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Suguk Southampton   CodePlex - March 2014
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Suguk Southampton CodePlex - March 2014


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My slide deck from my SharePoint User Group Southampton presentation. This was an introductory overview to the CodePlex Project Community and a quick look at a few of the CodePlex Projects that I've …

My slide deck from my SharePoint User Group Southampton presentation. This was an introductory overview to the CodePlex Project Community and a quick look at a few of the CodePlex Projects that I've recently reviewed.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Looking at CodePlex SharePoint User Group UK – 11th March 2014 Steven Andrews
  • 2. Who am I? • Works as a Business Analyst for Live Nation / Ticketmaster • Working with the product since SharePoint 2003 • Spends a lot of time in the forums (both answering and asking questions) • Likes running
  • 3. Agenda • CodePlex Introduction and mention of famous SP Projects • Reasons for looking at CodePlex projects • Commercial vs. Open Source & how they apply to SharePoint • Individual / Personal benefits to getting involved in CodePlex • Brief discussion of four SharePoint projects
  • 4. Introducing CodePlex • Launched June 2006 • January 2010 it hosted 13,022 projects • January 2010 Mercurial support was added • March 2012 Git was added as a source control option • March 2013 it hosted 32, 310 projects • Has 2409 SharePoint related projects
  • 5. Famous CodePlex Projects • CodePlex has some famous SharePoint projects that already have a fair amount of coverage: - • Jquery SPServices by Marc Anderson – 114,257 downloads • AutoSPInstaller by Brian Lalncette –62,191 downloads • SPManager (2007 – 2013) by Anders Dissing & Carsten Keutmann (63,035 downloads) • These projects already have a fair amount of literature and attention, so whilst they’ll be acknowledged as part of the community, generally they won’t be discussed
  • 6. Why look at CodePlex projects? • Commercial companies / communities have their own evangelical types • AvePoint (Jeremy Thake) • Metalogix (Christian Buckley) • Etc. • Exploring the stats in the community a little. 2409 approx. projects • Not all have source code • Some are pointers to blogs / paid products • Education & Sharing of information regarding these tools • Microsoft have uploaded many of their code samples to CodePlex
  • 7. Commercial vs. Open Source • Open Source vs. Commercial lines of thinking have some very developed thought processes • Cost: Purchase cost vs. life cycle cost (snapshot product) • Security: Security still an issue but not as severe as • Flexibility: Paid extensibility vs. OS Community contributions • Support: Paid Support vs. adhoc developer support • Soft Benefit: Community Member Contribution • Services & Products vs. snapshot product
  • 8. CodePlex Licensing • CodePlex makes available a number of licenses ranging from standard Open Source licenses to Mozilla and Microsoft-specific licenses. Some of the more frequently available licenses are: - • GPL: Obliges ANY changes made to the code to be made public • LGPL: Allows dynamic linking of code without the sharing restriction • MIT: Obliges credit to be given but little else
  • 9. Other Benefits of CodePlex • Individual / Professional of getting involved in CodePlex • Peer Networking: Some interesting & gifted people work on CodePlex projects • Collaboration: Potential to work on some of these projects • Coder • Tester • Documentation • Code Learning / Education: Increase exposure to parts of the product
  • 10. Scope of CodePlex Projects • 2409 SharePoint Products • 1727 Alpha • 1534 Beta • 1019 Stable • Additions include items such as • Chart Parts • Service Application Extensions • Responsive Design Templates • Search Engine Customisations • Windows Forms Applications
  • 11. Introducing CodePlex Corner • Several people in the community have looked at CodePlex stuff • Bill Simser used to mention a few projects a month • Michael Greth & his SharePoint Daily • My own contribution is a new project / series: CodePlex Corner • Deep dive on each project that looks interesting / useful • Where appropriate a brief tutorial will also be written • Aim is to create a education / information review that can be used • Currently posted to my blog & the TechNet Wiki for community editing
  • 12. Project #1: Seadragon Viewer • Built by Nikolas Charlebois – Laprade • Creates an Web Part Wrapper around a Deep Zoom Image • Originally created by Microsoft Live Labs • Example usage can be seen on the SharePoint 2013 Server Architecture diagrams in TechNet • Sample Usage: High level / large images
  • 13. Project #2: List Field Manager • Built by Adam Cauley for Corasworks customers • Exposes column level properties via a Web Part • Does not work on External Content Types • Can provide more utility for form management for Power Users and provide more extensibility
  • 14. Project #3 JEFS • Built by Tomek Stojecki • Stands for JavaScript Editor for SharePoint • Sandbox Editor that provides an in-browser alternative to CEWP • Provides an easy way to manage and separate CSS, HTML, Libraries & Java Script • Can be surfaced on Form Pages, Views, Wiki Pages and invoked manually
  • 15. Project #4 Sushi • Developed by Joseph Fluckiger & Ryan Hayes • SharePoint Utility with a Smart Helpful Interface (Sushi) • Designed to work around stsadm limitations • Some utilities overtaken by PowerShell but others still very useful • Copy View • Archive Documents • Apply theme to sites (bulk)
  • 16. Upcoming Plans & Ideas • Continue looking at projects such as • Feature Manager • Responsive SharePoint • Would invite other community members to contribute • Potentially bundle these up in a PDF download for the community
  • 17. Thanks & questions? • Thanks for your time • Any questions, comments? • Contact Details • Email: • Blog: • Twitter: @backpackerd00d