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Lesson 10 troubleshooting
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Lesson 10 troubleshooting


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What to do when your Mac gives trouble

What to do when your Mac gives trouble

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 4/20/10 PMBurke Troubleshooting Your Mac When Things Don’t Work Common and some uncommon problems Preventive Maintenance Quick Fix strategies. Deleting a preference file Internet Problems Helper Apps 1
  • 2. 4/20/10 PMBurke Common Problems Spinning ball keeps spinning Programs don’t respond or behave strangely Program freezes Files don’t open-may or may not get error message Force quit/restart Prg Upgrade Ram memory Reboot computer, Repair permissions Force quit/Restart or remove plist file May need Program or Helper Application 2 Problem Solution
  • 3. 4/20/10 PMBurke Quick Fix for Program Problems • Force Quit program and restart. • Apple>Force Quit • Press: Command/Option/ESC • Control-click on program icon>menu>quit • Shut Down Computer, wait 30 seconds and restart. 3
  • 4. 4/20/10 PMBurke Beyond the Quick-fix • Repair permissions • Applications>Utility>Disk utility • Select repair • Remove the preference file (plist)for the program and restart • Home> Library>Preferences • Select •Drag .plist file to Desktop, re-open program 4
  • 5. 4/20/10 PMBurke Beyond the Quick Fix-2 • Look for an update of program • Apple> Software Update • e.g., iTunes, QuickTime • Reload the program from the original disk • Find appropriate application and download 5
  • 6. 4/20/10 PMBurke Files/mail Attachments Wont Open • Save attachment to desktop • Open directly or • Drag file onto application icon • e.g., iPhoto or Quicktime • Open application and then open attachment within the application e.g., Excel/File/Open • Download Helper application • RealPlayer, Flip4Mac 6
  • 7. 4/20/10 PMBurke Helper Applications Flip4Mac (wmv files) Adobe Reader (pdf files) RealPlayer (audio files) Vmware Fusion (any windows File) 7
  • 8. 4/20/10 PMBurke Forgot Password (can’t log in to your Computer) • Try likely passwords • If nothing works, Insert Install DVD • Click Install • Go to Utilities, Reset Password • Enter New password, Quit Installer • Write Down Password in safe Place (LBB) 8
  • 9. 4/20/10 PMBurke Internet Connection Problems • Open System Preferences/Network • Check configuration (Ethernet or Modem) • Modem or Router Glitch • Shut down modem, Router, Wait 30 seconds • Restart modem, wait until lights stabilize, restart router 9
  • 10. 4/20/10 PMBurke Get external HELP • Google the Problem • Help menu • Apple website (FAQ) or MobileMe • Apple Helpline 1-800-275-2273 (800-APP-CARE) • Apple Store (Christiana Mall) • MAC users Group (ALLMUG, Tuesday 3.15) • Troubleshooting group Friday 12:30 10
  • 11. 4/20/10 PMBurke Free Mac Software Virex (Anti Virus, free at Udel site) Skype (free phone Calls Worldwide) NeoOffice (Similar to Microsoft Office) Picassa (Google Photo sharing) Facebook, Twitter etc) 11
  • 12. 4/20/10 PMBurke Summary!!!? 12