Bachelorette Party Checklist


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Make planning a bachelorette party easy with this bachelorette party checklist.

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Bachelorette Party Checklist

  1. 1. Bachelorette Party Checklist If you’ve ever planned a Bachelorette party you know that they involve a great deal of time and planning in order to be a success. To help you plan a perfect bachelorette party we’ve put a Bachelorette Party Checklist together to keep you on track. Make Your Party a Success with a Bachelorette PartyChecklist1. Pick a Date. Picking a date can sometimes be the most challenging partof planning the bachelorette party. Try to pick a date that isn’t too close tothe wedding. Two weeks or so prior to the big day is good.2. Pick a Theme. First check with the bride to see if she what type of partyshe would like. Some brides prefer a low key theme like a spa day whileothers prefer a night on the town.3. Bachelorette Invitations. Some people like to send out formalinvitations , however one of the simplest and cost effective ways to send outbachelorette party invitations is either using Evite or Facebook. As long asyou have everyone’s email addresses this is a much simpler way to get theword out about the party.4. Budget. Its very important to decide who is going to pay for what beforethe party. For many bachelorette parties the guests will pay their own wayand kick in a portion of the bride’s cost.5. Bachelorette Party Food. Unless you are going out to a restaurant, foodshould be included in the party. The type of food you serve may consist ofsimple appetizers, a potluck, or “naughty treats.” Another idea is to matchyour food to the theme of the bachelorette party,
  2. 2. 6: Bachelorette Party Decorations. This step is only required if you aregoing to host a bachelorette party at your home or someone else’s home.You won’t need to get bachelorette party decorations if you are going out.7. Bachelorette Party Shirts. This step is optional if you are going out forthe party. A bachelorette party tradition is to dress the bachelorette up in a“special tshirt”. Bachelorette tshirts come in many different styles, themesand games.8. Bachelorette Party Entertainment. This is one of the most fun items onthe list. Bachelorette entertainment can make or break a party so itsimportant to pick something is appropriate to your guest or theme. One ofthe most popular forms of entertainment is bachelorette party games. Thereare a lot to chose from but one of our favorites is the bachelorette scavengerhunt. You can play the traditional way with pen or paper or try the newBachelorette Scavenger Hunt App that you can play using cell phones.Lastly, have fun, take pictures and make sure the bride has a goodtime!!!! If you want to find more Bachelorette Party Ideas check outBachelorette Nation.