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  • Lenore Jones-Peretto 2/21/2013This is a future statement that is not dependant on BCS alone. We can say that we are working on having the label approved with more weeds or to get approval for additional weeds on the label.
  • Specticle G Presentation

    1. 1. Specticle® GA Powerful Tool forManaging Landscapes
    2. 2. Specticle is a pre-emergent unlike any other.• Control you expect from Specticle in a convenient granule.• Reduce the need to re-treat weeds with best-in-class residualcontrol – done right the first time.• Get flexibility – use on landscape ornamentals or warm-season turf.• Formulation eliminates the fear of staining and undesirableodor – equaling happier customers and employees.
    3. 3. Specticle is a pre-emergent unlike any other.• Broad-spectrum herbicide that controls more than 75broadleaf weeds and grasses.• Specticle G does not require a signal word on the label.• Broad irrigation statement means more flexibility forapplicators and customers. Successful weed control is easierwith Specticle G.
    4. 4. 4 months after treatment with Specticle G
    5. 5. 4 months after treatmentwith Specticle G
    6. 6. Topics• What is Specticle G• Active ingredient• Technical strengths• Formulation and packaging• Label– Use rates and sites– Precautions• Data overview• Positioning in the marketplace
    7. 7. What is Specticle G• Pre-emergent herbicide for the control of annual grasses,annual sedges and broadleaf weeds in warm-seasonturfgrass, landscape ornamentals and hardscapes• New formulation of the Specticle brand– Specticle FLO– Specticle G• Spreadable granular formulation of indaziflam• For use on landscape ornamentals
    8. 8. Active Ingredient• Active ingredient– Indaziflam• Chemical class– Alkylazine– HRAC Group L– WSSA Group 29NNNNHNH2CH3CH3CH3F
    9. 9. Mode of Action• Affects germinating weed seedlings• Cellulose biosynthesis inhibitor (CBI)– Indaziflam inhibits crystalline cellulose deposition in the plantcell wall, affecting cell wall formation, division and elongation• meristems• expanding cells• growing roots– Little or no effect on developed leaves and other tissues• Other CBIs– Isoxaben– Quinclorac
    10. 10. Technical Strengths• Treats extremely broad spectrum of weeds– Annual broadleaf weeds– Annual grasses– Annual sedges and kyllingas• Label update is in progress to includemore weeds
    11. 11. Technical Strengths• Up to 6 months’ residual control of grass andbroadleaf weeds• Lower use rate of active ingredient than other pre-emergent herbicides in the market– 0.36-1.43 oz active per acre• Next generation cellulose biosynthesis inhibitor (CBI)• Has a colorless active ingredient, reducing the chanceof staining• No signal word required
    12. 12. Use Sites• Landscape ornamentals• Turf– Golf courses– Lawns• Hardscapes– Bare ground– Gravel areas– Golf course cart paths
    13. 13. Use Rates Around Ornamentals• 100-200 lbs of product per acre or 2.3-4.6 lbs of productper 1,000 ft2• Can make a second application 90 daysafter first application• Do not exceed 400 lbs per acre in a12-month period
    14. 14. PPE Requirements• Long-sleeved shirt• Long pants• Shoes and socks
    15. 15. Conclusion• Specticle G is a powerful tool for managing weedsin your landscape• Convenient granular application• Helps make landscapes an enjoyable place to live,work and play
    16. 16. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.Bayer CropScience LP, Environmental Science Division, 2 T.W. AlexanderDrive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. 1-800-331-2867.www.backedbybayer.com.Not all products are registered in all states. Please verify stateregistration of these products in your state before selling, using ordistributing. © 2013 Bayer CropScience LP.Bayer, the Bayer Cross, Ronstar, and Specticle are registeredtrademarks of Bayer.