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Reserve Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Product Presentation
  • 2. OverviewWhen it comes to course appearance, there is no trophy for second place.Thats why we developed Reserve Fungicide, a plant protectant for golf turf.Reserve combines triticonazole and chlorothalonil to deliver powerful contactand systemic action, providing superior broad-spectrum disease control andimproved turf health, density and quality.
  • 3. Active IngredientsThe one-two punch.Reserve is the only fungicide product to combine triticonazole and chlorothalonil.This unique combination performs at unprecedented levels on key diseases likeanthracnose, brown patch and snow mold. And because triticonazole causesfewer negative plant growth regulator (PGR) effects among DMIs, it is safe touse during warmer weather and wont cause turf thinning, which can lead toalgae problems.
  • 4. StessGard Formulation TechnologyGood things happen in threes.Besides its two active ingredients, Reserve has a third weapon in the form ofStressGard Formulation Technology. Reserve with its StressGard formulation isproven to help turf retain carbohydrates and to strengthen the plants rootsystem, improving the density of the turf and enhancing its natural color–all ofwhich makes Reserve the gold standard in turf quality.
  • 5. Control AnthracnoseTurf stress can lead to anthracnose. But that shouldnt stress you.Anthracnose attacks turf weakened by disease or other stresses like heat.Reserve controls anthracnose even in hot weather, so theres no need to worry,because your turf looks its best.
  • 6. Control Brown PatchReserve can take the heat. And it can take care of brown patch.Hot temperatures and high humidity provide the ideal breeding ground for brownpatch. But when the heat is on, Reserve is ready. Reserve controls brown patchand is safe to use in summer, when other DMIs and DMI combinations causeproblems.
  • 7. Control Snow MoldBundle up. And say good-bye to snow mold.Long winters and heavy snowfalls can create favorable disease environments forsnow mold. But fear not because Reserve offers excellent control of snow molddiseases, quickens spring green-up of turf and improve turf quality. Quickergreen-up and turf fill-in equals earlier opening.
  • 8. Control Dollar SpotKeep the dollar in your pocket.Reserve controls dollar spot while controlling other tough diseases andimproving turf health and density. You handle fewer products and get betterperformance, helping you save time and money.
  • 9. Control AlgaeThe thinner the turf, the thicker the algae.During warm weather, other DMI fungicides can cause turf thinning from whichalgae problems can develop. Reserve offers superior performance without harshPGR effects so your turf grows stronger and thicker, not the algae.
  • 10. Overall Average of Turf Quality 6 Trials 25 Observations
  • 11. Turf Quality–Preventative Dollar Spot and POA Annua Green Applications at 14-day intervals
  • 12. Visual Quality Creeping Bentgrass and POA Annua Green Summary of 13 rating dates, May 28 - August 19
  • 13. Average Turf Density Ratings Creeping Bentgrass Green July 16 rating through August
  • 14. Seasonal Mean of Turf Area Algae on a Creeping Bentgrass Green
  • 15. Snow Mold Control Less Than 150 Days of Snow Cover Average of seven university trials
  • 16. Snow Mold Control 170 Days of Snow Cover U of WI Champion, MI site
  • 17. How does Reserve work?What Reserve does:• Delivers powerful contact and systematic action• Provides superior broad-spectrum disease control• Improves overall turf health• Protects turf against summer and winter stress, including intense heat and damaging light rays, that reduce photosynthesis and destroy plant cells– leading to turf thinning and algaeReserve knows how to fight, so your course is always a knockout:• Greens, tees, fairways and roughs• Cool-season turfgrass such as creeping bentgrass, fine fescue, colonial bentgrass and poa annua• Warm-season turfgrass such as hybrid bermudagrass*, seashore paspalum and kikuyu grass*Do not use on Bermudagrass grown at green heights
  • 18. Timing, Packaging & Application RatesAnytime is a good time to apply Reserve.• Controls diseases and manages course stress in summer and winter• Safer to use during warm weather than competitive DMIs and other combination fungicides• Provides faster green-up when used for snow mold controlPackagingReserve is available as a suspension concentrate formulation, 4.79 lb. activeingredient per gallon in a 2 x 2.5 gallon case.Application RatesRecommended application rates are 3.2 to 5.4 ounces per 1,000 square feet,depending on the threat and desired spray interval. Preventative treatmentsshould be made when conditions are favorable for disease development.
  • 19. © 2011 Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709Bayer Environmental Science is a business unit of Bayer CropScience LP.Bayer and the Bayer Cross are registered trademarks of BAYER.Always read and follow label instructions.