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Suspend Polyzone Slideshare Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Technical Profile, Updated August 2012
  • 2. OverviewExtended Residual ControlUp to 90 days of proven outdoor residual control• On average, residual more than twice as long as for Demand CS or any other microcap• Provides flexibility to extend interval between services (monthly > EOM > quarterly)• Proprietary technology provides controlled-release killing zoneProtection From the WeatherStays where applied• Exclusive Polyzone formula shields treatment from rainfall, irrigation, mechanical abrasion• Protects active ingredient deltamethrin from aggressive substrates and surface effects• Active ingredient remains secure as polymer layer wears away over time• Adheres active ingredient to the targeted area• More product remains available to the target pestBenefits of the Science Behind Suspend PolyzoneIncreased customer satisfaction and retention• Proven reduction in callback frequency• Improved operational efficiencies• Greater peace of mind and commitment to sustainability
  • 3. Features & BenefitsWhat is Suspend Polyzone?• An innovative residual spray that combines a trusted active ingredient (deltamethrin) with a proprietary polymer suspension• This new product exhibits unique features and benefits, setting it apart from conventional SCs and microcap products
  • 4. Technology Background What is Suspend Polyzone? Conventional SC Suspend SC, Talstar, Tempo SC Ultra • Micronized crystals of active ingredient deposited on a surface Microcap CS Demand CS, Cy-Kick CS, Onslaught, CyhaloCap, Cyzmic • Solubilized active ingredient located within a capsule Suspend Polyzone • Micronized crystals of deltamethrin within a polymer layer
  • 5. Technology BackgroundSuspend Polyzone vs. Microcaps • Don’t extend outdoor • Provides a residual residual for as long longer than any as claimed microcap • Absorption into • Protects active substrates ingredient from • Don’t prevent aggressive movement of active substrates and ingredient away from surface effects treated zone • Is protected from • Uneven distribution weather including on sprayed surface precipitation • Require drying or • Evenly distributes abrasion before active ingredients active ingredient • Partially embeds is available to • Secures active target pest ingredient as polymer layer wears away over time
  • 6. Technology BackgroundWhat is Suspend Polyzone?Left image demonstrates how Polyzone embeds the active ingredient inpolymer to deliver a controlled release over time.Right image (2500 X magnification) shows the deltamethrin crystals in thepolymer lattice that adheres the active ingredient to surfaces.
  • 7. Technology Background What is Suspend Polyzone? • The polymer beads within Suspend Polyzone partially embed the deltamethrin crystals on the surface • Suspend Polyzone keeps active ingredient particles firmly in place and releases them over an extended period of time • Active ingredient particles of standard SCs and microcaps lie freely on the surface, where they can be removed by rainfall, irrigation and other abrasive influences
  • 8. Technology BackgroundWhat is Suspend Polyzone?All the technical features – uniformdistribution, protective layer formationand partial embedding – will result in thefollowing benefits:• Extended residuality• Active substance particles remain secure where placed• Increased resistance to being washed away by rainfall and irrigation
  • 9. Weather ResistanceLong-lasting outdoor residualthat will transform pestmanagement• Lots of manufacturers talk about the “long residual” you get from their products, but talk is cheap ...• Long after you leave the job, your treatment must face the elements and keep on working for you• Polyzone technology will protect your investment of time and money
  • 10. Weather Resistance, Part I PolyZone (0.03%) PolyZone (0.01%) Demand CS (0.03%) CyKick CS (0.05%) 100 10 9 80 8 Precipitation (inches) 7 Mortality [%] 60 6 5 40 4 3 20 2 1 - 0 1 day 1 month 2 month 3 month Days after treatment and outdoor aging Clayton, NC (USA), German cockroach April to June, 2009 Source: OE09NARBYW-ENY1
  • 11. Weather Resistance Caring for the environment where we live, work and play Pesticide residues in urban watersheds are driving new regulations that will surely compromise your residential perimeter service business. Polyzone technology uses advanced material science to reduce residue release from treated surfaces and lessens wash-off.
  • 12. Weather Resistance, Part IIWash-off Study – Comparative Demand CS Suspend PolyZone• Surfaces treated, residues dried for 24 hours Percentage of residue washed off• 30 x 30 cm glazed ceramic tile• 30 x 30 cm concrete block 92.5% Residue Washed Off• Block at 30-degree angle to rain nozzle• Nozzle: FullJet, 22 PSI• Rainfall simulation delivered 1 inch/hour 74.3%• Exposure lasted for 1 hour• Wash-off sample collected and analyzed Tile Concrete Polyzone dramatically reduced wash-off compared to a leading microcap formulation. Source: Bayer Environmental Fate
  • 13. LabelingBroad LabelingLabeled for: Not labeled for:• Indoor pests and sites (>40 pests) • Subterranean termites• Perimeter pests and sites • General surface applications (indoors)• Bed bugs, including mattresses • Broadcast applications to carpet for cat and furniture fleas (spot and C&C allowed)• Soil, turf and ground covers adjacent • Food-handling areas* to structure• Wood-destroying insects – Spray, mist, foam or brush application• Re-apply at 21-day intervals• Broad rate range: 0.01-0.06% *Pending submission for EPA approval
  • 14. LabelingCompliant With New Pyrethroid LabelingScience designed to meet this challenge:The Polyzone polymer technology protects the active ingredient from irrigation,precipitation and mechanical abrasion.• Benefit: In critical application sites, you can depend on Suspend Polyzone still being there to control pestsPolyzone has up to a 90-day outdoor residual that is unmatched when comparedto other SCs and microcaps.• Benefit: When you face restrictions on where you can treat, it makes sense to use a product that will stay put on those outdoor application sites where you are still allowed to spray
  • 15. Consumer BenefitsThis product is for use both indoors and outdoors and will provideeffective knockdown and long residual control of a wide range of pests,including spiders, ants and mosquitoes.• This new technology keeps the product right where you put it, protected from weather, irrigation and mechanical interference• Will not damage plants, paints, plastics, fabrics or other surfaces where water alone causes no damage• Extends time between applicationsBayer is committed to providing solutions for professional users to enhancehealthy living conditions and improve quality of life.Consumer communication brochure is available.
  • 16. SummaryPolyzone FeaturesExtended Residual Control• Suspend Polyzone delivers proven residual control for up to 90 days outdoors – on average, 30% longer than microcaps• Proprietary formulation technology provides a controlled-release killing zone that resists erosionProtection From the Weather• Suspend Polyzone shields treatment from weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion• Active ingredient remains secure as polymer layer wears away over time• Exclusive Polyzone formula protects active ingredient from aggressive substrates and surface effects
  • 17. SummaryPolyzone BenefitsPut the Science in Polyzone To Work for You• Provides option to increase the interval between perimeter pest management services• Proven reduction in callback frequency, increasing consumer satisfaction and retention• Improved operational efficiencies and profitability• Greater peace of mind and commitment to sustainability
  • 18. Thank You for Your Kind Attention and for Your Business© 2012 Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709Bayer Environmental Science is a business unit of Bayer CropScience LP.Bayer and the Bayer Cross are registered trademarks of BAYER.Always read and follow label instructions.