Great Leaders Around the World & Their Leadership Style

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  • 2. PRESENTED BY:AKASH RANGA SARKER 121-11-2503HRIDOY SIKDER 121-11-2515MD. AMINUL ISLAM 121-11-2486OMAR KHOYUM SONY 121-11-2487KANAN BANIK 121-11-2509MD. SADDAM HOSSAIN 121-11-2495MD. ASHRAFUL HAQUE 121-11-2489
  • 3. PRESENTATION ON:Great Leaders Around the World & TheirLeadership Style
  • 4. AGENDA:• Importance of leadership• Leadership lessons from “Tim Cook”• Leadership lessons from “MS DHONI”• Leadership lessons from “LARRY PAGE”• Leadership lessons from “JEFF BEZOS”• Leadership lessons from “CHE GUEVARA”• Leadership lessons from “NAPOLEON BONAPARTE”• Leadership lessons from “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”
  • 5. Importance of leadership:• Initiates Action• Motivation• Providing Guidance• Creating Confidence• Taking Risk• Building Work Environment• To Fulfill The Goal Effectively
  • 6. Leadership lessons from “Tim Cook”Five Essential Leadership Lessons From Tim Cook-• Diversity of leadership is massively important.• Transparency is key.• Read customer emails. (If anything, it humbles you.)• You "can only do a few things great.“• Admit youre wrong.
  • 7. Leadership lessons from “MS DHONI”His Leading Style -• On Leading from the Front• On Motivation• On Accepting Mistakes• Taking Risks
  • 8. Leadership lessons from “LARRY PAGE”How to make a effective team-• “Pay attention to your crazy ideas and cultivate the best of them”.• Build your team avoid bureaucracy.• Be quick. Be concise• Persevere• Never think of failure
  • 9. Leadership lessons from “”JEFF BEZOS”His suggestion to be a leader-• Be Stubborn and Flexible• Stick with Two Pizzas• Never Stop Experimenting• Be Willing to Invent• Think Long Term• Identify and Remove Risk
  • 10. Leadership lessons from “CHE GUEVARA”These characteristics highlights his leadership qualities• The power of struggling.• Charismatic.• Fearlessness.
  • 11. Leadership lessons from “NAPOLEONBONAPARTE”His suggestions to be a great leader-• Win Their Trust and Loyalty• Do Things Differently• Thank Those Who Have Helped You Succeed• Get your Hands Dirty• Not trusting others
  • 12. Leadership lessons from “ALEXANDER THEGREAT”Three important which make him a successful leader• Strategic Planning.• Policy of Assimilation.• Lead from the Front.• Care for his people.• Live his values.
  • 13. Conclusion:A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.A leaders role is to raise peoples aspirations for what they can becomesuccessful. Leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it isabout opening the heart.
  • 14. Thank you for listening