Business Analysis in the context of 'Holistic Products' - R N Prasad
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  • 1. Business  Analysis  in  the  context  of   Holis3c  Products   R.N.  Prasad   RNP@ConfluenceConsul3ng.In   1  
  • 2. In this session today… Enterprise  Applica.ons   So1ware  Product  –line   Management   Business  Analysis   §  Global deployment challenges §  Comparison with Product portfolios §  Retaining product leadership §  The idea of ‘Whole Product’ §  Enterprise customer demands §  Market demand for products
  • 3. Benefits  of  PM-­‐BA   collabora3on…     Holis3c  View  of   products…   BA  Focus  Areas  from   product  perspec3ve..   How  do  we  begin?…   Key Takeaways…
  • 4. 4   Enterprise  Applica3on   Deployment  Challenges     Large Portfolio Short Release Cycles Geo Specific Releases Global Support User Experience Progressive Enhancements  
  • 5. What  Customer  Expect?   Ø  Early and frequent delivery of valuable software, ensuring Business Impact. Ø  Adaptability rather than predictability. Ø  Frequent short releases to ensure faster delivery of expected results and a clearer and sharper crystallization of Requirements. Ø  Working software is the primary measure of progress. Ø  Welcome changing requirements, even late in the development cycle.
  • 6. What’s  BAs  Recipe  for  Success?   BPM,  Business  Rules,     and  Use  Case  modeling     Enterprise  Analysis,   Business  Impact/   Value  Iden@fica@on   Data  &  Meta  Data   Management   Perspec@ves     Cri@cal  Thinking  and   Collabora@ve  Problem   solving   Structured  requirements   elicita@on  (NFR  included)  and   acceptance  criteria   Financial Decision Making/ Project Selection
  • 7. 7   Product  Management   Reduce Failure Rate Market Share Visionary Roadmap Time-to-Value   OUT-THINK and OUT-EXECUTE Competition
  • 8. “The  Holis3c  Product”  paradigm   1.  Core   §  IP  of  the  company   §  Directly  associated  with  Brand     8   Core   Primary   Secondary   2.  Primary   §  Inextricably  intertwined  with  Core   §  Strategic  to  user  for  deployment   3.  Secondary   §  Not  in  the  direct  control  of  company   §  Partner  value-­‐adds      
  • 9. Competency  Dimensions   9   Intertwined  with  Core          Carrier  Plans                App  Store                          Core  Applica3ons      Tech  Support                  Sales  &  Distribu3on       Value-­‐Adds                        Stylus                                    Power  Backup          Vendor  Apps                    Educa3on   Business  Deployment   Core   IP  &  Brand       Phone   Charger   Cables   Head  Phone   User  Guide   Packaging   BA to consider ALL these for analysis.
  • 10. What’s  PMs  Recipe  for  Success?   VISIBILITY   ALIGNMENT   COLLABORATION   Dynamic  Market   Requirements   Management     Integrated   Management  of  Ideas,   Products  and  PorZolio   Integrated  Lifecycle   Cost  Management     Deep  understanding  of   personas  and  posi@oning  and   Channels   Product  Performance     Management   Constant watch on product roadmaps
  • 11. 11   Business  Analysis   Changing  Landscape     Holistic Product View Personas & Use Cases Deep Business Rules Financial Decision Making Beta Engagements Fact Based Decisions  
  • 12. Product  Life  Cycle   12   Strategy Execution Engineering & Support Develop,  Validate,  Launch,  Market,  Support,  End   of  Life       Idea@on,  Planning,   Innova@on,  R&D     Product Marketing Marke@ng  strategy,   Channel  Strategy   Beta  Deployment,  Launch,  Marke@ng,  Sales,   Support,  Re@re         Product Management Market  Research   Business  Case   Product  Requirements   Roadmap   Market  Strategy     Market  Feedback,  Compe@@ve  analysis,   Innova@on  Possibili@es    
  • 13. Power  of  PM  &  BA  Collabora3on           Market   Research   Business  Case   Business   Acumen   Product   Requirements   Market   Strategy   Market   Valida@on     Market   Messaging     Financial   Decision   Making           Use  Case   Modeling   Data   Management   Domain   Business   Processes   Requirements   Elicita@on   Enterprise   Analysis   Beta   Feedback   Personas   Cri@cal   Thinking   PM   Strengths   BA   Strengths  
  • 14. Power  of  Collabora3on   Time-­‐ to-­‐ Value!  
  • 15. Ge]ng  Ready!   How   do  we   Begin!  
  • 16. Possible  Ac3ons   •  Holis@c  Competency   Development   •  BA  Maturity  Assessment  and   improvement  journey   •  Metrics  program  to  measure   value  of  BA-­‐PM  lead  product   management   16  
  • 17. Deep  Business  Analysis   Reduces   Product   Failure     Rate   17  
  • 18. 18