From the seat of a stroller


Published on Catch the new wave of "seat" function stroller rentals in Orlando while enjoying the magical views of Disney world.

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From the seat of a stroller

  1. 1. From The Seat Of A Stroller http://www.babywheelsorlan of-a-stroller.html
  2. 2. Times change continually. But at everyperiod of history, mothers and fathershave had to transport their small childrenaround the place when those childrenhaven’t been able to spend the whole daywalking. Let’s take a look at the history ofOrlando, Florida, home to the Walt DisneyWorld Resort, from the perspective of theseat of a baby stroller.
  3. 3. At first, when this part of Florida wasoccasionally visited by theSeminoles, there was no strollerrentals in Orlando available: therewas no Orlando and no strollers!
  4. 4. However, the Seminoles passed throughthe area, visiting the lakes for the goodfishing but not actually establishing asignificant settlement in the area. Andsmall people who nowadays would beriding in strollers probably looked out atthe reflection of the sunlight from thesurface of the lakes from slings andbackpacks.
  5. 5. However, the Seminoles passed throughthe area, visiting the lakes for the goodfishing but not actually establishing asignificant settlement in the area. Andsmall people who nowadays would beriding in strollers probably looked out atthe reflection of the sunlight from thesurface of the lakes from slings andbackpacks.
  6. 6. The first European settlers whoexplored the area wouldn’t havebothered with stroller rentals inOrlando or the equivalent of theirday: they were mostly those of thePonce de Leon type: military Spanishconquistador types.
  7. 7. Later on, civilian settlers, men andwomen, came with their families.These children wouldn’t have riddenin strollers, either. Instead, theytended to be carried, just like theSeminole babies and toddlers.
  8. 8. Given the methods of childcare ofthose early days, they were probablywell wrapped up, which would havekept away the mosquitoes, but wouldprobably have made the youngchildren fretful in the heat.
  9. 9. These children would have watched theirparents building homes and establishingranches and orange groves, either fromthe arms of a parent or an older sister (oreven an aunt or grandmother), or from acradle – which would have been a home-made job rather than the pioneer day of arental crib.
  10. 10. The ranches went up and the newsgot around the United States thatthis part of Florida had a balmyclimate that provided a winterrefuge.
  11. 11. The dawn of the Industrial Agebrought the trains and better roads,and it also brought the tourists toOrlando. It was during this periodthat the way we transport ourchildren changed forever.
  12. 12. It was like inventing the wheel allover again: we started putting oursmall children into wheeled carriagesdesigned to be pushed about. Thiswasn’t the actual start of strollerrentals in Orlando..
  13. 13. The tourists who came with smallchildren came with their ownparaphernalia for caring for childrenwith them, which would haveincluded a professional nanny andwould probably have also includedthe newfangled perambulator orpram.
  14. 14. The first form of wheeled baby transportwas invented by an English gardendesigner in the 1700s. These originaldesigns were designed to be trundledaround parks and gardens, and theinventor had the idea that they could bepulled by a goat or pony – if this idea hadlasted, it would have made stroller rentalsin Orlando very different indeed! It wasn’tuntil the 1800s that perambulators weremade in the USA.
  15. 15. It would be no good looking for one ofthese prams if you were looking forstroller rentals in Orlando today. Theseoriginal prams are now antiques, if theysurvived the rigors of transporting severalgenerations of small children, and manybelong in museums and fetch high pricesfrom collectors.
  16. 16. And most modern parents wouldn’twant an old-style pram anyway.These very first “strollers” were largeand, by today’s standards, rathercumbersome. They tended to have alarge hood, like the best of today’sstrollers, but that was all they had incommon with modern strollers.
  17. 17. The old prams were designed so thatthe view that the child riding in thepram had as their parents (andnanny) took refuge from the winterin this part of Florida was thebonneted face of the nanny or theirmother – and, now and again, theirfather.
  18. 18. The view of the parent or nannypushing the pram or stroller wouldhave been the typical view for manymore years to come. During thistime, the town of Orlando grew upand a certain cartoonist made hugestrides in animation.
  19. 19. Characters such as Mickey Mouse andDonald Duck – and later Snow White –began to delight audiences old and youngas they cavorted and sang their wayacross the silver screen. And the idea thatwould change the face of tourism inFlorida was dreamed of: the building ofthe theme parks, one of which was theWalt Disney World Resort.
  20. 20. In the 1960s, by the time air travel wasbecoming more popular and bringingmany more tourists into this part of theworld, the view for those riding in strollerschanged. It was the hassle of taking a bigheavy pram in an aeroplane that triggeredthe change, although it would be a whileuntil someone would have the bright ideaof making things easier for visitors byproviding stroller rentals in Orlando..
  21. 21. After hearing his daughter complainabout these hassles, the aeronauticalengineer Owen Mclaren designedsomething more lightweight andfoldable that was more convenientfor travellers.
  22. 22. And it was Mclaren who came upwith the stroller proper. Now theview from the seat of a strollerchanged so the small passengercould see the road ahead of him orher, and sit upright while doing so.
  23. 23. After the development of the strolleras we know it, the Walt Disney WorldResort sprang up, really puttingOrlando on the map. Now smallpassengers riding in strollers couldsee their favourite characters smilingand waving at them as they walkeddown Main Street USA in the firstpark to be built in the resort.
  24. 24. But, as any parent looking at therange of what’s available for strollerrentals in Orlando these days cansee, stroller design didn’t stop there.More accessories and safety featureshave been added to baby strollers.
  25. 25. Brakes and restraint systems came alongfairly smartly, as the benefits of thesewere obvious. The big hoods came back,but more and more changes were made tomake the strollers tougher, easier tohandle and easy to jog with. And – a mustfor parents with more than one childneeding the stroller – double strollerswere invented.
  26. 26. • Cant wait to have those new wave baby strollers design when you get into Disney World? But before that be sure to visit -the-seat-of-a-stroller.html everybody’s stroller world