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  • 1. Youth Advisory CouncilA Youth Advisory Council (Y.A.C) is a structured group with terms of reference that is comprised of 5-10 members.Rational for the development of a Y.A.C.  Combat lack of knowledge and negative attitude in society by sharing our stories and providing examples of thriving young adults in their local communities.  Presently, young adult issues are not routinely addressed in relation to life as, and as an adult living with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus.  to address the lack of comprehensive medical care for young adults and adults.  Bridge the gap between Parent Groups ↔ Adults so that all persons with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus can feel included and supported.  Continue to address accessibility and civil rights for all persons with disabilities.  to address the lack of comprehensive medical care for young adults and adults.  Decrease social isolation and prevent secondary health problems that are a result.Objectives of the Y.A.C.  To educate and increase awareness of what can be learned from the lived experiences of young adults with SB and H.  To develop connections with children and youth and to plan local activities.  Link with the International Youth Advisory Councils in Africa and eventually global youth through the International Youth Network.  Establish a relationship of mutual council with the Parent-to-Parent group. Membership  Chairperson  Secretary/Administrator  Social Convener  MembersMembers should be recognized as young leaders linked to Parents group.The group needs to identify adult champions in the Parents group. Minutesand/or reports will be shared with the parent group.Skill development of the members should be encouraged by the parent group. Knowledge acquisition in leadershipskills is an important component to be developed:
  • 2. The Chair of the Y.A.C. becomes a member of the parent group board. Report from Y.A.C. is included on theAgenda at the Board meetings.GuidelinesEach Y.A.C. will be responsible for developing guidelines and values that are important to their community andtheir culture. For example, youth activities for adolescents 13+ may wish to exclude parents from social activitiesas appropriate.ProcessAt the “Sailing Off” workshop, November 1-4, 2011, youth leaders have identified youth leaders have made acommitment to develop a Y.A.C. in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Canada.  Each identified leader will invite members to a first meeting to form the Y.A.C.  All positions will be elected.  After elections, the draft Terms of Reference will be reviewed and rewritten by each Y.A.C.First Three Months  The Y.A.C. will be formed and presented at the Parents group meeting.First Year  Y.A.C. meetings will be held on a monthly at the same time, same day of the month, and the same location.  Minutes will be recorded and an annual report will be presented to the Parent group board.Budget  Members will volunteer their time.  Small budget will be prepared for the Y.A.C. meetings.  An annual budget for proposed youth activities will be presented to the Parents group board on an annual basis, to be included in their annul report. We, as young leaders, are committed to encourage the formation of active Youth Advisory Councils in each project. LEADERS + VISION = RESULTS