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Karl Hall

  1. 1. Karl Hall Mechanical Engineer/Designer
  2. 2. Personal Value Proposition: Karl Hall is an inquisitive and creative lifelong learner who is passionate about creating value in the areas of innovative mechanical design, product reliability/testing, and effective implementation of technical solutions from CAD drawings and building prototypes to efficient manufacturing processes. Through his education and experience he has developed both an analytic-mechanical system and an interpersonal relational model through which to create value within organizations as an effective team member.
  3. 3. The Basics… Name: Karl Adam Hall Age: 25 Current Location: Highwood, Illinois I grew up on a farm in Indiana, working on projects, fixing things, and learning the value of hard work. I graduated top of my class and received a full tuition scholarship from Eli Lilly’s philanthropic arm, Lilly Endowment. I am married, love to travel, ride my bike(s), take photos, restore espresso machines, and read good books.
  4. 4. I attended Trine University, where I majored in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Machine Design. I found the course of study enjoyable and took every opportunity I could find to apply and learn more about engineering and design.
  5. 5. After finishing my undergrad, I enrolled in the Master of Divinity Program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with an emphasis in counseling. While always intending to return to the marketplace after my time at Trinity, I realized that there is hardly a better time than right after undergraduate studies to pursue a highly competitive three year academic program at just such a world class institution. I enjoyed every minute of the challenge; having my creativity, logic, leadership, communication, and philosophical paradigm exponentially grown. I believe my engineering mind is sharper having been stretched in this way.
  6. 6. The Master of Divinity degree enabled me to work with a corporate consulting company, Ambassador Leadership, as my final practicum. Applying systems thinking and analytic processing from my engineering education, personality and coaching insights from my emphasis in counseling, and leadership and theology from the divinity education, I worked as a project manager with them with their “Engage!” team management consulting curriculum to great success. Ambassador helped me concretize the ideological lessons learned in my Master of Divinity back into the marketplace, with the goal of creating financial and intellectual value.
  7. 7. I have multiple years of professional experience and educational training in these engineering software packages. I have a high degree of expertise in these programs. I have experience in project leadership, design facilitation, mechanical testing, mechanical assembly, manufacturing process development, and materials sourcing. Tech Proficiencies…
  8. 8. I would enjoy the opportunity to dialogue with you more about my proven ability to create substantive value for your company as a design engineer. Thank you for your time viewing this slide show. Every click is value, or so the internet experts say, therefore I appreciate the value of your interest in learning a bit about me. Karl Hall 260.570.3590 karl@karlhall.com @backlot42 www.backlot42.com