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Bachbill - Brochure - Digital TV
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Bachbill - Brochure - Digital TV


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This documents shows how Bachbill supports Digital TV business.

This documents shows how Bachbill supports Digital TV business.

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  • 1. How BACHbill supports Digital Television businessDigital Television brings a new way to provide content to end customers. Although our TV box hasbeen around for many years - shifting in size and shape - the experience around it has changedquite a bit.Besides new technologies such as 3D and HD resolution, the choice of contentand service presented to the user has experienced a big boom.From the traditional channel grids we have now specialized broadcasts (moviechannels, news channels, sports, music …) which allow the end user to justswitch to whatever he is in the mood for at that time.Beyond that, additional services as movie rentals or pay per view enhance thisexperience.So a new challenge arises for digital TV service providers besides the viewing experience. How to get a flexible, oriented set of content/service to a customer that fits their needs without much complexity and keeping competitive costs? How to provide to customers the content/service purchase experience that suits them best? Subscriptions, bundles, content on demand?How to decouple this logic, mainly marketing and business oriented, from other technicalchallenges as content aggregation, multiple formats, user interfaces?BACHbill enables this kind of customization with an easy and flexibleintegration.Through a back-office interface, marketing teams can have the liberty toconfigure the pricing and charging points to whatever level of detail orgranularity they wish. Dynamic rules allow for dynamic price/chargingadaptation based on patterns, reducing effort on customization.For example, a customer can be tagged as “premium” and have special discounts based on this.This is done seamlessly by BACHbill as it can combine concepts and operations such asprovisioning, content bundles and customer loyalty, by using recurring subscriptions, forexample.Customers can be approached with focused campaigns, such as a promotion on a sportschannel subscriptions after 5 pay-per-view matches for example. This kind of customization is quiteflexible and can provide a near to individually customized user package.Also, BACHbill provides an easy way to define agreements, making it easy to define and trackrevenue share across the value chain.BACHbill will help digital television providers focus oncustomer satisfaction and business development, interfacingand encapsulating the technological background through aneasy to use interface. Simplifying and enabling. –