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  • 1. Central Facilities UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Librarian : Dr. M.K.Bhandi 1. Introduction: University library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed; it is organized for use. It provides access to various information resources to support teaching, learning, and research activities including printed books, journals, video tapes, a vast number of electronic resources and databases. The University Library came into existence in the year 1980. Its collections and service facilities are fairly widespread. It has grown from mere collection of 40,000 to 1,88,142 documents. The exterior and interior environment of the present library building is aesthetically attractive and user friendly. The total library building is planned for 9000sq. meters area. It has been planned to build the same in three phases. We have occupied the first phase of 3250 sq.mts. It accommodates all the sections of our library. The building now accommodates 400 readers at a time in the first phase itself and is distinguished by its open access environment with excellent lighting and ventilation facilities. We have a 20 k.w. generator to overcome electricity failures and one xerox machine to take care of the day to day photocopying needs. We have outsourced xeroxing to meet the users needs. A separate collection of NBHM, USIS and Pavanje Chair photos and Publications are displayed in separate corners i.e. at the Entrance hall, Periodicals, Stack and Text. These publications have been useful to Faculty members and Research Scholars in Science, Social Science and Humanities.. A collection of reprints and preprints on popular subjects is also being built up. Display panels in both the gangways , provide information on various issues like – Admission information of various Universities, American Information Resources Centre (AIRC) reprints, Appointments, Book Reviews, Do You Know, Faculty Publications, Fellowships, Orientation and Refresher Course details, Today’s News etc. 2. Library Services: Library services reflect the postgraduate nature of the campus. All the readers are welcome to use the library service facilities and friendly introduction to services and systems. The library staff is always available to advise readers. They orient new Students, Researchers and Faculty members at the commencement of their Academic / Research activity and as per their entry in our university. Professionals in the library also help all users to use library facilities to the best possible extent. There is a wide range of printed and online indexing services available in the library. All key disciplines are covered. In university’s research environment
  • 2. up-to-date information is essential. We subscribe to our library over 309 periodical titles in hard copies out of which 276 are Indian and 33 are foreign with retrospective issues of most titles. In addition to we have access 5000+ full text e-journals information from 19 databases under UGC- internet. Also we have subscribed to J-gate database which covers 18,000+ e-journals in full text manner from all disciplines. Inside Information (II) on-line database of British Library Document Supply Centre, (BLDSC), U.K, covers content-pages of 40,000 core journals. These content pages cover all article titles from the most frequently requested journals at the British Library Document Supply Centre, U.K. It covers full bibliographical information of each article covered in this database. It has started covering abstract for articles (wherever available) from January 1997. The users have access to the retrospective information of these journals information in a online mode from the year 1993. Additional Services include:  CD-ROM  DVDs  Fax  Inter Library Loan  Internet  Lending  Multimedia  Online Access  Paper Clippings  Photocopying  Reader’s Guidance  Referral  Reference  Reprints  UGC- INFONET databases 2.1. Computing Services: We have one server and eleven terminals in all the sections of the library. We have the infrastructure to retrieve information from readymade databases available in Compact Discs, Multimedia and On-line way. DATABASES AVAILABLE IN OUR LIBRARY Databases on CD: 1. Biosis *(TD) 2. Chaithnya Sangayana CD-ROM ** (MMD) 3. Indocean *(TD) 4. The Perfect Guru Yoga- A way of Life **(MMD) 5. Math Sci Disc- Silver Platter *(TD)
  • 3. 6.Social Science Index – Silver Platter- Information *(TD) 7.Distance Education Database International Center for Distance Learning *(TD) 8.Silver Platter Information directory of Electronic Resources *(TD) 9.Indian Science Abstract (ISA)*(TD) 10. National Geographic – 1888 to 1990 CDS **(MMD) 11. Manorama Knowledge Adventure -1999 **(MMD) 12. National Union Catalogue of Science Serials (NUCSSI)*(TD) 13. Indian Business Insight Databases. (IBID on CD)*(TD) * Textual Database ** Multimedia Database. Databases available on-line: Usage Statistics of UGC-INFONET Databases during 2009 Sl. No. Name of the Publisher 2009 1 Annual Review 106 2 Portland 122 3 Project Euclid 11 4 Project Muse 156 5 Cambridge University Press 549 6 American Institute of Physics 743 7 Institute of Physics 1678 8 Elsevier 266 9 Nature 188 10 JCCC 1977 11 J-Store 5076 12 Blackwell 143 13 SIAM 16 14 Taylor and Francis 1663 15 Springer and Kluwer 7787 16 American Chemical Society (1876) 3368 17 Royal Society of Chemistry 621 18 Oxford University Press 1275 19 Emerald 1277 20 Britannica Online NA 21 Science Online NA Total 27022 The library users can have access to the available documents information instantly from any one terminal available in our library and from all the departments on our campus by wide area networking (WAN) and on-line way. We have the connectivity to the leased line taken at our university from Dept. of Telecommunications (DOT). We have connected all the existing systems to get the Internet facility at a faster pace. Now the information flows at the speed of 10 mbps. This facility has helped all the professionals and the library users in retrieving the required and right information at a faster pace and in an affordable manner.
  • 4. 2.2. Media Services: We have audio-visual facilities which can play CD-ROM databases and DVDs, Multimedia, Films, Slides etc. These facilities are available for Staff, Researchers and P.G. Students to use during their studies and teaching. We have e-mail and Internet facilities in our library. We can access full text information of any institution using their website. 3. Budget: Total of Rs. 18,47,489/- was allocated towards the purchase of books and journals for the year 2009-10, i.e. Rs.08,25,000 /- for books and Rs.10,22,489 for journals. We have spent Rs.8,13,273/- for books and Rs.9,79,367/- for journals. Total expenditure is Rs. 17,92,640/-. 4. Library Collections as on 31.03.2009 Sl. Documents Collection as on Added in Total collections as No. 31.3.2008 2008-09 on 31.3.2009 1. Books 1,28,804 2,696 1,31,500 2. Gift Books 14,152 267 14,419 3. Study Centre 1,445 --- 1,445 4. Current Journals 257 52 309 5. On-line Journals databases 02 02 02 6. Back Volumes 20,685 1,400 22,085 7. Reports 4,508 --- 4,508 8. Reprints 6,115 10 6,125 9. Theses/ Dissertations 1,722 34 1,756 10. Govt. Publications 4,218 --- 4,218 11. Gift Journals 172 --- 172 12. Non-book Materials 1,504 50 1,554 13. News Papers 23 --- 23 14. Popular Magazines 25 1 26 Total 1,83,677 4,512 1,88,142 5. Special Grants : Sl. Departments Agency Budget Expenditure No. Allocated 1 Applied Zoology SAP 38992 37521 2 Distance Education UGC 150000 148843 3 Industrial Chemistry University 100000 99283 4 MCJ SAP 50000 49972 5 Women’s Studies UGC 50000 48498
  • 5. Total 388992 384117 6. Members enrolled and circulation of books: Sl.No. Types of Members Members Books Books Returned enrolled Borrowed 1. P.G. Students 1860 42797 31430 3. Research Scholars 365 2552 2169 4. Teaching Staff 211 1738 1730 5. Office Staff 280 806 654 6. Visitors- Individual 28 Reference Only Institutional 06 Reference Only Total = 2750 47893 35983 7. Readers Attendance : 100758 8. Books Consulted : 67053 9. Average per day : 246 10. Inter Library Loan Services : (a) Books, Document borrowed : 26 (b) Reprints obtained : 85 (c) Books lent : 23 11. Our Publications: (a) Path Finder/ Know Your Library (b) Catalogue of Periodicals (c) New Additions (d) Catalogue of Theses & Dissertations (e) Catalogue of Reference Materials (f) Dakshina Kannada Matthu Kodagu Zillegalalli Prakatitha Kannada Granthagala Suchi. (g) Mangalore Vishwa Vidhyanilaya Granthalayada Grantha Bhandaradhalli Dr. Shivarama Karanthara Granthagalu Mattu Lekhanagala Grantha Suchi. 12. Other matter: (a) No. of reference queries attended : 19,656 13. Professionals working in the Library: Sl.No. Name Designation Field of Specialization 1. Dr. M K Bhandi University Librarian Special Library
  • 6. 2. Dr. T Y Mallaiah Deputy Librarian Special Library 3. Dr. Purushotham Gowda Deputy Librarian Special Library 4. Dr. S S. Kumbar Deputy Librarian Special Library 5. Mrs. A Nalini Bai Assistant Librarian Academic Library 6. Mr. K K Badami Assistant Librarian Academic Library 7. Mrs. K S Sumangala Assistant Librarian Academic Library 8. Mr. M C Jayappa Assistant Librarian Academic Library 9. Mrs. B S Jayalakshmi Assistant Librarian Academic Library 10. Mrs. K Pushpalatha Library Assistant Academic Library 11. Smt. Shilpa Kumari Jain Library Assistant Academic Library 12. Ms. Preethi Library Assistant Academic Library 13. Ms. Nagaveni Library Assistant Academic Library 14. Ms. Savitha Kumari Library Assistant Academic Library 15. Ms. Usha Library Assistant Academic Library 16. Ms. Sumana S Jogi Library Assistant Academic Library 13 (A). Library Office Staff: Sl.No. Name of the Employee Designation 1 Mr Seshappa Naik Superintendent 2 Mr Jayantha K Bangera Second Division Assistant 3 Mr Taranath. M Typist Cum Clerk 4 Smt Shashikala N. Typist Cum Clerk 5 Mr Trishul Attender 6 Mr. G.A. Madhava Attender 7 Mr Bharath Prabhu Peon 8 Mr Belliappa K K Peon 9 Mr. Raju (up to 30.9.2009) Peon 10 Mr. B Cheniappa Peon 11 Mr. Ramesha Peon/Gardner 12 Mr. Keshava Gatti Hostel Assistant 13 Mr. Yunus Khan Gardner A) Research Papers Published in Journals 1. BHANDI M.K Adventages and disadvantages of e-journals as previewed by the academicians of Universities of Karnataka, A Survey
  • 7. report. SRELS-Journal of Information management Vol.6(3), Sept.2009, pp.229-239. ISSN 0972-2467. 2. Mallaiah, T.Y and Yadapadithaya, P.S., Intrinsic Motivation of Librarians in University Libraries in Karnataka. DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology. Vol. 29 (3), April, (2009), pp. 36-42. ISSN: 0974-0643. (National) 3. S.S Kumbar., and Pushpalatha,K, Library building and space utilization: A study of mangalore university. Indian Journal of library and information science vol. 4 (1) Jan- Apr (2010) ISSN: 0973-9548 (National) 4. Pushpalatha, K., and Mallaiah, T. Y., Use of information resources in chemistry: a study of Mangalore University Library. Annals of Library and Information Studies. Vol. 56 (3), September, (2009), pp 175-183. ISSN: 0972-5423. (National) B) Articles Published in Edited Books 1. Bhandi M.K. : In Niranthara, B.V. Kakkilaya Sambhavana Grantha, M.S. Krishna Samsmarana samsthe, Bangalore, 2009. 2. Mallaiah, T. Y., Pushpalatha, K.,and Kumbar, S.S. (2009), Identifying the Core journals in Bio-sciences: A case study of Mangalore University Library, In: Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS). Edited Sangam, S. L, (et al), Dharwad, Department of Library and Information Science, Karnatak University, December, 2009, pp 67-81. ISBN: 978-81-910099-0-3. C) Papers Published in Conference Proceedings 1. Bhandi M.K. and Mudhol M – Database of Fisheries science in India, I the second International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering held at Hyaght regency, Dubai, UAE on 28 to 30 December 2009, pp.286-289. 2. Kumbar, S.S. and and Mallaiah, T Y (2010), Library Outreach Activities: A Case Study of Mangalore University Library, In: Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities, Edited by Khaisar Muneebulla Khan, Gopa Kumar V and Vishala B K, Mangalore, Library and Information centre, St. Agnes College, 2010. pp 414-422. ISBN: 978-81-0-9854-0-6 3. Felcy Lewis and Mallaiah, T Y. Open Access to Digital Information Resources in Science and Technology: The Role of Digital Libraries to Facilitate Accessing Scholarly Information, In: Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities. Edited by Khaisar Muneebulla Khan, Gopa Kumar V and Vishala B K, Mangalore, Library and Information centre, St. Agnes College, 2010, pp37-47. ISBN: 978-81-0-9854-0-6
  • 8. 4. Supritha Shetty and Mallaiah, T Y. Impact of Library Extension Services on Users at the K.S.Hegde Medical Academy: A Study, In: Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities, Edited by Khaisar Muneebulla Khan, Gopa Kumar V and Vishala B K, Mangalore, Library and Information centre, St. Agnes College, 2010. pp 431-438. ISBN: 978-81-0-9854-0-6 D) Paper presented in National/International Conference/Seminars, Symposia etc. 1. Kumbar S. S. Participated and presented a paper in the “Convention on Knowledge Resources in India with Special reference to Jammu and Kashmir Orgainsed by the Allama Iqbal Library, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, (J&K) during11 -13 May 2009 th th 2. Kumbar S. S. Participated and presented a paper in the UGC Sponsored national Conference on ‘Six Sigma Approach to Information Resource Management” and also chaired one session Organised by the Government First Grade College, Kaup, Udupi-574 106, during 30 – 31 Oct 2009 th st 3. Kumbar S. S. Participated and presented a paper entitled ‘Identifying core journals in Biosciences: a case study of Mangalore University Library’ in the National Seminar on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS) Organised under UGC/SAP by the Department of Library and Information Science, Karnatak University, Dharwad- 580 003 during 21 -22 Dec 2009 st nd 4. Kumbar S. S. Participated and presented a paper entitled ‘Library outreach activities: a case study of Mangalore University’ in the 2 –day National Level Conference – “Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities” Organised by the Library and Information centre,, St. Agnes College, Mangalore-575 002 during 18 -19 January 2010. th th 5. Kumbar S. S. Participated in the AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme (Two Weeks) on “Library automation, Networking and Digitisation” Orgainsed by the Central Library, Malout Institute of Management and Information Technology (MIMIT) under the scheme of Short Term Training Programme (STTP), Malout, Punjab during 20 th July -1 Aug 2009 st 6. Badami K.K. Participated in the TISS-IFLA workshop on Capacity building in knowledge environment – workshop to train library and Information professionals in Information literacy skills – 18-19 December 2009. organized by Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial literacy. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, IFLA, ILA, BOSLA 7. Badami K.K. Participated at National Seminar on Webometrics, Informatrics and scientrometrics (WIS) under UGC/SAP organized by the Department of Library and Information Science, Karnatak University, Dharwad- 580 003 during 21 -22 Dec 2009 st nd
  • 9. 8. Badami K.K. Participated in the 2 –day National Level Conference – “Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities” Organised by the Library and Information centre,, St. Agnes College, Mangalore-575 002 during 18 -19 January 2010. th th 9. ¨ÁzÁ«Ä PÉ.PÉ. – DvÉÆäãÀßwUÉ NzÀÄ: UÀæ0xÁ®0iÀÄ ¸À¥ÁÛºÀzÀ «±ÉõÀ ¯ÉÃR£À. DvÀä±ÀQÛ, CPÉÆÖçgÀ-zÀ±À0§gÀ 2009, ¥ÀÅ.10 10. ¨ÁzÁ«Ä PÉ.PÉ. –– ªÉÊeÁÕ¤PÀ C«µÁÌgÀ ºÁUÀÆ UÀæ0xÁ®0iÀÄ, ªÀÄ0UÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ DPÁ±ÀªÁtÂ0iÀÄ°è gÉÃr0iÉÆà ¨sÁµÀt : ¥Àæ¸ÁgÀ 16.2.2010gÀ0zÀÄ gÁwæ 9.15PÉÌ. 11. Pushpalatha K ( 2010), Participated in the National seminar on “Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities” Organised by the Library and Information centre, St. Agnes college Mangalore,18 -19 January. th th 16. Research Scholars working in the Library Sl.No Name Guide Title Awarded/ ongoing 2 Mr. F.G. Patil Dr. M.K.Bhandi Impact of Electronic Media on ReadingAwarded Habits in Karnataka State University Libraries
  • 10. 3 Ms. Jannet Dr. M.K.Bhandi Consortia Approach for Content SharingOn-going Dotty Lobo Using Helinet databases to the Health Science Libraries in Dakshina Kannada: A case study 4 Ms. Rajatha Dr. M.K.Bhandi Comparative Study on E-resources withOn-going special reference to affiliated post graduate college libraries of Mangalore University. 5 Ms. Dr. T.Y.Mallaiah Building infrastructure and spaceOn-going Pushpalatha K utilization in college libraries affiliated to Mangalore University: A study 6 Ms.Felcy Lewis Dr. T.Y.Mallaiah Information resources and their use inOn-going engineering college libraries of South Kanara and Udupi Districts 7 Mr. LokanathaDr. T.Y.Mallaiah Public library system and services inOn-going Poojary B. Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts: A study of village panchayat libraries. 8 Ms. Supritha Dr. T.Y.Mallaiah Attitude and behaviour of health scienceOn-going J shetty professionals towards evidence based medical practice and informa6tion resources; A diagnostic study in Coastal Karnataka. 19. Income Earned by the Library 1. Fax charges Rs.2,770 2. Library 72,974 Fine 3. Membership Fee (Individual & 83,500 Institutional) 4. Sale of Old Newspapers & Magazines 13,935 5. Xerox Charges 25,077 Total 198,256 7