian Economy.(NUR AFIQAH BT ZUKHALI)From our interview with the owner of “Roti Maria”, what I can conclude are the owner orMadam Mariah Binti Abdul Razak make the bread with the Islamic way and she stress onthe perfection of the bread. So, she make sure her workers follow the rules and practises theIslamic ways such as say “Bismillahirahmanirrahim” before they make the bread and performthe pray even they are busy anyway. At last, I know one day this bread can be successfuland popular bread in the future.
  • 19. (NURULHUDA BINTI ABU HASSAN) At 28 November, our groups have done some interviewed with small medium-sized(SME) enterprise at Roti Maria Bakery. In my opinion, Roti Maria Company has a lotsucceeded in their business. It is because, they have a lot of improved by doing theirbusiness from the beginning until now. Firstly, they have started with a small business anduntil now they have their own bakery shop. Then, they also practice the Islamic workingvalue in their business and they make it as the important thing to make their businessrunning smoothly and be more succeeded in the future. In my opinion, Roti Maria bakery is agood shop and they also take care about the workplace environment to their workers andtheir product. It is because; they make sure that their workers must do the compulsory thingfirst before start their work. For example is about the prayers, cleaning and the others. Theirentire workers are Muslims. As a conclusion, I think Roti Maria bakery has a bright futureahead.(NUR HAFIZAH BT ABD. RAHMAN) The thing that I can view from this interview that Mrs. Maria is a good leader and alsoable to manage her employee well. She also manages her business with Islamic way. Shesaid the Islamic view of nature has its roots in the Quran, the very word of God and the basisof Islam. The following passages from the Quran illustrate the relationship between natureand man and how this relationship inspires Muslim scholars to study natural phenomenon, inorder to understand God. Otherwise the Western view of nature that emerged after theScientific Revolution was that “no footprints of the divine can be discerned in the sands ofthe natural world”.(NUR ATHIRAH BT ZULKIFLI)What I can see from the SME is they are using Islamic working values in their business. Ireally respect the owner. They will ensure that their employees recite „Bismillah‟ before theystart their work. The employees also must pray at the time. The owner, En. Baudin and Pn.Mariah said that they do this business because of Allah. They want the muslim people getthe halal food that are difficult to find nowadays. They feel like they are jihad for Islam. MayAllah bless their good intention.