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Suriphobia part 1
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Suriphobia part 1


Published on Is suriphobia or a fear of mice, rats and similar small critters a major problem? Is it really worth booking a session with a therapist for a few sessions … Is suriphobia or a fear of mice, rats and similar small critters a major problem? Is it really worth booking a session with a therapist for a few sessions of hypnosis? This really depends on you.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Lifestyle

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  • 1. Suriphobia – Part
  • 2. Suriphobia sounds as though it’s oneof those silly phobias that people invent for a chuckle.
  • 3. You’ve probably seen those lists – they often get used as funny fillers inmagazines. But suriphobia isn’t one of those made up phobias.
  • 4. In fact, suriphobia is quite common andwe occasionally have people coming to seek help from hypnotherapy for it.
  • 5. Suriphobia is, quite simply, a morbidfear of mice. It can also be extended to a terror of rats and of other small furry animals.
  • 6. This sort of fear sound slightly ridiculous but it does happen. And,contrary to the cartoon images, it’s not confined to women. People of both sexes can have trouble with this problem.
  • 7. Fear of mice and other small animals may have a number of causes,although the reasons why mice trigger a panic response in someone will vary, depending on the individual and his or her background.
  • 8. Theory 1:The startle response. It is natural toreact in surprise when suddenlyconfronted with something unexpectedthat moves very quickly.
  • 9. There you are, opening the cupboard to get a Tim Tam and instead of finding the biscuits, there’s this small grey thing that moves quickly.
  • 10. If you already have problems with anxiety and stress, the surprise mightbe enough to tip you over the edge into a panic attack.
  • 11. This may create a mental pathway where the sight of a mouse becomes associated with the panic attack, and then you get a situation where you getafraid of mice because you’re scared of going into another panic attack.
  • 12. Hypnosis can be used to help break the mental pathway and also to deal with the underlying anxiety and stress, which would have the knock-on effect of dealing with the suriphobia.
  • 13. Theory 2:Fear of disease. Mice and rats docarry disease (although pet rats are asclean as any other pet, if not cleaner –but that’s another story).
  • 14. Historically, rats have carried the plague and if you’ve learned this fact, then you have probably learned toassociate the sight of this rodent with a horrible disease that decimated the planet.
  • 15. Some people have an obsession withgerms and hygiene that goes beyondnormal precautions and goes into the realm of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a fear of mice is anextension of this condition, as they are “disease personified”.
  • 16. Again, dealing with the underlyingcause via hypnotherapy or some other form of counselling is needed to deal with the root of the problem.
  • 17. Suriphobia can be cured. You just need to consult expert Hypnotist Brisbane.
  • 18.