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DAY 2—tuesday (cont.) 	MAY 8th, 2012   TIME        ballroom a                ballroom b               ballroom c          ...
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Tizen Developer Conference 2012 schedule final


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Tizen Developer Conference 2012 schedule final

  1. 1. schedule of events PLATFORM APPLICATION PLATFORM APPLICATION PROJECT & COMMUNITY/ KEY IVI INTRODUCTORY INTRODUCTORY ADVANCED ADVANCED UPCOMING TECHNOLOGIESDAY 1—monday MAY 7th, 2012 TIME ballroom a ballroom b ballroom c seacliff bayview 12:00 Registration OPENS, WALKING TOURS DEPART FROM HACKER LOUNGE15:00–18:00 WELCOME RECEPTION, tech showcase, partner demos Keynote imad sousou & Jong-Deok Choi18:00–18:45 director, intel open source technology center Executive Vice President, Samsung co-CHair, tizen technical Steering group co-CHair, tizen technical Steering group18:45–21:00 DINNER and conference activities21:30–LATE werewolf—HACKER LOUNGEDAY 2—tuesday MAY 8th, 2012 TIME ballroom a ballroom b ballroom c seacliff bayview KEYNOTE Dave Johnson09:30–10:15 Senior Engineering Manager, adobe Systems KEYNOTE dr. KIYOHITO nagata senior vice president, docomo10:15–11:00 chairman, tizen Association KEYNOTE james pearce11:00–11:45 head of mobile developer relations, facebook11:45–12:30 tech showcase12:30–13:30 LUNCH Tizen Architecture Platform Development Implementation of Tips and Tricks: State of the Tizen Sunil Saxena, Intel Tools for Tizen Standard Accessibility Designing Low-Power Community & Vincent Kwon, Dominig Ar Foll, Intel APIs for Tizen Native and Web Apps Dawn Foster, Intel13:30–14:10 Samsung Krzysztof Wlodarczyk Harita Chilukuri & Dariusz Filipski, & Abhishek Dhanotia, Comarch Intel Tizen WebAPIs and WebCL for Hardware- The Challenges of—A Free Engaging Open Source WebApp Development Accelerated Web Mobile Text Input iCloud and Dropbox Projects, with a Sakari Poussa, Intel Applications Michael Hasselmann, Replacement for Tizen Corporate View14:15–14:55 & Taehee Lee, Samsung Won Jeon Openismus GmbH Frank Karlitschek, Thiago Macieira, Intel & Tasneem Brutch, ownCloud Samsung15:00–15:15 BREAK
  2. 2. DAY 2—tuesday (cont.) MAY 8th, 2012 TIME ballroom a ballroom b ballroom c seacliff bayview Tizen Web Runtime Making Web Design and HTML5 Canvas 2D Upcoming Ming Jin, Samsung Applications Using Implementation of Performance Tuning Technologies: Wayland Tizen Web UI Tizen Emulator Yang Gu & Yunchao He, and oFono15:15–15:55 Framework Yeongkyoon Lee, Intel Jesse Barnes Koeun Choi, Samsung S-Core Co., Ltd. & Marcel Holtmann, Intel Lessons Learnt from Push Notifications Tizen Security Breaking Same-Origin Power on Tizen with Orange in Developing and Tizen Framework Overview for Fun and Profit Web API Test Toolkit HTML5 Applications Jimmy Dee, Bumjin Im, Samsung Dean Pierce, Intel Ling Yu & Elva Fu, Intel16:00–16:40 for Tizen Urban Airship & Ryan Ware, Intel Omer Saleem, Orange16:40–18:30 booth crawl18:30–23:00 California academy of sciences party—busses arrive at 18:3023:30–LATE werewolf—HACKER LOUNGEDAY 3—wednesday MAY 9th, 2012 TIME ballroom a ballroom b ballroom c seacliff bayview Developer Highlight An Overview of the An Authentication Advanced HTML5 BlueZ—Plugging Presentations: HTML5 Tizen Application Framework for Secure Features in the Tizen the Unpluggable App Development for Framework NFC Applications Web Platform Luiz Von Dentz, Intel09:00–09:40 Tizen Devices Youngjoo Park Charles Walton, Wonsuk Lee, Samsung Various, Intel/Samsung & Jayoun Lee, Samsung INSIDE Secure HTML5 Canvas vs. CSS3 Overview of Tizen Next Gen OS Understanding the Tizen IVI Architecture Brian Jones Telephony Initialization Permission and Access Mikko Ylinen, Intel & Sirisha Muppavarapu, Jongman Park, Samsung Done Right Control Model for09:45–10:25 Intel Auke Kok, Intel Tizen Application Sandboxing Onur Aciicmez & Andrew Blaich, Samsung10:30–11:00 BREAK Simple to Complex: Overview of Graphics WebKit/EFL HTML5/WRT: Tizen IVI Security: What Should I Use? and Input in Tizen & WebKit2/EFL How Competent is Preventing Rolling Gustavo Barbieri, Seokjae Jeong, Samsung Ming Jin, Samsung Your Code? SPAM Factories11:00–11:40 ProFUSION Guobing Chen Ryan Ware, Intel & Raji Shunmuganathan, Intel Write a Touch-Friendly Overview of Tizen Open Build Service— Creating Fancy User HTML for IVI HTML5 Application Location Facts, Features Interfaces with Edje Ethan Coh, OBIGO Hongbo Min, Young-Ae Kang, and Future Bruno Dilly, ProFUSION11:45–12:25 Junmin Zhu Samsung Michael Schroeder & Yongsheng Zhu, Intel & Adrian Schroeter, SUSE Linux12:30–13:30 LUNCH Gaming with HTML5 Tizen Graphics Core— The DRM (Direct Podcasts on Mobile: Rapid Interface Canvas 2D The Scenegraph (Evas) Rendering Manager) gPodder and the Builder and Web Yongsheng Zhu Carsten Haitzler, of Tizen Kernel Web Simulator—Browser-13:30–14:10 & Qiankun Miao, Intel Samsung Joonyoung Shim, Service based Tools for Web Samsung Thomas Perl, App Development Shane Bryan, Intel Converting Your Web Tizen Application Enabling Cordova App to Tizen Portability (aka PhoneGap) Cheng Luo, Samsung Michael Schloh on Tizen14:15–14:55 von Bennewitz, Rene Pourtier, Intel Europalab Networks15:00–15:15 BREAK15:15–17:15 Hands-On Lab—Grand Ballroom