What not to do with a stroller 2


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http://www.babywheelsorlando.com/blog/what-not-to-do-with-a-stroller.html Travelling into the Disney world with your babies can be a stressful way out upon enjoying the great and amazing experience of the most visited and famous Theme park in the world. Free yourself from stress and leave your baby strollers at home while Stroller rentals in Orlando gives you the most convenient baby strollers you wish to have. Also this is a guide on what not to do with those trolleys. Visit us for more!

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What not to do with a stroller 2

  1. 1. I’m sure you have read the first slideof this topic and you got many ideasbut still you kinda missing out other helpful don’ts to ponder so here it is…
  2. 2. Mistake #4: Not thinking about theweather. Picking the right accessoriescan help you cope with all the thingsthat the Orlando weather can throw at you.
  3. 3. These accessories go well beyondthat good big hood that you’ll findon the City Mini baby stroller thatmakes up our fleet of stroller rentals in Orlando.
  4. 4. One accessory that is obviously designed for coping with the weather is the rain shield, a clear plastic shield that clips onto the front of the stroller, allowing theoccupant to see out (and allows you to see the occupant) but keeps the rain out.
  5. 5. But what about the heat? One freeaccessory that we have available withour stroller rentals in Orlando is thechiller pack. This is an insulated boxthat sits in the storage compartmentof the stroller and is designed to keep things cool.
  6. 6. Few things are as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot day (especially if it’s some of the famous Florida orangejuice), and drinks will stay cool inside the insulated chiller pack.
  7. 7. The chiller pack isalso ideal forstoring bottles offormula andmedications that needto be kept cool.
  8. 8. Mistake #5: Forgetting oldersiblings. So you’ve got a child who is too big to ride in the stroller but isn’t quite old enough to cross the road solo or keep up at critical moments.
  9. 9. What are you going to do about him/her? The front of the strollerisn’t ideal for this older child to sitor stand, as there isn’t much room
  10. 10. and the extra weight may overbalance the stroller as well asmaking it horribly difficult to push. A glider board on the back of thestroller – another free accessory – overcomes this problem.
  11. 11. Mistake #6: Forgetting your ownneeds. You’re the parent who has todo all the pushing of the stroller. You may have got things organized so that what your children need is handily stowed in the luggage compartment of the stroller rather than on your back.
  12. 12. You’ve got the chiller pack to keep a supply of orange juice or waterhandy for your kids. But what aboutyou? Where are you going to put the things you need and can’t quite fitinto your pockets – if your outfit has pockets, which many don’t.
  13. 13. And don’t you need a drink, too?This is where another free accessory comes into its own: the parentconsole that includes a handy pocket and a cup holder that sits over the handles of the stroller where you can get at them.
  14. 14. Here at Baby Wheels Orlando, wewant to make things easy for youand want to help you have a great vacation in Orlando without any hassles when it comes to stroller rentals in Orlando.