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8 Data Loss Prevention Tips

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Eight ways to keep your online data safe on the cloud.

Eight ways to keep your online data safe on the cloud.

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  • 1. 8 Ways to Prevent Data Loss
  • 2. Why worry about data loss?
    As you move more data to the cloud, it becomes imperative to protect it
    Whether moving from Microsoft to Google, a local email system to Gmail, migrating photos from Picasa to Flickr and even leaving Facebook, you need to worry about data loss
  • 3. Tip #1 – Keep a Backup
    Redundant backups are your best bet to avoid losing any data
    If storing critical files locally, backup using Dropbox, Carbonite or the like
    If storing data in the cloud on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., get an online backup account, such as from Backupify.
  • 4. Tip #2 – Install Anti-Virus Program
    Viruses can infect your computer if you download a corrupt file, click on a malicious link, get hacked, etc.
    Be prepared to block viruses with an anti-virus program
    Even if on a Mac, you can never be too safe
  • 5. Tip #3 – Use Surge Protectors
    Surge protectors guard against power outages, electrical surges during high heat, storms, etc.
    Most of you probably use surge protectors at work
    However, do you do the same at home?
    No matter where you are, use a surge protector for your computers and other devices
  • 6. Tip #4- Expertly Install Programs
    Whether setting up a local or online-based service, it’s important to do it right
    If you’re unsure how to set up a service/program, hire an expert who has experience
    Data loss can occur during a program installation, migration or cancellation – mitigate these chances by hiring an expert
  • 7. Tip #5 – Pay Attention to Surroundings
    Logging onto a personal account in a public area is risky
    Only do it if you trust your surroundings and securely log out promptly after you’re done
    Save documents regularly when working on a remote computer
    Never leave your computer alone
    Never leave a logged-in account open on the screen if you walk away
  • 8. Tip #6 – Beware of Email Attachments
    Even if you trust the sender, beware of the attached document
    If the attachment has the same name as one of your current files, it can automatically replace your file, wiping out your data
    To avoid this, set up your email provider to save attachments in a separate location
  • 9. Tip # 7 – Beware of User Error
    Our own mistakes contribute to data loss
    1/3 of all data loss is due to human error
    You may accidently delete a file or email, save a file in the wrong folder, and even forget to save a file before ‘X’ing out of it
    Always double check what you delete and save
  • 10. Tip #8 – Guard Personal Account Information
    Be in a safe area when logging into a personal online account
    If sending a password or sensitive data over the web, encrypt it
  • 11. Protect Your Data, It’s Yours!
    The more data you store in the cloud, the greater risk that it could be lost, deleted or hacked
    Take these 8 precautions to prevent personal data loss
    First and foremost, have a backup plan. Register for a free Backupify social media backup account.